WORLD OF RADIO #1212, produced December 17, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*IBC Radio no longer via WRMI on SW, but still webcast, including
 World of Radio, Sat 1900+, Sun 1600+ UT
*See our latest schedule not only on SW, but other media:
*Sonnet Radio in Cyprus planned test via Latvia 9290 Dec 15-19, but
 cancelled due to problems uploading program to Merlin, they say on  Hopes to do it just before or after Xmas
*Original plan was to test via Norway, but that ruled out too. Sveio
 may be closed down at yearend, but not Kvitsoy site 
*R. Denmark verified with full-data card; reports in English OK, with
 return postage. Get them before closing Dec. 31
*World Music Radio, planned for inside Denmark, delayed again: new
 offices and studio ready in January; new 10 kW SW transmitter in late
 January, official relaunch in February, on 5815, 15810, internet
*BBC On Air shows hardly any special programming for Xmas on BBCWS;
 just Festival of Nine Lessons & Carols, an asterisk at page bottoms,
 Dec 24 at 1502-1630 on all streams, but nothing about Queen`s Xmas
*Richard Cuff has that info: Dec 25 at 1606 on American stream; FONLAC
 repeated at 0132 UT Dec 25; also on numerous public radio stations,
 live and repeats. Check my Monitoring Reminders Calendar
*R. Romania International explains cutbacks: transmitters obsolete but
 being upgraded; remaining English broadcast schedule
*Review of RRI program quality: some announcers don`t read well, but
 trying hard. Best show is Sunday Studio, answering mail, as well as
 on Listeners` Letterbox Thu, DX Mailbag Sat
*V. of Nigeria had African quiz Tue at 2030 on 17800, ex-15120
*Pres. Mugabe plans to spend gigadollars-Z to monitor and censor
 internet; and a 24-hour propaganda radio station on SW and MW
*Surrogate services from outside Zimbabwe continue: VOA Studio 7, M-F
 1730-1800 on 17895, 13600, 909; SW Radio Africa, daily 1600-1900 on
 6145; V. of the People, 1700-1800 on 7120
*SODRE, Uruguay, 9620.7 at 2245 heard in Germany, classical music;
 in Italy full ID heard at 2203; in Sweden, 2155 classical
*R. Cielo, pirate in Chiclayo Peru, named for policeman who operates
 it, active again 5628.80v at 2355 (recording by Bjoern Malm, Ecuador)
 Also heard in New York on 5626.8v, multiple echo IDs at 1121; and in
 Florida, ID at 2310 on 5630.32; 5632.8 at 0019-0059 in NY
*Million speakers of a major language in North Caucausus region in
 Russia have new Christian SW broadcast for first time, from outside
 by HCJB; name of language and details classified; some of our experts
 can uncover it
*Radio Centinela del Sur, Loja, Ecuador, reactivated, on 4772.86 at
 1055; varied from nominal 4770 (recording by Bjoern Malm, Ecuador);
 widely heard since on 4773.6 at 1100, 2305; sign-off around 0008
 to 0013
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1212;
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; wghauser at or
 woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Tim Hendel
*Ecuadorian harmonic, La Voz de Naranjal, 4559.81 at 2350, 3 x 1520
 from near Guayaquil
*On 2619.94, La Voz de la Patria, Barranquilla, Colombia, HJAK at
 0300, 2 x 1310, also at 2353 heard in Venezuela
*On 2559.76 at 2321, harmonic from San Juan del Cesar, Colombia, HJHO,
 Impacto Popular
*Occidente AM, Tovar, Merida, Venezuela, 2200.04 at 2246, 2 x 1100
*Suriname back on SW map, with reactivation of R. Apintie on 4990,
 heard at 0210; 2230, 0445; no official IDs on the hour. Better than
 before and no longer off-frequency; as late as 0448 with ID in Dutch
 heard in Brazil; 4989.99 English and Dutch. Charles Vervuurt at the
 station says they have new Omnitronix 1000 watt transmitter testing
 at 500 watts since Dec 12
*Mixing product on 6230 until 0457 is from Bonaire, 6165 RN English
 and 6100 DW in German
*Reactivated Guatemalan at least briefly, R. Maya on 3324.79 at 0330;
 other inactive Latins may come back temporarily for holidays
*XEKTT, Tecate BCN appeared unexpectedly on 550, QRMing stations in
 CA and AZ; 560 allocated 30 years ago, just now built, but smudged
 figures put it on 550 by mistake; then shifted to 560, where it
 interferes with other stations, especially KSFO San Francisco; KBLU
 in Yuma
*XEMO 860, Tijuana, running 4 to 5x its previous 5 kW power, hashing
 KRLA 870 in Orange County
*Special MW DX test on short notice, Sat Dec 20 at 0600-0700 UT, WMOX
 1010 Meridian MS, with Morse IDs in Coast to Coast AM
*WWVA 1170, Wheeling WV, news department axed by Clear Channel; see
 DXLD 3-223
*VOA heard with commercial underwriting credits just like public
 radio, e.g. at 0529 weekdays on 6035, Royal Caribbean
*Worker unrest at VOA:
*New expanded service to Pakistan, R. Aap ki Dunya, not up to speed
 yet, still only 3 hours a day for VOA Urdu at 0100, 1330, 1700, but
 new ID already heard at 1330 on 15540
*WWCR`s new Tamil show Sun 1300-1500 on 12160, Ragam, is musical, but
 not expected to start until January
*WJCR, KY, back on 7490 instead of 13595. The two 100 kW transmitters
 from FEBA Seychelles have arrived; huge, industrial, with massive
 water pipes, quite a while before on air. One is for KVOH, California
*V. of Mojahed profile in DXLD 3-223 from BBC Monitoring; in Dec the
 Iraqi governing council announced that the MKO, sponsoring the
 Iranian clandestine station, will be expelled from Iraq
*Updated English schdedule from V. of Islamic Republic of Iran a.k.a.
 V. of Justice
*English from Turkmenistan: Program 1, R. Vatan, Mon-Sat 1305-1315 on
 5015; Program 2, Mon-Sat 1640-1650 and 1745-1755 on 4930
*Classical music tests from new SW site at western tip of China,
 Kashgar, also testing on MW 1422; since Dec 17, regular service with
 English at 1400 on a clear frequency for India. Listed as 600 kW,
 main lobes at 140 and 320 degrees; also check 1197, 1539 kHz
*CRI program says expanding broadcasts for morning and evening both,
 explaining need for more transmitter sites
*CRI again using 7405 to W&CNAm 1400-1600, mixing Marti and jamming
 first hour, in the clear after 1500
*Morse code character proposed for @ symbol, AC run together: .--.-.
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Dec 16; flux range 130-90
*That`s World of Radio 1212; I`m Glenn Hauser  ###