WORLD OF RADIO #1205, produced October 29, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*October 31 is the deadline for negotiations between Radio for Peace
 International and the University for Peace in Costa Rica; but the
 vibes are bad; UT Oct 29 at 0330 on 7445, RFPI had live broadcast
 including: need pro-bono lawyer in US dealing with international law;
 march in front of UFP Nov 20 with Friends of RFPI. Someone donated
 land for station to build on; fears that UFP would damage equipment
 during ouster. RFPI might have to go underground, without protection.
 UFP has plans for its own use of RFPI studios and transmitters, but
 offers little in compensation. Moral support, at least, to  Calling for more mail to UN Secretary General, and
 Costa Rican president; check around same time for more live
 broadcasts. Best of luck to RFPI for peaceful and positive resolution
*Except on RFPI, look for World of Radio one UT hour later than
 before; another time not mentioned last week, on WBCQ: UT Mon 0515 on
 7405, but no longer 5105
*Unique way to hear WOR and others: via internet, but recorded off SW
 by Alex Draper in mp3; also DXers Unlmited, DXing with Cumbre, DX
*Not all politics at R. Marti; ancient Cuban recordings on Saturday
 mornings, perhaps now 1405 UT, on 7405, 11930, 13820, 15330; title
 is ``Cubanola``
*R. Marti new frequency probably from Delano, 17670, already jammed,
 1500-2200; no longer on 21 MHz this season
*At least one Cuban transmitter puts out whistling sound on sidebands,
 mostly relaying China, but also heard on RHC 9820 at 0542; and just
 open carriers most evenings on 9550, 9600
*Steve Waldee, retired broadcast engineer, comments on Cuba`s poor
 SW transmission quality
*Dominican Republic revived on 4959.86 now called Cima Sabor Navideno,
 at 0336 past 0530, clashing with VOA Sao Tome
*Venezuelan reactivated with better audio, R. Amazonas, 4939.67 at
*XERMX blobmitter no longer heard on 9 MHz band in past week
*R. Imperial, El Salvador, again heard around 17835, as strong as 10
 over 9 at 2245, but very weak modulation
*Harmonic on 3160 is Celestial 1580, San Francisco, Estado Zulia,
*Latest Latin American mystery from Bjoern Malm in Ecuador, is on
 4200, probably 4 x 1050, at 0130, Radio La Voz de --- something with
 an X in it
*New X-bander heard in Argentina, on 1610, Radio Buenas Nuevas,
 Laboulaye, Cordoba province, wide variety of instrumental music,
 sounds like the Guatemalan of same name
*New African Medium Wave GUide published by James Niven, via plus a yahoogroup
*English from Channel Africa, South Africa, B-03, expanded from 30
 to 55 minutes: 03 on 9770, 05 on 11710, 06 on 15215, 15 on 17770,
 18 on 15265; also `English plus various` at 03-05 on 3345, 05-16 on
 9525, 19-22 on 3345
*R. Rhino International Africa, clandestine to Uganda confirmed on new
 17870 from 1500 in English [except Mondays]
*Sudan Radio Service on 15530, English news at 1515; scheduled by
 Merlin under different name, Educational Development COuncil, for
 East Africa via Wooferton, UK, 03-05 on 9760, 15-17 on 15530, 17-18
 on 15275, 18-19 on 12015
*Post-Taylor era radio situation in Liberia; see two articles, in
 DXLD 3-187, 3-193
*Polisario station for Western Sahara on 7460 is very strong as far
 away as California at 0654, beautiful vocal music with oud,
*Midpoint of WOR 1205, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or woradio
 at See for much more including
 DX Programs, Ham Nets, large archive of DX Listening Digests
*Thanks this week for generous financial support go to Dave Hammer on
 behalf of the Miami Valley DX CLub, which celebrated its 30th
 anniversary in August --
*R. Netherlands` only remaining morning broadcast in English to North
 America, 5965 via Canada, fades out by 1230 in St. Louis
*Try the Madagascar relay instead, at 1400-1600 on 12080, 15595,
 adequate here tho not intended for us; also try 1900 via Madagascar
 on 11655, better than Bonaire to Africa on 17810
*RVi Belgium is yet another country relayed via Canada, in Dutch at
 1800-2000 on 13790, back to SW Europe, but good here off the back
*RCI and CRI clash on 9755 at 0400-0420, as R. Monte Carlo relay in
 Arabic is an hour later, and China via French Guiana stays at 0400
 on 9755; why they moved from 9730 is beyond me
*Wales Radio International, weekly English half hours: Fri 2130 on
 7110 to Europe, UT Sat 0300 on 9735 NAm, 1130 on 17625 Australasia
*R. Austria International English segments include: As 1315 & 1345 M-F
 on 17855; WNAm via Sackville 1610 & 1640 on 17865; SAm 0015 & 0045 on
 13730 Tu-Sa; ENAm 7325, LAm 9870 at 0115 & 0145. Weekends, Insight
 Central Europe starts at :05 and :35
*Low power Ukrainian transmitter on 11980.26 varying to .38, around
 0700, Dniprovska Volna, relaying Ukrainian Radio, local ID at hourtop
*V. of Russia says it plans to be 100% digital in five years,
 gradually phasing out analog, to save transmission costs. Listeners
 will have to spend more on receivers. Programming improvements will
 encourage them to do so
*R. Tirana, Albania, new English: Europe 1945-2000 9510 7210; 2230-
 2300 on 7130 9540; NAm 0245-0300 & 0300-0400 on 6115, 7160 (not 6165,
 we think as in another verison, optical scanning error?)
*R. Bulgaria new English: WEu 0730-0800 11.6 13.6; 1230-1300 11.7 and
 15.7; 1830-1900 and 2200-2300 5.8 7.5; NAm 00-01 and 03-04 7.4 and
 9.4 MHz
*Intruder watchers in Europe concerned about two broadcasters now
 using 7100 kHz, impinging on 40m hamband: V. of Turkey 1800-2300 and
 V. of Vietnam 1600-1830 or so; objections sent to administrations
*Arabic Radio, clandestine for Syria, a.k.a. V. of the Homeland,
 shifted time to 1600-1630 on 12120, maybe // 12085; also on sked at
 0430-0500 on 7510
*Several stations issued B-03 schedules effective only until Dec. 31,
 rather than until Marchend; Israel: From 1 Jan, overseas network
 ceases, English, French and Persian interlaced in Reshet Bet net,
 and all other languages for overseas discontinued
*Denmark & Norway schedules also expire Dec. 31, SW to close
*Adventist World Radio will make 50 percent cut in airtime starting in
 2004 due to severe budget constraints
*Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia, much in news lately, almost
 every recent issue of DXLD, because of efforts by Saudi government to
 suppress this dissenting voice via satellite; V. of Reform, 1800-2000
 on 15705 seems to continue; head of station was on The Connection
 from WBUR; listen:
*Iran issued extensive new SW schedule, but for now is on very limited 
 emergency schedule, due to Ramadan? or power problems? Only a few 
 transmitters actually monitored; some languages not heard at all on 
 SW, including German and English. English to NAm is scheduled 0030-
 0230 on 6120, 9580
*R. Pakistan using new 6785 for Qur`an 1800-1900, Ramadan special?
*Yearly Ramadan special from R. Kashmir, Srinagar, 2315-2358 on 4950 
 and 1116, resuming regular morning programming at 0025
*Complete new SW schedules from India include English GOS:
 1000-1100 7270 15260 13710 15020 15235 17510 17800 17895;
 1330-1500 9690 11620 13710
 1745-1945 7410 9445 9950 11935 11620 13605 15075 15155 17670
 2045-2230 7410 9445 9575 9910 9950 11620 11715
 2245-0045 9705 9950 11620 11645 13605
*Single English quarter hour from UN Radio, M-F at 1730 on: 17810 
 Ascension, 7170 South Africa, 15495 England
*Solar flares, coronal mass ejections, SW blackouts this past week, 
 covered in detail in every issue of DX LISTENING DIGEST
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Oct. 28: A and K indices 
 incredible 120 and 9 Oct 30; Flux range 270 Oct 29 to 120 Nov 9
 to 180 Nov 21
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1205  ###