WORLD OF RADIO #1213, produced December 23, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*WOR is available on multiple platforms, including telephone: Laser
 Box availablizes new edition Sunday mornings, 1-206-333-5096, from
 Seattle, subject to toll charges
*Check latest DXLDs for full details of perishable Xmas specials, via
*Fun thing to do New Year`s Eve, if you are not otherwise occupied, is
 to follow arrival of 2004 timezone by zone, on SW radio, but that is
 increasingly difficult; or by internet. Lou Josephs accumulated
 links for doing this; see
*R. New Zealand International has improved new website  
*RNZI Mailbox off for five weeks, resuming Jan. 19; new 9870 includes
 UT Mondays broadcasts of it, at 1330 and 1530
*Both Buddhists and Moslems want better access to broadcasting in
 Thailand; see stories in DXLD 3-227, 3-229
*R. Pakistan heard in English at 1635-1650 on 5080.3 --- that`s the
 new Current Affairs Program, in Urdu and English, 0200-0400 on 6205,
 1300-1800 on 5080, both 100 kW Islamabad; but when exactly are the
 English segments?
*Confusing situation in Iran re status of SWBC in different languages.
 Had reduced Spanish, but resumed more Dec. 22; but German no longer
 being heard, said Dec. 22 would be last day. Complete new schedule
 from Observers in Bulgaria includes German at 0730 and 1730
*Israel planned to drop most foreign language broadcasts, with the few
 remaining including English on different network, times, frequencies; no longer warns of cutbacks, but Bezeq still
 does, as of January 1
*Zimbabwe (NOT Zambia as I misspoke!!) running 24 hours on 6045, for
*Sudan supposedly repairing SW transmitter; seemed to be heard on
 15170 at 1500 with ID in Arabic; but could be R. Sawa instead, also
 scheduled there and then
*European Music Radio`s next broadcast on 9290 Latvia is Sunday Dec.
 28 at 1400
*At least one Romanian transmitter puts out spurs plus and minus 60.55
 kHz from fundamental, e.g. 9560 in French at 0600 on 9499.5, 9620.5
*RRI adding broadcasts via World Radio Network, satellite and internet
 in New Year, Jan. 1? Europe 1530 and 2000; North America 1600, 2230;
 elsewhere, 1230, 1930
*Austria resuming Spanish on SW Jan. 1, but only 5 minutes: Eur 2155
 5945, 6155; S. America 0000 & 0030 13730; CAm 9870, ENAm 7325 at 0100
 & 0130
*7265 regional SW frequency in Germany changes overnight station
 carried, no longer Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg, replaced by MDR Info
 service, 2200-0500, which used to be on 6085
*Final R. Denmark SW broadcast, via Norway, Dec 31 at 2230 UT, just
 before local midnight, repeat of farewell starting hourly at 1230; at
 2230 on 7465 Kvitsoy, 7560 Sveio; some techs at K. dismissed, but
 future of equipment not decided yet
*Duane Fischer in Michigan having fun with homemade crystal SW
 receiver; heard Belgium via Bonaire and QSLed it for 0500 on 9590
*Competition to BFBS: Army`s Garrison Radio online, just in time for
*Having heard about WOR via phone, Queen Elizabeth decided to make her
 Xmas message available there, as well as internet, as fewer listen
 and watch on radio and TV. Thru January 6, 44-871-271-3100, and text
 via [actually links to BBC, including video
 version, different, including interviews with soldiers, volunteers]
*Iceland`s longwave 189 audible in Massachusetts at 1000-1040;
 darkness this time of year as late as 1130 to most of North America
*New frequency for AFN Iceland, 7590-USB at 1500 past 1700, \\ 13855;
 the two registered as different sites
*North American FM DXers have a needed possible country target in St.
 Pierre & Miquelon, 100 to 1000 watts from R. Atlantique on 102.1, RFO
 94.9, 101.5, 103.3, we think
*With a standard disclaimer,
*This is the 1,213th edition of World of Radio, P O Box 1684, Enid OK
 73702, USA; wghauser at or woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Gerald T. Pollard
*``Standard disclaimer`` means, i.a., if you hear ads before or after
 WOR relating to SW, that does not imply we are endorsing those
 products tho we are grateful for the indirect support they offer in
 encouraging stations to continue our broadcasts
*CBC workers vote to join different union, Media Guild, instead of CEP
 = Communications, Energy and Paperworkers
*Newest US X-band, on 1660 in Charlotte NC, is now WFNA, The Franchise
*On Dec 18, after a 4-week break, KMMZ, 1640, Enid, OK returned to the
 air, again with All-Comedy format; South Americans may find it
 blocked by WTNI Biloxi; in Houston take your pick by rotating radio
*National Rifle Association considers broadcasting from Mexico, if it
 can get a 50-kW `clear channel` station; or even from a ship offshore
*Overcomer Ministry website now shows a remarkable amount of output
 via Juelich, Germany, nine frequencies at 1000, eleven at 2200
*Kim Elliott will host VOA Talk to America, Jan. 1, about future of
 international broadcasting, 1705-1755; try 13710, 15240, 15445,
 17895, and live webcast via
*Al Hurra is name chosen for Middle East Televsion Network, new US
 Government service in Arabic, under construction in Springfield VA;
 means ``The Free One``. Logo: Arabian horse; see entire story:
*Founder of Guarani program at R. Habana, Dora Guillen, has died, with
 full Communist honors in Asuncion
*New Bolivian SW station on 4722.86v is R. Uncia, irregular, in town
 of same name, owned by municipality, 2312-0100+
*R. Monte Carlo and R. Oriental IDs both heard on 9595 at 2346-0012
 from Uruguay
*Re new secret broadcast from HCJB mentioned last week: clues point to
 Chechen, perhaps embedded in HCJB via UK at 1700-1800 on 11760; HCJB
 wants to turn these Moslems, who have enough problems already, into
*R. Apintie, Suriname, reactivated on 4990, heard at 0355-0450, E-mail
 to apintie at verified in a sesquiday; on the air all night,
 fadeout 0700 in Denmark, 0815 in Pennsylvania; Peruvian, R. Ancash
 on 4991 QRMs after 1030, but not in evenings
*Stig Adolfsson, Sweden, explains how he measures kHz frequencies to
 three decimal places; requires phase lock to DCF77 and visual display
 on CRT of lissajous figure to ensure exact tuning
*Change in standards for Digital Radio Mondiale December 15, upgrade
 requiring all users to download new software; may be reason for delay
 in Mayah DRM-2010 receiver until late January
*SWLs and hams have renewed hope against the spread of powerline
 communications, a.k.a. broadband via powerlines; FEMA opposes it: 
 and so does the Disaster Emergency Response Association
*Propgation outlook from Boulder, Dec. 23; flux range 150-85
*With Solstitial greetings, Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio
 1213 ###