WORLD OF RADIO #1214, produced December 30, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*We`re pleased to be back on WRMI, since it is provisionally running
 WRN1 North America during most of the hours previously occupied by
 IBC Radio: Sat 1300-2200  15725, Sun 0400-1000 7385, Sun 1500-2100 on
 15725 starting with WOR at 1500; Mon 0500-1000 7385. So many other
 international broadcasters now heard on these two WRMI frequencies;
 see schedule for WRN1 North America at
*Another Continent of Media produced, 03-06, available at
 http:/ and -- and may also
 appear during WOR slots when this program needs to take a one-week
*WWCR confirms new Tamil music program, Ragam, starts this Sunday,
 Jan 4 at 1300-1500 on 12160
*Off-the-wall website with rants, kooks, pirates, inside info about
 WBCQ, such as what`s on the webstream and what`s not, Hal Turner:
*QSL received from new El Paso x-bander, KBIV, 1650, says 8.5 kW day,
 0.85 kW night, at same location as 1150 station, 70.1 meter tower
*WBZ 1030 Boston testing IBOC; listen for buzz on 1020, 1040 [so now
 we know what `WBZ` stands for!]
*Caribbean pirate heard in Washington DC near FCC on 93.5, `WEFM`
*KNLS makes another monthly frequency change, Dec 29-Jan 25: 0800
 English on 11765, 1300 still on 9690; Russian and Mandarin mostly
 on 7355 or 7365 0900/1800, except 1000 Mandarin on new 5955
*CBC Radio One program changes in January include Sat 11:30 am local:
 What a Week replaced by The Irrelevant Show for nine weeks
*CHWO, 740, Toronto, marks 3rd anniversary on January 8 with special
 QSL that day only; details in DXLD 3-234; reports to: Special AM 740
 QSL, c/o ODXA, P O Box 161, Station A, Willowdale, ON Canada M2N 5S8
*More on new 560 station in Tecate, BCN, interfering in Alta
 California: XEKTT, 20 kW day, 10 kW nite, non-directional, 448 foot
 tower, Harris DX-25U transmitter
*The voice of James Latham, symbolizing RFPI, can be heard in an 8-
 minute talk at
*Advice to RFPI that it get back on air by purchasing time on US SW
 stations, but reluctant to do that. Jeff White of NASB says some
 members would be happy to sell airtime, but would not accept all
*R. Apintie, Surinam, 4990, E-QSL in 10 hours gives antenna info:
 6-element log-periodic beamed south; explains poor reception to the
 north; Chuck Bolland`s recording of ``armchair copy``
*4427.83v said ``La Voz de Santa Cruz`` but it`s actually Radio
 Bambamarca, Peru
*R. Uncia, Bolivia, background info obtained by Henrik Klemetz from
*Brazilians visiting Buenos Aires got warm reception when visiting
 RAE, ``unforgettable``. Work out a visit when you`re there
*R. Ecclesia, Angola, via South Africa, audible now in North America,
 7205 until 2000, on an Icom but not a Drake
*Correxion to last week: 6045 station is Zimbabwe, not Zambia
*R. Bukavu, Congo DR, trying to expedite shipment of two new SW
 transmitters which have reached Goma
*Only when our sun sets earliest: in Pennsylvania, first 60mb fade-
 in at 1855 was R. Uganda on 4976, 5026, audio by 1925; second was
 Madagascar 5010
*Sudan Radio Service, 15530 1500-1700 in English, announced expanded
 four hours of service from Dec. 30; original B-03 schedule showed
 other broadcasts so far unheard: check 03-05 on 9760, 17-18 on 15275,
 18-19 on 12015; relays via UK
*V. of Nigeria disappeared, not heard Dec. 24-29 at least, on 7255,
 11770, 15120, 17800
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1214, P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or wghauser at or woradio at  Check
*Thanks this week for financial support via PayPal go to Johnathan
*RTE Ireland continued running announcement that SW was about to
 close. ``Realignment of distribution platforms``, acknowledges
 greatest interest in analog SW in North America, where more WRN will
 replace SW. 200 replied to survey, but decision was already made!
 African listeners will be given free WorldSpace radio on request
*Holzkirchen site in Germany of IBB closing Decemer 31, after long
 battle by locals to get rid of it. To be dismantled, demolished and
 replaced by golf course. Transmitters to be moved to Tinang,
 Philippines See for background
*If you`re hearing this before Dec 31 at 0900 UT, check schedule of
 last Holzkirchen broadcasts in DXLD 3-232
*R. Prague special Dec. 31, ``Radio Radio Prague``, parody of own
 broadcasts; best here at 1400 on 21745 [+UT Thursday to NAm]
*Another SW service going off as of Jan. 1: Radio Maryja, Poland via
*V. of Mediterranean, Malta, demise expected at yearend, but now
 Libya reported to have renewed financial support for another ten
 years. It`s all about politics, fight over whether manager Richard
 Muscat has done anything wrong
*V. of Turkey English to Europe at 1930-2030 has moved to 6055,
 blocking Rwanda, but should still get through at 1900-1930 and 2030-
*Arutz-7 producers get jail sentences for piracy, maybe commuted to
 community service, in Israel; meanwhile, government proposes
 licensing such stations
*Nothing heard Dec. 24, 26, 27, from Iran at 1930 in English to
 Europe; nothing heard since Dec. 22 except two Arabic frequencies
*Most All India Radio stations extend broadcasts Dec. 31 for New Year;
 midnight is 1830 UT. 10330 will stay on until 1900 instead of 1740;
 also check 6085, 7140, 9575, 9425, 9470, 9835
*Unidentified in Burmese on 5770, not to be confused with Brother
 Scare from WWCR, at 0130, and 1330 [not 1300]-1630. It`s Burmese
 Defence Ministry, ex-6570 which had been off for some time
*On 21570, at 0500-0600 in Chinese, ``China`s Business Radio`` --
 apparently a domestic service serving as jammer to VOA Tibetan via
 Sri Lanka at 0400-0600; how jamming works, nothing to do with CRI
*China National Radio`s Taiwan service changed December 29 into two
 very different services, one with news, the other cultural
*Finally rid of co-channel interference to RCI, 17820 at 1400-1500
 from R. Japan, temporarily via UK while Sri Lanka down; as of Dec
 29, SL is back, on 17755 [But 17820 still clashing Dec 31!]
*Rare logging of ARDS, Australia, 5049.99, at 0921 with Xmas story,
 heard in Auckland, NZ; quick E-QSL from dale at
*I will not be doing a SW Year in Review this year, but several others
 are in or linked from DX Listening Digest: Northeast Radio Watch,
 BBC Monitoring, Media Network, AWR Wavescan
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Dec 30; flux range 100-85-135
*With a standard disclaimer,
*And best wishes for 2004, Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio
 1214 ###