WORLD OF RADIO #1206, produced November 5, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Since Nov 3, HFCC schedule B-03 available at in
 Public Data section, but is incomplete; more specifically, zipped at
*Scheduled times for WOR on some stations flexible, so stay tuned:
 last week on WINB, 7 minutes late at 0237 UT Thu on 9320 [this week,
 4 minutes late]
*WINB missing from 13570, abandoned for 9930, including the other DX
 programs AWR Wavescan and DX Partyline, Sats 1800-1900; full sked is
 1100-1300 9320, 1300-2300 9930, 2300-0600 9320; 9930 also used by
 KWHR until 1700, in a 4-hour overlap including clandestine
 programs for Vietnam and SE Asia
*Another oddity: WHRI heard on 4920 at 1230, 0.5 x 9840
*Dave Frantz forbids promotion of webcasting on WWRB, competing media
 hurting financial support for SW stations
*Kim Elliott`s appearances on Main Street, VOA, no longer weekly, but
 occasional, not longer than 2 minutes each, non-technical, on UT
*VOA program changes not yet finalized; VOA Guide not in listeners`
 mailboxes until December
*CKLW, The Big 8 on 800 kHz, Windsor, Ont., completely rebuilding 5-
 tower antenna system, temporarily 10 kW non-directional
*Montreal`s pioneering SW station CFCX, absent from 6005 for several
 years, but its license just renewed until 2010 along with parent
 station CINW; hope that it will come back? Was CRTC even aware it has
 been off the air?
*CBC faces more cuts after pension shortfall catches up next year, $43
 mega worth; could not be good news for RCI either
*Radio Cook Islands, no longer on SW, recorded in 1993 from MW on a
 visit there; two 45-minute 5 MB zipped mp3 files available for
 download: or
*R. New Zealand International made programming time changes; Mailbox,
 alternate weeks, now scheduled Mon 0830, 1130, 1330, 1530, UT Tue
 0330; need to be confirmed during DST
*R. Australia making program adjustments, and becasue of maintenance
 at Shepparton, new schedule not available until November 17
*Mix of various domestic services on 6150 from Singapore, such as
 Perfect 10, but now MediaCorp plans to put only Newsradio 93.8 on
 there, 2300-1100, 1400-1600, except external service RSI 1100-1400
*R. Thailand`s English at 1400 on new 9560, with news one hour
*Hmong Radio, ULMD, clandestine for Laos, now via Taiwan 15260, Wed
 and Fri only 0100-0200, 100 kW beamed 250 degrees
*Correct name for ``crash and bang`` music jammers from China:
 advanced method with traditional Firedrake music
*CRI`s only direct English to North America, 1400-1600 on 7405 is no
 longer scheduled, conflicted with Marti anyway; now heard well at
 1300-1500 on 9755, tho HFCC says beamed WSW. Also too close to VOA
 Philippines 9760
*R. Japan`s English via French Guiana at 1400 on 11840 not heard, but
 at same hour on 17820 clashing with RCI in English; HFCC says this is
 Rampisham, England relay, good signal way over here
*V. of Mongolia`s English pieced together: 1500 and 2000 on 9720, 1000
 on 12015
*B-03 English from R. Tashkent, Uzbekistan: 0100 on 7160, 5975-6165;
 1200 and 1330 on 9715, 5975-6025, 5060; 2030 & 2130 11905, 7185, 5025
*Akashvani, an ID of All India radio heard on 9292.0 with timesignal
 at 0030; suppose transmitter previously reported wandering from 9425
*R. Pakistan`s new schedule, English at 1600-1615 on 15725, 11640,
 11570, 9320, but unheard on the last; another version adds 17820;
 brief English news at 0800 nad 1100 on 17835, 21465
*Standard disclaimer
*World of Radio #1206, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA or woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support to Tom McLaughlin, Lubbock,
 Texas, in memory of Gigi Lytle
*New FM station for women set up in Herat, Afghanistan; several
 stories about it in recent issues of DX Listening Digest, via
*R. Amani service into Afghanistan now Fri 1630-1730 on new 7350
*Mystery continues about missing SW broadcasts from Iran; a few have
 begun to reappear, including English 2030 on 7320; 1930-2030 on 6110,
 7320, unheard on listed 11695, 15140
*German service of IRIB says winter frequencies were intentionally not
 put in service
*Masshad regional in Iran heard on 5050 at 1600 in Dari; 4000 at 1700
 in Tajik
*New 100 kW SW transmitter under construxion in Afghanistan, financed
 by aid from India; in Kabul, also satellite links
*Owners of Israeli pirate Arutz 7 sold their ship for scrap, already
 on the way to Izmir
*V. of Greece, English at 0930-1000 on 12105, 15630, 1930-2000 12105;
 at 0930 also scheduled on 9420
*Romania`s new English to NAm: 0100 on 6040, 9510, 9530, 11740; 0300
 on 6040, 9515; 2200 on 9550, 11830
*B-03 English from Serbia & Montgenegro same as last winter: 1330 Au
 11835; 1930 & 2200 Eu 6100; 0100 exc Sun 7115, 0200 daily 7130 to NAm
 but European broadcasts were unheard until Nov 3; 1330 still unheard
*R. Vilnius, Lithuania English: Eu 0930 9710; NAm 2330 9875, 0030 7325
*Another SW service may be running out of steam at yearend: R. Polonia
 announced that agreement for use of SW site valid until end of
 calendar year only; English: 1300-1400 on 9525 11820, 1800-1900 on
 5995 and new 7150
*Roma, or Gypsy language rare on SW, on DW originating with R. Multi
 Kulti in Berlin, Sun 1130-1200 on 11905 15275
*12-minute wave audio file of transmnissions from the last flight of
 the Concorde:
*Former Dublin FM station ABC plans to return to air on SW only, this
 Sun Nov 9 1000-1400 on 6940; reception reports wanted to evaluate
*New government in Liberia allows Star Radio to resume, unknown if
 including SW; was on 3400 at 0500-0800, 5880 at 1700-2100
*V. of Nigeria seems to be using only one transmitter, 0500-0800
 English 17800, 0800-1700 unknown, 1700-2000 English 15120; 2000-2300
*R. Ndeke Luka, Central African Republic, relay changed from England
 to UAE, and from 15545 to 11785, daily 1900-2000, 245 degrees
*R. Congo, Brazzaville, clear new frequency 6115, news in French 1810
*UNMEE, for Eritrea and Ethiopia, including English segments, now Tue
 1030-1130 on 21550, Sun 0900-1000 on 21460, via UAE
*As of Nov 5, RFPI, Costa Rica, still heard on 7445, after UFP cut off
 telephone and water; firends brought in buckets to gather the rain
 [but on Nov 5, we later learned, electricity was cut off and RFPI
 forced off the air since]
*On Nov 4, James Latham interviewed on Democracy Now (recorded
 excerpts). Staff staying in building to protect the station; calling
 on UN and UFP to honor UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19.
 Costa Rican government tried to intercede to help RFPI, provide
 mediation, but UFP claims immunity as international body. RFPI filing
 an injunction to try to stop this. Check [and: and ]
 Needs funding for legal defense, help in getting word out to peace
 organizations; pro-bono attorneys in US
*Also can E-mail Secretary General of UN urging him to intervene:
*R. Melodia, Bogota, Colombia, reactivated, quite good around 0600 on
*Unrelated R. Melodia, Arequipa, Peru, moving around, to 5906.3 around
*Brazilian tropical band station for sale: R. Por um Mundo Melhor,
 Governador Valdares, MG, on 4855; details via
*Anker Petersen projects that at present rate of attrition, there will
 be no more tropical band stations by the year 2014
*Boulder late in putting up the propagation info; more and more solar
 flares and CMEs the past week, expected to subside for the time being
 as active face of the sun rotates out of view
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1206  ##