WORLD OF RADIO #1210, produced December 3, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*More and more difficult to find WOR on SW: fewer airtimes and fewer
 stations; not only lost RFPI, but WINB no longer has time for one
 broadcast of WOR. WOR on IBC via WRMI missed last week, but now
 scheduled Sat 1900 and new Sun 1600 on 15725
*Repeat on WBCQ last week was late at 0522 UT Mon on 7415; first
 airing anywhere is Weds 2300 on 7415, 17495-CUSB
*WOR times on WWCR: Thu 2130 on 9475 for three months, ex-15825; Sat
 1130 on 5070; UT Sun 0330 on 5070; UT Sun 0730 on 3210; Wed 1030 on
*Also on World Radio Network via satellite, internet, Sat 0900 to most
 of world; Europe only Sun 0530; North America Sun 1500; also
 available on demand
*And on demand via
*Also pleased to be on WSUI, WPKN, SIU Edwardsville Web Radio, Radio
 Studio X in Italy, among others
*Complete schedules at and
*CHU, Canada, timesignals erratic, often missing from some or all
 three frequencies 3330, 7335, 14670
*CFVP, Calgary, Alberta, 100 watts on 6030, audible here at 1448 after
 Marti and Cuban jammer are off; still interference from China
*Cuba is jamming the Voice of America, not just Radio Marti, since VOA
 has its own Ventana a Cuba program, daily 0100-0130; all five
 frequencies have bubble jamming: 9480, 9560, 9885, 11700, 11990. But
 jamming continues during Buenas Noches, America, which follows. By
 putting the programs next to each other, VOA gets itself jammed for
 all its Latin American audience. Main blame goes to the dentrocubanos
*Cuban broadcast and print media not carrying complete Castro speeches
 since Sept. 28, unusual; we keep hearing Sept. 28 speech fragments on
 RHC at 1400; maximum leader losing total control over media?
*Besides closing down Radio for Peace International, Maurice Strong is
 getting award from US National Academy of Sciences, Public Welfare
 Medal [grrrr]
*Timeline for reviving RFPI is not carved in stone; depends on long-
 term commitment from partners. $10,000 is only the cost of buildings
 and equipment
*R. Imperial, El Salvador, 17835v, missing the past week
*R. El Salvador webcasts available via
*Plans in Del Rio, Texas for museum honoring Wolfman Jack, who was on
 XERF; but now two groups are fighting over this; see DXLD 3-216
*Confusing situation in middle of 10 MHz band; XERMX blobmitter has
 been here, but distorted Spanish could be something else, such as
 La Voz del Llano, Colombia, [on 10315v at 2300]
*All India Radio, 10330 is subject to variation; one day on 10256
*New Colombian, La Voz de tu Conciencia, about to get licensed for
 second frequency, 5910, but will keep 6010 too for which 500 fix-
 tuned radios have been distributed. Also plans to buy another
 station, La Voz de la Pampa, which will allow it to get SW
 frequencies on 9 MHz band
*R. Panamericana, Quero, Ecuador, heard on 4767.81, at 0100, a third
 harmonic, also on 2nd and 4th
*David Gleason advises Americans not to try to QSL Venezuelans for now
 due to the stressful, dangerous situation there
*On 2550v, Radio Uno, Chiclayo, Peru, heard in Ecuador, best for now,
 quite good signal, from MW 1280, varies 2545 to 2560; at 1115
*Radio Huarmaca, Huancabamba, Peru, 5384.23 at 2350, on until 0200,
 reactivated; also heard in Florida at 0130
*Profile of La del Chaco Paraguayo, ZP30 on MW 610, Mennonite station
 broadcasting in nine languages including English; says it is
 ``accessible`` via HF 6884-USB, but this may be for 2-way
*Namibia very nice in England on 6060 in English, news at 2000
*Zimbabwe not heard on recently reported 6045
*Zanzibar missing from 11734.1 and 6015
*Mainland station, 5050 in Tanganyika, is on and heard in New
 Hampshire until 2101 sign-off; best time of year for tropical East
 Africans to be heard in Eastern North America around sign-off
*R. Uganda on 4976 as early as 2010, both in Swahili
*Kenya on 4915 signs off relatively early, 1830-1905* over Ghana
*Slovakia left 6055, clearing channel for R. Rwanda, 1912-2100*
*Madagascar`s 5010 transmitter sometimes out of adjustment sounding
 like jamming up to 5015
*V. of Nigeria no longer heard on 17800; seems on 15120 in English all
 day from 0500 to 2300; modulation worsens
*Full Gospel church in Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Sunday at 1950 on
 6719-USB, up from 6715 due to interference, with Korean preaching
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1210;
 our address, woradio at or wghauser at or P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA
*Our thanks this week for financial support go to Bruce MacGibbon, in
 memory of Bob Bodell
*Standard disclaimer
*Re V. of Mediterranean, Malta, closing down: SW apparently continues
 for now, including English Sunday at 0900 on 9630 via Italy, but
 VOMi, the internet stream has stopped tho website remains open
*At least three new transmitters testing somewhere in Europe, playing
 classical music in the 1000/1400 UT period: 21730, 21460, 17480,
 13570, 11640, 9410
*RTE Ireland instead of regular half-hour SW broadcasts has been
 running tape loop asking for listener contact, as SW is being
 reviewed:  Do listeners also have access to internet,
 satellite? Survey continues until Dec. 12, to inform future SW
*Lauch of longwave 252 from Ireland put back another three months to
 April 1, 2004; see DXLD 3-214
*R. Slovakia International turned off one of three SW transmitters;
 remaining English frequencies: 1730 and 1930, 5915, 7345; NAm 0100 on
 5930, 9440; 0700 to Australia 13715, 15460
*V. of Justice, from Iran, monitored via satellite by Loren Cox, in
 Kentucky; see DXLD 3-216; Islamic to the core, but frequently
 features American progressives, such as Molly Ivins, Michael Moore.
 Paramaters: Telstar 5, Ku 11830, SR 20781, horizontal
*US-led coalition distributing 200,000 windup SW radios in Afghanistan
*Frequency for Tajikistan`s English at 1645 is 7245
*New website of Kyrgyz State Radio, shows English at about 0110 and
 0310 M-F on 4010, maybe also 4795, part of 20-minute news in Kyrgyz,
 Russian too
*Nov 26 only [not Nov 6], Port Blair, Andaman Islands, was on 4750
 instead of 4760 at 0000; Dec 1 at 1130 booming into New Hampshire on
*Laos resumed international service on 7145 at 1130-1400, final half-
 hour in English
*Nigel Holmes of Radio Australia has been to Solomon Islands repairing
 MW transmitter and getting SW 9545 back on air. Will be 24 hours like
 5020, with low dipole at first, then a 4-element co-linear
*Dale Chesson at ARDS, Aboriginal station on 5050 in Northern
 Territory, says from Dec 1, new antenna system will focus signal on
 Arnhem Land, 1/2 wavelength dipole array, making it even harder to DX
*Radio Aap ki Dunya, new 24 hour American service to Pakistan, means
 Radio Your World
*Radio Free Europe dropping seven languages at yearend: Slovak,
 Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Croatian (tho
 Romanian language still on Moldavian service)
*WWCR schedule shows new Tamil broadcast Sundays at 1300-1500 on
 12160, ``Ragam``, perhaps more music than politics?
*Radio TimTron Worldwide features ``Stair`s Way to Heaven``, maybe
 repeated Sat Dec 6 at 1900 on 17495; check UT Wed 0030 on 7415 for
 interesting fill programming
*WBCQ 5105 transmitter has been putting out spur around 4847
*Precious little activity on 11m broadcast band, but KSL, Salt Lake
 City heard with good FM signal at 2030 on 26190
*Our new X-bander in Enid, KMMZ, 1640, still not back on air as of
 Dec 3; has QSLed reports for initial test period fourth week in Nov;
 tight figure-8 direxional pattern 160/340 degrees
*Newest X-bander in US is now WBHE, 1660, Charlotte NC, since Dec 2,
 sports simulcasting 610 much of the time
*HFCC has a new program, IRUS, to detect unused and unregistered
 ``wooden`` transmissions, which were deleted from schedule
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Dec. 2: flux range 100-150
*Thomas Giella foresees degraded conditions, but not a total collapse
 as in the past two months
*That`s World of Radio 1210; Glenn Hauser, hoping you`ve enjoyed the
 program and will hear me again, next week  ###