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Last Updated: October 11, 2019 World FM, New Zealand times have changed partly due to DST there As of September 28, WRMI cancels WOR Saturday at 2100 on 9955. WOR`s only beam across North America on WRMI, 315 degrees, UT Sunday 0130 on 5850, was canceled as of Sept 8; but replaced Sept 14 by UT Saturday 0130 on 5850, along with 5010 at 181 degrees which has become duplicative, and already same time on 7780 at 44 degrees. As of Sept 11, WRMI canceled WOR Wednesdays at 2100 on 9955. IRRS/NEXUS-IBA/IPAR has been carrying WOR at variable times, but from March 4, 2019 is committed to Mondays at 1900 on 7290 (via Romania); from April 1 DST in Europe moved to 1800; and to avoid QRM, April 8 to 1816. From June, produxion is on Thursdays, so freshest programs are now on weekends, starting Fridays. Some WOR airings on WRMI are jammed by Cuba. Please direct complaints to Arnie Coro or Arnie Coro whose DX program is never jammed. WRMI 9955-only programming can also be heard via phone: +1-641-741-1762 [new number as of late August 2019]. Since Feb 21, 2015, WOR appears on The Gateway 160 meter Radio Newsletter, WA0RCR, 1860-AM. Wentzville, Missouri, Saturdays & UT Sundays. Time may vary considerably, up to 45 minutes later, but usually only a few minutes late Older notices of new affiliates, schedule changes are moved below. #stays at same UT yearound Fri 0000+ Laser Soul Hits sometime between 0000 and 0600 daily Fri 1300 Sat Zentrale Fri 1905 World FM, Tawa & Marahau 88.2; Stoke 107.6, New Zealand Fri 2200 WRMI 9955 Sat 0000+ Laser Soul Hits sometime between 0000 and 0600 daily Sat 0130# WRMI 7780; and NEW 5850, 5010 Sat 0300 VoiceCorps Reading Service, WOSU-FM subcarrier, cable, online with password Sat 0600 Global Voice Sat 0629 Hamburger Lokal Radio 6190-CUSB Goehren Sat 1000 Unique Radio NSW 3210-USB [alt. weeks, Sept. 28+] Sat 1010v Radio DHT, Poland Sat 1130 WGXC Acra NY 90.7 Sat 1130 Wave Farm Radio // WGXC Sat 1431 Hamburger Lokal Radio 9485-CUSB Goehren Sat 1600 WRN to AfroAsiaPacific Sat 1600 WRN to Europe Sat 1600 WRN to North America Sat 1930v WA0RCR Gateway 160 Meter Radio Newsletter 1860-AM Sat 2334 Challenger Radio 846-Italy [confirmed April 29, 2017 at 2334; see below] Sun 0000+ Laser Soul Hits sometime between 0000 and 0600 daily Sun 0315v WA0RCR Gateway 160 Meter Radio Newsletter 1860-AM [may vary much later, or a bit earlier] Sun 1030 Hamburger Lokal Radio 7265-CUSB Goehren Sun 1100 KBDB HD2 96.7 Forks WA Sun 1230 The Classical Channel Sun 1300 KRFP Moscow ID 90.3 Sun 2100 IPAR/IRRS/NEXUS/IBA 846-Italy [may be excerpt or webcast only? See note below] Sun 2130# WRMI 7780 Mon 0000+ Laser Soul Hits sometime between 0000 and 0600 daily Mon 0100 Global Community Radio 1 Mon 0100 KPDO Pescadero CA 89.3 (from GCR1) Mon 0100 KFZR-LP 93.3 Frazier Park CA (from GCR1) Mon 0100 KIEZ-LP 106.7 Monroe LA (from GCR1) Mon 0100 KLQS-LP 96.7 Agua Dulce CA (from GCR1) Mon 0130 WRMI 9395 7780 Mon 0130 WRN to North America Mon 0130 WRN to AfroAsiaPacific Mon 0200 WQCS-FM 88.9 HD2 Fort Pierce FL Mon 0230# WRMI 7780 Mon 0300v WBCQ Area 51 5130v 6160v? Mon 0330 WRMI 9955 Mon 0930 Unique Radio NSW 3210-USB Mon 1130 Unique Radio NSW 3210-USB Mon 1700 Global Voice Mon 1816 IRRS/NEXUS-IBA/IPAR 7290-Romania Tue 0000+ Laser Soul Hits sometime between 0000 and 0600 daily Tue 0100# WRMI 7780 Tue 0230 WCSQ-LP 105.9 Cobleskill NY [webcast pending] Tue 0800 Unique Radio NSW 5045-USB [2 episodes -0900] Tue 1300 Sat Zentrale Wed 0000+ Laser Soul Hits sometime between 0000 and 0600 daily Wed 1700 Radio for Life Wed 2100 WBCQ 7490v 5130v? Thu 0000+ Laser Soul Hits sometime between 0000 and 0600 daily Thu 0100# WRMI 7780 Thu 0830 World FM, Tawa & Marahau 88.2; Stoke 107.6, New Zealand Thu 2200 World FM, Tawa & Marahau 88.2; Stoke 107.6, New Zealand Latest edition of this schedule version, with hotlinks to station sites and audio, is at: For updates see our Anomaly Alert page: Internet on demand, mp3 and real: see Our Current Audio page for availability: WORLD OF RADIO PODCASTS, from Rhein-Main Radio Club: RMRC Podcasts were also linked via TUNEIN.COM but non funxional; does link to some live webcasts of WOR WOR Podcasts also via: [suspended] Feedburner iTunes Google Play Music Webcasts at times shown are available from stations with hotlink on their schedule entry. WRN times also relayed by cable systems, FM and satellite stations Visible audio links: CC : DHT : GCR :;stream.mp3 GV : HLR : try via IPAR: KPDO: KRFP: LSH : RFL : SatZ: Uniq: [podcast access] WBCQ: WCSQ: [pending] WGXC: World FM: WQCS: WRMI: [9955 only] WRN : [N America] WRN : [Africa/Asia/Pacific] WRN : [Europe] Station Locations and weblinx: CC ----- Classical Channel, West Point, Pennsylvania, USA DHT ----- Dance, Hands up, Trance, Poland GCR ----- Global Community Radio, Geneva, New York, USA GV ----- London SW, UK HLR ----- Hamburg, Germany IPAR ----- Milan, Italy [non] KBDB HD2 - Forks, Washington KFZR ----- Frazier Park, California, USA KPDO ----- Pescadero, California, USA KRFP ----- Moscow, Idaho, USA LSH ----- UK Laser Soul Hits RFL ----- Radio for Life, Grand Prairie, Texas, USA SatZ ----- Germany Unique R - Gunnedah NSW, Australia WA0RCR --- Wentzville MO WBCQ ----- Monticello, Maine, USA WCSQ-LP -- Cobleskill NY WGXC ----- Acra, New York, USA, with Wave Farm Radio World FM - Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand WOSU FM -- Columbus, Ohio, USA (VoiceCorps subcarrier) WQCS FM -- Fort Pierce, Florida, USA WRMI ----- Miami, Florida, USA (transmitters: Okeechobee FL) WRN ----- London, UK OLDER NOTES: NEW time on WRMI from June 1, UT Sunday 0130 on 5850. This is the only broadcast across North America northwestward from Florida; all the others are on SSE, NE or NNW antennas. Not on the air July 28 due to damage on transmission line. As of July 27, Sat 1130 on 9955 canceled. Noted in early August, sometime summer 2019, ACB Radio Mainstream dropped WOR without notice, in a schedule reorganization. New time but only for two weeks in June was Saturday 2030 on WRMI 15770. Revised sked also showed UT Mon 0130 on 7780 instead of 9955, and still 7780 one hour later at 0230. More2 surprise additions on WRMI: Thursday 0000 on 7730; Thursday 0100 on 7780; Sunday 0030 on 7730. Saturday 0130 on 7780. But April 9-10-11 four WRMI WOR broadcasts so far deleted! Later all 7730 broadcasts deleted. New: Friday 2200 9955. As of May 5, Sun 0030 & 0830 on 7730 replaced by `tests` of something else. The Wed 2100 on 9955 sometimes comes on air late, such as May 15 not until *2115, JIP WOR. Same date, WBCQ 7490v flipped WOR with Goddess Irena, RIP, so she was at 2100, WOR at 2130; and improvement we hope will stick. No, WBCQ later resumed WOR Wed at 2100 on 7490v. Objective was to have each new WOR ready for first broadcast Tuesday 0030, but not always possible; in Feb sometimes not until Wed 0930. In late March, problems delayed WOR 1975 until March 29 instead of 25. WRMI 9955 webcast URL has changed to: During hours 9955 off the air, may play RAE Argentina languages, Suprememastertv or any other programming. All Unique Radio via WINB canceled, including WOR; sked on NSW 5045-LSB adjusted. Unique Radio, low power NSW Australia, from Jan 7, resumes WOR on 5045- LSB, Wed & Fri & Mon at 0930; alternate Sats also at 0930. And also Sat 1200, same time as on WINB which has not been interrupted. Sometime, 5045 is also going to change to 2368.5 kHz during local nighttime presumably including at 0930. Latest info at Surprise WOR additions: 2200 Saturdays on WRMI 9955 as of December 22. 0830 UT Sundays on WRMI 5850, 5950, 7730; confirmed by Zichi, Michigan Nov 18 on 5850 at least. But some were interrupted on December 9. WRMI from October 21 is carrying WRN for long hours on 5950, sometimes including WORLD OF RADIO, UT Monday 0130 confirmed Oct 22, not October 29 at 0230, but back November 5 at 0230; latest schedule shows 5950 no longer with WRN relays in the 01-03 period. Also in daytime confirmed heard in Florida Saturday at 1600 October 27, and should have shifted to 1700 from November 3. But finally Dec 29, 1700 Sat confirmed not. From Nov 12, WRMI carries WOR at 0230 Mondays on 5950, 9395, not from WRN. Produxion moved forward a day to Monday afternoon as of September 10, allowing the first SW broadcast to be one one of our best frequencies across North America, 7730, UT Tuesday at 0030 on WRMI. As of September 11, tho scheduled Tuesdays at 2030 & 2130 both on 5950 & 7780, only confirmed the 2030 on 7780; neither at 2130. Remains the case in November. Tim Gaynor of Unique Radio, Australia, has invited WORLD OF RADIO to be added to his relay schedule via WINB, 9265, Pennsylvania, from September 1, Saturdays at 1230-1300. From November 10, changed to 1200-1230. Thanks, Tim! Also webcast as linked below The original WBCQ commitment to air WOR every day at 2330 on 9330v has eroded; week of August 21-28 it did not appear anyday. Nor week of September 10-17. Nor ever later altho no longer checked daily. DST shifts in Europe from October 28 moved most airings one UT hour later. DST shifts in North America from November 4 moved WOR one UT hour later on domestic affiliates, WBCQ and WRMI 9955 but not other WRMI frequencies. ACB Radio airings sometimes pre-empted, such as July 15, 2011 for their annual conference coverage, circa this date annually. Or March 29, 2013, during a pledge drive? First airing is Thursday at 2100 EST/EDT, repeated 3-hourly thru 1800 EST/EDT Friday. New affiliate via GCR1, KPDO, 89.3, Pescadero, California, UT Mondays at 0200. Also then another GCR1 affiliate, KIEZ-LP, 106.7, Monroe LA. New affiliate from November 2017: WCSQ-LP 105.9 Cobleskill NY (between Schenectady and Oneonta), Tue 0430/0330 UT; webcast pending. Jake Longwell of Global Community Radio informs that three LPFM stations in LA and CA are relaying it including WOR; see Monday 0200 listings. From June 2017, WOR added to Laser Soul Hits webcast, Sat & Sun 2300+ UT, and also random times between 23 and 05 UT Mon-Fri into Tue-Sat. Thanks to Gary Drew. Later expanded to 7 days a week, winter time 00-06. Alfredo Cotroneo of IRRS/NEXUS/IBA/IPAR/IRN explains as of April 28, 2017 about the 1 kW Challenger Radio at Villa Estense, Italy: Glenn's program (WOR) is played regularly on a random basis on AM/MW 846 kHz (now replacing the old frequency: 1368 kHz) from 1900 to 0100 CET [17-23 UT] and from 0600 to 0800 CET [04-06 UT], [any day?] as well as on "IRN" (Internet Radio NEXUS), our 24/7 internet stream at also accessible via players at: New affiliate from January 9, 2017: WQCS 88.9 FM HD2, Fort Pierce FL New affiliate from October 29, 2016: Radio DHT, online from Poland Geneva Community Radio has been replaced in late December 2015 by Global Community Radio, including WOR at same time, UT Mon 0200 [DST: 0100 UT] via New webcast from Oct 3, 2015: Sat 1900 on Sat Zentrale: eventually changed without notice to Tuesday 1500. (Winter shift to 1600) A more exhaustive archive of WOR scheduling changes over the years is on our Angelfire website.