WORLD OF RADIO #1207, produced November 12, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*WOR heard in New York, Sun at 0843 on Europirate Ozone Radio
 International, 6200+
*We`re on four US SW stations, WBCQ, WINB, WWCR and WRMI
*But we and everyone else have lost Radio for Peace International;
 University cut off power as we recorded last week, November 5, so
 7445 is off the air. RFPI is taking legal action for compensation,
 while equipment is being moved out to a new transmitter site in the 
 mountains, donated by a supporter. Already has office in downtown San 
 Jose. May be able to resume internet streaming shortly, but several 
 months before SW could be back. James Latham & Co. are not going to 
 let this setback put an end to RFPI; best wishes to them
*XERMX again heard on proper frequencies, 9705 and 11770
 [but blobmitter is also back, varying around 10450]
*Digital tests on Mexican AM and FM; IBOC on XEN 690, 100 kW from
 Mexico City, producing loud noise on 680 and 700 in north Texas
*R. Rebelde, Cuba, has two services; the FM side relayed on SW 6120,
 Musica Viva 96.7, Frecuencia Super Stereo, while AM service is on
*Ecuadorian on 4200 is not third harjonic, but 5 x 840 in Quito, R.
 Vigia, La Voz de la Policia Nacional; Bjoern Malm also heard 2609.95,
 R. Cristal, Guayaquil; 2859.84v, R. Guaranda
*unID on 3204.99 at 1150 called Radio Mia, seems Peruvian
*From DX Camp in Bavaria, 150-watt SODRE, Uruguay heard on 9620.6
*R. Nacional Angola runs all night on 4950.10, heard at 0200, and
 with morning news magainze from 0400, fade by 0430; 4949.98 in
 another measurement
*Voice of Democratic Eritrea, 1700-1800 UT Mon & Thu on 9820 ex-
 15670; on Sat still on 5925 to Eu, time not given
*Radio Ethiopia heard better in Spain than Germany, English at 1600-
 1700 on 9559.6 variable (recording at 1630, bongs and news)
*R. Ethiopia closed Arabic at 1500, drifting upward 0.7 kHz per
 10 minutes, such as 9561.2
*Ethiopia also on 9705, but Niger is there too, La Voix du Sahel heard
 around 1400 in New York
*V. of the Saharan Arab Democratic Republic, Polisario clandestine
 from Algeria to Western Sahara, heard on 7460 by several in North and
 South America, Arabic to Spanish at 2300; starts at 1700 on 7460 and 
 1550; Moroccan jamming worse on MW from 1840. Much stronger and more 
 professional than before, thanks to Algeria?
*It`s official: Denmark decides to cut off shortwave broadcasts by
 yearend, so could be earlier. Frequencies via Norway for Americas,
 not in English: 1230 18950, 1330 17550, 1430 17735, 1530 17525, 1630
 15705, 1730 18950, 1830 15735, 1930 13800, 0030 7560, 0130 7560 9945,
 0230 7560 9590, 0430 7465; full schedule in DXLD 3-184 at
*R. Budapest, Hungary, reception terrible in North America, English
 at 0200 and 0330 on 9835; blocked at 0214 by India in Pashtu
*Another sporadic broadcast via Latvia 9290 planned for Sun Nov 23,
 relay of R. Marabu, German alternative music, 1300-1600
*New PWBR somehow missed 9290
*V. of Russia to broadcast George Poppin`s WW II story, Fri Nov 21
 1645, Sun 0345, 0845, Mon 2145
*The Media Magazine You Monitor With Your Mind, World of Radio 1207,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or woradio at or wghauser
*Thanks this week for generous financial support to James D. Strader
*Don`t you believe RFI`s own website for English at 1400 showing
 17515, now replaced by 17620, adequate for us
*REE Spain consolidates services into one stream, so only one M-F
 broadcast for minolity languages, 1340-1355 Eu 15585, NAm 17595, SAm
 21570; weekly Judeo-Espanol show is separate, Mon 1825-1855 ME 17770,
 UT Tue 0115 SAm 11795, 0415 NAm 9690
*REE launched a weekly program Nov 9 for soliders in Iraq, Aqui
 Espana, Sundays 1405-1500 on 21610 to ME, and others
*IRIB, Iran, sent E-mail form to English listeners, saying in near
 future plans to cut off SW, just listen on internet, --  opinions wanted on quality of reception
 there, and on removing SW
*V. of Justice, Teheran, new Iranian service heard in Tasmania, around
 1100 (or 1200?) on 15550, anti-American and anti-ZIonist bias [maybe
 it`s just a program on the English service]
*Contrary to last week`s report, Arutz 7 ship still at anchor off Tel
*Turkey and Vietnam were using 7100 on border of ham band, but both 
 have moved. Turkey agreed to leave Nov 10 for 9840, but that clashes 
 with R. Liberty, VOA, then CRI during most of 1800-2255
*Revised sked from Vietnam in English shows 7280 instead of 7100 at
 1600, 1800, 1900, 2030
*V. of Burma is another clandestine, mentioned in WRTH 2003 on page
 518, different from Democratic VOB; now scheduled M-F 1200-1300 on 
 9875, via Kazakhstan
*Bangladesh to refurbish old 100 kW SW transmitter at Savar
*All India Radio, Port Blair, Andaman Islands, running only 5 kW due
 to exciter failure until repaired, directional N-S for outlying
 islands in the long chain. 2330-0300 4760, 0310-0340(Sun 0500) 7115,
 0730-0930(Sun 1000) 7115, 1030-1700(S/S 1900) on 4760, mainly Hindi,
 little English, and several other languages
*All India Radio, Gangtok, Sikkim, 0100-0400, 1030-1600 on 3390,
 mainly in Nepali; English Sat 1400
*500 kW Bangalore, India, frequency jump from 10330 to 10245
*Falung Gong broadcast in Mandarin heard at 0200-0255 on KWHR 17510,
 not on WHR schedule, just 1500-1600 on 9930, blocked here by WINB
*Since the Chicoms are so upset by Falung Gong, we can only wonder if
 the next Pearl Harbor could be called Naalehu
*New relays of China Radio International via Sackville: 0400-0600 on
 9560 and 6190; other program Real Time China heard at 1130-1200
 on 5960
*Cuban jamming on 9560 against VOA Spanish until 0200 continues after
 0200, bothering R. Korea International via Canada
*Frequency collision on 6040 at 0200 between Canada and Spain
*All comedy format tried at low power Saint John, NB, CFHA, plans
 web streaming
*Daring format change in Denver market, Colorado`s Underground Voice, 
 KCUV 1510, to Americana, mix of folk, blues, bluegrass, rock, gospel, 
*Full time BBCWS relay KZPN 91.5 in Bayside CA, sold to JPR in Oregon,
 to carry that network instead
*New York VOLMET off the air from SW 3485, 6604, 10051, 13270 USB,
 formerly at hour top and bottom; Gander still at :20 and :50; NOTAM
 says NY VOLMET off the air tfn; still works aircraft on 13354
*160m hams complain of WWRB spur on 1805 kHz: 6890 minus 5085
*Nov. 4 solar flare the largest ever, rated X-28 per ESA
*Last week`s Boulder forecast Nov 4: solar flux peak 190 Nov 23-25
*Tomas Hood forecast: polar and high latitude paths may be shut
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1207 ###