WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA 44, produced June 30, 2003 by Glenn Hauser
      [with DXLD issues where complete stories may be found]

*Scott Fybush on attempts to visit CBC Toronto, Montreal, and
 elsewhere; RCI Sackville; RFI in Paris; BBC at three locations in
 London [3-107]; to arrange tours of BBC TV at White City:
*``On Air: A History of BBC Transmission`` is a new book, covering
 1920-1997 when BBC quit doing its own transmitting; see or enquire from
 First in paperback, now also hardback [3-113]
*BBC maps: showing DAB coverage by end of 2004y:
 And a map to current coverage linked in this summary for Extra 44
 at -- [3-116]
*2002 Annual Report of Broadcasting Board of Governors on request from
 330 Independence Ave SW, WDC 20237 or [3-108]
*Includes an article about IBB Sao Tome facility [3-108]
*Radio New Zealand International is tops for summertime easy
 listening, by John Figliozzi, July Monitoring Times [3-113]
*Bitter Expat Radio Row for Control of Airwaves -- x-band in
 Australia, ``narrowband`` licenses greatly increase in value [3-111]
*This is World of Radio Extra 44
*Voice of National Salvation, clandestine from North to South Korea,
 continues issuing verifications; see
 and Address: Greneir Osawa 107, 40 Nando-cho,
 Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Frequencies include 4557, 4120, mostly
 Korean, but English at 0030 [3-114]
*Sue Hickey in Newfoundland keeps hearing from V. of Korea, unlike
 Americans who would be under investigation [3-116]
*Iraq`s Media Free-for-All, BBC News story; former relay stations
 taken over with ingenuity for local do-it-yourself stations 
*The story of Iva Toguri, unjustly imprisoned as ``Tokyo Rose`` to
 become a movie; see Far Eastern Economic Review June 26; [3-115]
*Powerline communications still a threat to shortwave reception in
 Germany at home level [3-112]
*Chris Mackerell in New Zealand reports on being a DRM pioneer user
*German manufacturer MaYaH coming out with DRM receiver later this
 year, DRM-2010; see [3-111];
 Price about $850 [3-112]
*Sangean in Taiwan working on a DRM chip, receiver by mid-2004 [3-112]
*Methods of telling time diverge, despite leap seconds, with GPS
 time 13 seconds ahead of UTC, 19 seconds behind atomic time [3-114],3604,985020,00.html
*Cause of sunspot cycle discovered: deep meridional flow [3-114]
*That`s World of Radio Extra 44; I`m Glenn Hauser   ###