WORLD OF RADIO #1209, produced November 25, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*This is the last WOR on 15825 until March; December thru February, at
 2130 Thursdays, WWCR is on 9475
*WINB missed WOR last week, hit by lightning; should be back now, UT
 Thu 0230 on 9320
*Three or four NASB members, including WRMI interested in transmitting
 DRM themselves, but exciters are expensive so far; full DRM
 membership costs $10,000 a year, but associate membership is free;
 non-proprietary, and no license fees
*WSHB ending its Far East relays after Dec 13, including Russian at
 1000 Weds on 11780
*Not only Arab world and Iran have special US government services, R.
 Sawa and R. Farda, but Pakistan is next, from Jan, 24 hour
 bombardment, with another new name in Urdu, Radio Aap Ki Dunya
 [means: Radio Your World]; VOA is not saying why Pakistan was chosen.
 AFGE Local 1812 launched a strong protest, against traditional VOA
 services being dismantled. Bush administration does not believe in
 public diplomacy but the barrel of a gun; and is flouting US law on
 code of ethics at VOA; 0400-1600 on SW, 24h on MW via Tajikistan,
 already hired young Pakistanis to make the conversion
*Pakistan itself has a new external service, Pashto to Afghanistan,
 1445-1515 on 4955; new frequency already heard in Finland, until
 1700; is API-2, 100 kW 35-year-old transmitter in Islamabad; also
 with Balti and SHeena news 1350-1428; Dari 1515-1545 after Pashto
*V. of Justice, new service from Iran, must be payback for R. Farda,
 but bumbled into it; heard at 0130-0230 on 9580, 6120; 0230-0300 V.
 of David on 6010, 6120 in Hebrew; in Moscow VOJ heard at 0130 on
 9580, announcing wrong 9835 and 6085; surrogate service of Iranian
 radio targeted to US listeners: heard at 0128 on 6020, announcing
 9875 and 6025; claims both are on 9580 and 6120 at 0030-0230
*R. Voice of Iran, clandestine from outside, had been via France on
 15750 but now heard until 1700 on 11520 via Uzbekistan, and spurs
 plus and minus 46, 92, 138 kHz
*New program schedule from Kuwait, from P-mail, in DXLD 3-211 via -- some of the programs at 1800-2100 on
 11990: 1802, GCC March; 1815 Islam show; 1830 main newscast; 2050
 news in brief
*Tajikistan`s token external service in English heard at 1645-1700
 [What's the frequency, Glenn? 7245!]
*R. Georgia has external service in English, but difficult to hear;
 even in Germany was very poor due to heavy interference from both
 sides of 11805.13v at 0630
*Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous Republic on 9677.7 at 0600-0635 Wed and
 Fri; 1500-1535 Tue & Thu in Azeri
*R. Ezra starts a new series on Sundays from Nov 30; via Lithuania,
 1900-1930 on 7560; now with World Karaite Movement see: --- a.k.a. ``the first and only counter-
 missionary radio station``. Possibly audible in extreme eastern North
*Latvia`s SW transmitter, 9290 activity: final broadcast of R. Seagull
 Sat Nov 29 at 1100-1600, since now licensed in Holland; European
 Music Radio, Suns Nov 30, Dec 28, Jan 14 at 1400-1600; convoluted
 nature of this arrangement, subleasing, sub-subleasing, sub-sub-sub-
*No more English on SW from Finland, but printed program guide uses
 English to describe Special Finnish; and Nuntii Latini! now scheduled
 Sun 1655 NAm 13665; 1845 EEu 7135; 1955 Eu 11755 6120; Mon 0945 As/Au
*Thanks to John Carson in OK for sending that schedule on to us by P-
 mail, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; or woradio at
 or wghauser at
*Many thanks this week for financial support go to James D. Strader
*This is World of Radio 1209
*TDP Radio, Belgium, adding DRM, Sat 1100-1200 on 9850 in English;
 site must be Flevo, Holland
*Increasing concern at R. Netherlands over further financial cuts;
 straight talk from Andy Sennitt, his own opinion on the Media Network
 blog: comparing to BBCWS; RN should not be financed by general
 taxation, but by Ministry of Foreign Affairs so it will not be
 dismantled piece by piece
*V. of Greece program titles translated n DXLD 3-210; It`s All Greek
 to Me, music presented in English moved to Sun 1105-1200, just before
 Delano 9690 comes on, so only on direct 15630, 11645, due to soccer
 taking priority, 1505-2000; maybe temporary preeemption and will
 return to 1900, if soccer season is ever over; Hellenes Around the
 World still scheduled Sat 1700-1800 via Delano 17705, but football
 may pre-empt it too
*Despite successful conference in Malta, where V. of Mediterranean
 planned to add languages, Libyan co-sponser is pulling out, forcing
 VOM to close December 31; Libya is behind on payments; Malta really
 needs a better partner
*Sudan Radio service, via UK, 15550, 1500-1700, in six languages
 including news in English at 1515, 1615
*Two different Ethiopian clandestines on 6350; until 0351, V. of Peace
 and Democracy; from 0356, V. of Tigre Revolution, also on 5500
*Northern winter peak of reception on 7530 for R. Mogadishu, Somalia,
*Bhutan, 6035, now opening every day at 0100; actually 0055 with
 bells, fade by 0120 [not 0020 as I misspoke]
*Final editon of Feedback on Radio Australia, Nov 22; to be replaced
 by a different listener contact show early next year
*5952.47, Emisora Pio XII, Bolivia, blown away by WYFR 5950 at 0957,
 perfect metaphor for the state of the world these days
*Correction to last week, Brazilian Pres. Lula`s fortnightly radio
 talk, Mondays [such as Dec 1] is at 0800, 0900, 1030 and 1300 UT
*Alo Presidente, Venezuela, via Cuba, monitored from 1400 Sunday on
 11670, 11875, 13680, 13750, 17750. Amazingly, everything matches on
 RHC website, so may have been updated! But still missing the 2300
 hour in English on very strong 9550
*Steve Waldee analyzed squealing transmitter in Cuba: bad STL. See
*CODAR sweep radar had bothered only WJCR on 13595, now reaching up
 to 13655, interfering with Canada at 1500
*Hydro Quebec to use powerline communications for broadband internet,
 without public discussion
*KNLS changes schedule again November 30; all to 7 MHz, except English
 at 0800 on 9795, 1300 on 9780; why?
*WGN, 720, Chicago, will be silent for maintenance early Sunday Nov
 30, opening frequency for DX, 0705-1100 UT, especially 0900-1030 as
 carrier and test tones may be before and after
*New KMMZ, 1640, Enid, after testing went off the air Nov 21 past 25;
 when resuming may be a third format. I visited site and put up a new
 webpage including photos:
*NY Times expects fireworks on the Sun at Thanksgiving [DXLD 3-212]
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Nov 25: flux range 170-95
*That`s World of Radio 1209; I`m Glenn Hauser  ###