WORLD OF RADIO #1208, produced November 19, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Attention WOR listeners on SIU Edwardsville Web Radio: will be off
 for Thanksgiving and Xmas holidays, so hear us elsewhere. See
*Construxion permit for new station on 1640 here in Enid, Oklahoma, is
 finally on the air since November 14; first with Unforgettable
 Favorites network, then All Comedy Radio, so far 24 hours, but we
 have heard no local IDs at all, at hourtops. Call registered as KMMZ;
 no reports from overseas known yet, but bound to be heard all over
 the world eventually like all other X-banders. However, this one is
 directional favoring SSE/NNW; format could change again without
 notice [but off the air on Nov 21]
*Las Vegas, Nevadans, get new public radio station as KNPR splits into
 two, KNPR with news and talk, moved to 88.9, and new KCNV classical
 on 89.7; similar plan in Tulsa for KWGS to add a classical outlet on
 88.7, still not happening
*VOA News Now website finally explains new program format, following
 drastic cuts at Octoberend
*WWRB testing ``full digital``, but not DRM. AOR system, details at for the ARD-9800 decoder; at least on 6890-LSB
*CBC/RCI`s As It Happens special on Nov 18, 35th anniversary; should
 be audible via website:
*CKZN, 6160, morning show originates from Happy Valley/Goose Bay from
 0952 UT on weekdays; sign-on 0924 from CBN, St. John`s on weekends
*Noise on 1100 kHz heard in eastern US is R. Cadena Habana, Cuba,
 carrier chaotically oscillating plus or minus 5 kHz at times
*Out of the blue, a new Cuban harmonic on 2060, R. Musical Nacional,
 Villa Clara at 0148, classical and operatic music
*Lengthy discussion in DXLD last few issues about cause of squeal
 heard on RHC and CRI relays, under CUBA and Radio Equipment Forum;
 [and see Steve Waldee`s fascinating web page:]
*XERMX blobmitter heard again around 10450, varying down to 10330, up
 to 25 kHz wide
*Franklin Seiberling`s Copy Exchange main source of up to date
 news about RFPI, in contact with James Latham by phone: less than
 $10,000 will bring RFPI back to life, upgrading hydro plant at new
 location, initial buildings; timeline includes 2-3 months for live
 streaming; 6-12 months to restart SW with 10 kW; likely in 6 MHz
 range, licensed; funds need to be raised: see
*Dr. Scott from Cahuita Costa Rica, is getting 4 extra frequencies
 from 13750, spurs plus and minus 30 and 60 kHz
*Standard disclaimer
*In the midst oif WOR 1208, woradio at or wghauser at or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA
*Our thanks this week for financial support go to Dave Hammer on
 behalf of the Miami Valley DX Club
*V. of Guyana, 3291.3, heard with strong fully modulated signal for a
*Bjoern Malm`s unID on almost 3205, recorded, Radio Mia, from where?
 Unlikely a harmonic, but could be a pirate
*R. Libertad, Cajamarca region, Peru, 1999.26 variable is sesqui-
 harmonic of 1332.85v at 1030 with Alegria en los Andes
*Pres. Lula of Brazil starting a fortnightly radio address of 6
 minutes on Mondays from Nov 17, originally at [times in DXLD 3-207
 and on WOR 1208 were mis-converted! UT should be 0800, 0900, 1030,
 1300] see
*R. Oriental, Uruguay, reactivated 9595, at 2330 Nov 18 for futbol
*Zimbabwe on 6045 instead of 5975, rather weak
*R. Galcayo, Somalia, shifted back to 6980 DSB from 7335; had been
 measured by Stig Adolfsson, Sweden around 1630 almost daily on
*Don`t you believe BBC program listings in so-called 2004 Passport to
 Worldband Radio, reprint of info in 2003 edition including typos:
 more evidence PWBR is grossly over-rated, yet some are apologists
*Journalists worried about changes in news management at R. France
 Internationale, now headed by political editor and publications
*Portugal putting out more spurs, from 21655 at 1100-1300 heard on
 21486.9 and 21823.1
*World Music Radio, new private station in Denmark, asks native
 speakers of various languages to record liners to make it truly
 international. Plans to begin in December
*Let`s hope on air before R. Denmark ends its SW service at midnight
 New Year`s eve. Expanding internet service from Dec 15; and from
 Jan 1 expatriates can get a free CD instead of SW programs
*In Europe, 1179 kHz synonymous with Sweden, but now with South
 Carolina?! as Brother Scare says he`ll be on two hours a night
*R. Polonia will continue in 2004 from SW transmitters near Warsaw
*Bids due in by end of November to take over Iraqi Media Network;
 contract worth $100 million; bidders include BBC, ITN, Rendon,
 Harris, Lebanese Broadcasting Co., for complete rebuild of
 broadcasting infrastructure, news service
*V. of Justice, English service from Iran mentioned last week, seemed
 on SW by mistake at 1130. IRIB websie shows only a few English times
 and frequencies, reduced: 1030-1130 15550 21470 15480; 1530-1630 on
 7190 9610; 1930-2030 on 6110 7320, none for North America. Dave
 Kernick monitored via Hotbird 13: 1030-1130 regular English, 1130-
 1230 V. of Justice, but announced as 0130-0230! Engineers often very
 tardy in changing frequencies or switching off. A nice clip of VOJ:
*Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corp. [not Service], 9770 puts out spurs on
 9650, 9690, 9730, 9810, 9890, 9935, 9975, etc.
*All India Radio, Port Blair, 4770 signs on at 2355; Hans Johnson in
 Florida hears it regularly with an ID at 1130
*China relays via Canada doubling up: at 1400 on 9755 and 13675, seem
 Canada rather than direct; 2300 on 6040 and something on 13 MHz
*R. Australia started new frequency schedule; 9580 now closing at 1400
 but continues on new 9590 until 1600
*R. Australia has cancelled Feedback, last airing this week, Nov 21
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Nov 18; flux range 180-95
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1208   ###