WORLD OF RADIO #1211, produced December 10, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*IBC Radio suspended SW transmissions via WRMI on weekends, so two
 airings of World of Radio no longer available; maybe still
*Thanks to Allan Weiner, another WOR airing on WBCQ: UT Sun 0130 on
 9330-CLSB; and UT Mon 0515 not only on 7415 but parallel on 5105
*Final Radio Enlace of the year on R. Nederland this Fri and Sun Dec
 12 and 14 with lots of DX news from yours truly and Gabriel Ivan
*WINB dropped not only World of Radio, but also AWR Wavescan, DX
*WWCR-4 testing 5770 this week instead of 7560 at 0400-1200, Brother
 Scare service, and may stay there
*Check 5770 earlier in evening for R. Miskut, Nicaragua, since other
 US stations may start using it too
*Willis Conover, legendary VOA broadaster, not getting the respect due
 him; twice nominated and twice ignored for Presidential Medal of
 Freedom; from book ``Friends Along the Way``, by Gene Lees
*Some California SW transmitters aimed right across central US, with
 very strong signals, and spurs: R. Marti, 17670 at 1535 from Delano
 on 17538.3, 17801.7; KVOH, Los Angeles, plus and minus 147 kHz
 intervals from 17775 at 2230: 17922, 17628, 17481, 18069, 18216
*One night around 0700, R. Marti heard on 1700 kHz, leading to quite a
 discussion on NRC-AM list; could WJCC 1700 Miami have been relaying
 Marti, even if by accident? See DXLD 3-218, 3-219, 3-220 via
*New LPFM on 107.9, WCTI for farm workers around Immokalee, FL
*As of December 11, KMMZ, 1640, Enid, has not yet reappeared
*New KBIV, El Paso TX, on 1650, on as of Dec 5 with country music
*X-band stations were originally supposed to broadcast in AM stereo;
 KBPS, 1450, Portland OR, has just started, public schools station,
 738 watts; turn on your AM stereo receiver, and enjoy!
*Paul Winter Solstice concert, mostly the week before Xmas, on public
 radio [some scheduling is at:]
*Holiday special pages from public radio stations at Monitoring
 Reminders calendar
*Special event ham station W4B commemorating Wright Brothers, on SSB:
 3860, 7260, 14260, 21330, 28460. Espeically 14260 continuously from
 1700 UT Dec 12 until 2000 UT Dec 17; see
*Canada Calling, commercial newscast for snowbirds in S Florida, S
 Texas [and AZ], celebrating 50th anniversary; station list and times
*RNZI new frequency schedule from Dec 21, abandoning 6 MHz band:
 From 1751 on 11980, 1951 on 15265, 2238 on 17675, 0400 on 15340, 0800
 on 9885, 1100 on 15530, 1300 on 9870
*R. Australia programs go on summer vacation for a month or more in
 Dec and Jan; details in DXLD 3-220. Further distuptions Dec 10 due to
 24-hour strike at Radio National, over ``mis-management``. Can`t
 imagine big strikes in the US any more
*Sad state of broadcasting in Papua New Guinea; provincial stations
 were supposed to be under NBC, but turned over to provincial
*R. Sweden having a problem with jamming from Vietnam, since it is
 using 9920 at 1300, same frequency used by FEBC to Vietnam before
 that hour; despite Swedish aid to Vietnam
*Luang Prabang, Laos, heard a month ago on 4649.10 at 0955-1230 and
 from 2300
*Western classical music tests mentioned last week, discussed in last
 several DXLDs, from 3-217, at first unidentified, then under China,
 since direction-finding puts it in extreme SW Xinjiang province,
 probably at Kashi = Kashgar; propagates more like a European than
 Chinese signals much further east
*This is World of Radio #1211; our address wghauser at or
 woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Dave Hammer, on behalf
 of the Miami Valley DX Club
*Yet another China relay via Canada we found: 1600 on 17735 in Chinese
*Real Time Beijing, from CRI, great signal via Sackville at 1100-1200
 on 5960; CRI also well heard at 0400 and 0500 on 6190
*China National Radio 1 will be renamed Voice of China, ``Zhong guo
 zhi sheng``
*About time American Forces Network originates some programming from
 Baghdad, rather than just relaying Los Angeles; on 107.7 at 6-9 am
 and 3-6 pm local from Convention Center studios
*``Baghdad FM Radio 98.3`` heard on AM 657, part of Iraq Media Network 
*African news from Chris Greenway, Kenya: only active SW there is
 4915, M-F 0300-0700, 1300-1905, all other listed frequencies silent
*Station at 1553-1605* on 5066.3 heard in Finland is very likely R.
 Candip, Congo DR; stable on 5066.32
*French on 7125 until 0920 is likely Guinea, now operational all day,
 no more mid-morning breaks
*Sonnet Radio in Cyprus was going to test SW via Norway in late
 December, but due to brokerage problems, and imminent demise of
 Norway transmitters, Sonnett will use Latvia 9290 instead, Dec 15-19
 at 1900-2000. QSL competition, see website
 Full-time service from Febend, daily 1900-0100
*R. Studio, a.k.a. R. Gardarika, St. Petersburg, Russia, Dec 24-31 at
 1900-2200 on 6245, 200 kW, quarterly broadcast; again in March
*Swiss Radio International was a great station, especially for
 Italians, better than Rai; leaflets promoting website are casualty
 bulletins, with SW to end in less than a year. Even satellite Swiss
 Mix will disappear March 31
*Swissinfo to lose 35 out of 147 full-time jobs; subsidy reduced from
 18 to 5 megafrancs Swiss, and eliminated in 2005
*Dec 9-10, World Summit on the Information Society in Geneva; RSF set
 up pirate radio station there, Radio Non Grata, on 95.8 FM
*R. Netherlands fending off bad press in Holland. NRC Handelsblad
 accused RN of engaging in commercial activities at Bonaire; nothing
 amiss, says RN
*Mark Byford promoted to Deputy Director General of BBC, no longer
 director of World Service; got much of the blame for cancelling SW
 to North America. New job involves handling complaints, buffering
 between Greg Dyke and the public, political parties
*``Cubanola`` on R. Marti, old 78 records, retimed to 1800 on Sat,
 17670, 15330, 13820, 11930
*Visitor to Guatemala reports on SW activity there and in Honduras:
 Honduras: 3250, 3340, 4832; Guatemala: 4845, 4800, 4780, 4052.5
*R. Verdad, Chiquimula, Guatemala, says it`s back up to 1 kW instead
 of 280 watts, scheduled until 0500, but heard until 0558 with Xmas
*James Latham of RFPI visited San Francisco to drum up support from
 progressive groups, appeared on KPFA. New site in mountains is at
 10K feet, good for FM coverage too; new RFPI might have program
 production by groups around Costa Rica, serving as local station
*Paz the Cat, RFPI`s mascot, disappeared when staff had to evacuate;
 searched for but unfound, hope got new home; University for Peace
 guards have been known to shoot dogs
*Opposition growing to powerline communications in the US; check
 toward end of DXLDs 3-218, 3-220, 3-221
*Declining sunspot count predictions for 2004: Jan 58, Feb 55, Mar 53,
 Apr 52, May 51, Jun 48, Jul 46, Aug 44, Sep 42, Oct 40, Nov 38, Dec
*Propagation outlook from Ottawa Dec 4: least unsetttled Dec 16-17,
*Outlook from Boulder, Dec 9: flux range 90-145-95
*Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1211  ###