WORLD OF RADIO #1204, produced October 22, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*B-03 season gets underway Sunday Oct. 26 when most but not all of
 the world`s SW broadcasters change frequencies and/or retime programs
 with the end of DST in much of the world. Can be quite confusing. See
 all the new schedules in DX Listening Digests, published almost daily
 for past couple of weeks at
*Tentative new times for WORLD OF RADIO: WBCQ: Wed 2300 on 7415, and
 17495 CUSB [and UT Mon 0515 on 7415, 5105]; WINB: UT Thu 0230 9320;
 WWCR: Thu 2130 15825; Sat 1130 & Sun 0330 5070; Sun 0730 3210; Wed
 1030 9475; IBC Radio via WRMI, Sat 1900+ on 15725
*WOR appearances on Radio for Peace International stay at same UT, but
 have been disrupted lately; in final stages of negotiations with
 University trying to force RFPI to leave its buildings and
 transmitters. Listeners needed to write to the president of Costa
 Rica; see DXLD 3-186
*With thanks to Bill Brady for handling it the past year, John Norfolk
 has resumed responsibility for the DX Programs list at World of Radio
 .com -- already new edition anticipating changes:
*Kim Elliott will be guest on Talk to America Fri Oct 24 at 1706, re
 program changes from this weekend on VOA: mainly, News Now reduced to
 1200-0700 UT only; remaining hours filled with Music Mix. Still news
 on the hour with only one overnight person to cope with crises
*Main Street, including appearance by Kim Elliott, UT Sundays, will be
 reduced to Sat & Sun only from Nov 1, at 0033, 0433, 0633, 1233,
 1633, 2233
*NASB special 23-week series, each by a different station or producer,
 in DRM via Merlin, England, Sundays 1330-1400 on 9785, from Oct 26;
 WRMI will air them in ancient analog, 0330 UT Suns on 7385, instead
 of Viva Miami. Starting with AWR Wavescan, offering special QSL
*Projected new SW station in New Mexico, KIMF, registered 24 hour
 schedule for a few years, but still under construction, to be
 finished by late spring, 2004
*Alistair Cooke suffered a fall in NY, missed last week`s Letter from
 America; he`s OK, expected back shortly. But BBC WS no longer
 schedules LFA when SW transmitters are on the air to Americas! Sat
 0915, 1845, Mon 0932
*Following up last week re Brother Stair on 7465 to Europe: site is a
 pirate in Ireland, which also carries Laser Hot Hits on 4025, 6219,
*R. Netherlands B-03 schedule shows all the details. Some still useful
 frequencies offbeam in NAm; 1000-1100 to Pacific via Bonaire 9785;
 also via Russia on 12065, 7260, 13820. South Asia 1400-1600 via
 Madagascar should also reach here, 12080 and 15595. Africa daily
 1900-2100 via Bonaire 17810; Sat & Sun to NAm 1900-2100, Bonaire on
 17725, 15315; Sackville 17875 
*Bonaire has another new client, R. Japan to South America at 2300-
 2400 on 17605; 9895 in Spanish from RN had been from Holland, but
 B-03 moves it to Madagascar from 0000 to 0400
*Deutsche Welle English broadcasts which might be heard in NAm; only 
 DRM is to us, via Canada at 2200 on 9800; best analog should be 2100-
 2200 via Rwanda 15410; some other possibilities
*R. Finland wants reports from South Florida, where there is Spanish
 interference 1200-1300 on 15400, 17670; B-03 shifts to 1300-1400 on
 17660; nothing in English
*New TDP Radio Belgian Dance Music Show, Sat 2000 on 7560, probably
 via Russia, with too much distortion and bass in transmission
*V. of Russia, English to NAm 0200-0600 15595 15445 7180; 0200-0400
 6155; 0200-0300 9765; 0300-0500 7350; 0400-0600 12010 7240 7125
*VOR English to Europe 0400-1000 is on MW 603, site not given, but
 also in Spanish 0100-0300, via Germany, listed only 5 kW
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1204, woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; see our website for
 much more info:
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Chuck Ermatinger
*R. Prague, Czech Republic, resumes morning English to North America
 at 1400 on 21745; others include 01, 02 and 04 all on 6200, 7345;
 2230 on 7345; 2330 on 7345, 5915
*R. Slovakia International may cut its usual three frequencies to two
*Great sadness in France over killing of RFI correspondent Jean
 Helene, in Ivory Coast, murdered in front of national police HQ
*Besides new MW on 700, Polisario station for Western Sahara is
 putting out much better signal on SW 7460, until 2400* and in
 mornings; we wonder if new transmitter or even a new site other than
*B-03 English from R. Cairo, Egypt: 1630-1830 9855 SAf; 2115-2245 9985
 WEu; 2300-0030 11725 NAm; 0200-0330 11780 NAm, no changes there; 2030-
 2200 15375 WAf; 1215-1330 17670 or alternate 15445 to SE Asia
*Israel Radio B-03 English: 0500-0515 9435 11605 7475 17600; 1100-1120
 15640 17545; 1800-1815 17545 11605; 2000-2030 13720 9435 11605 7520;
 15640 to SAf. 7 MHz frequencies shift to 6280 in mid-Dec
*Arutz-7, settlers` right-wing station has closed down; may be
 publicity stunt designed to get it legalized
*V. of Turkey B-03 English, one UT hour later, 50 minutes each: 1330
 on 15155, 15195; 1930 on 5980; 2130 on 9525; 2300 on 6015, 9655; 0400
 on 6020, 7240; one frequency on the last two is for North America
*V. of Vietnam still using Canadian relay on 6175, English 0100, 0230,
 0330; new 7100, encroaching on hamband, scheduled in English to
 Europe and Asia at 16, 18, 19, 2030
*Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club plans weather broadcasts twice daily from
 Nov 4 to 7, but `from the club`, so not via RTHK 3940, on marine band
*R. Japan new English schedule mostly the same except: 0600 to N&CAm
 on 11690 direct; 1400-1500 via French Guiana on 11840 to Oceania
*Bjoern Malm, Ecuador, heard South Korean numbers station on 6215,
 briefly at 1130 (recording)
*R. New Zealand International is indeed back on SW, supposed to be 24h
 but with some breaks so far; 1650 on 6095, 1751 on 11980, 1851 on
 15265, 2240 or 2245 on 17675; 0400 on 15340; 0706 on 11675; 1106 on
 15530 with beam change; 1300 on 6095. Adrian Sainsbury rounds off the
 times and gave 0800 as the switch time from 15340 to 11675
*Argentine pirate last week in middle of 49m, R. Argentina Libre or R.
 Bosques, moved to 6192.74, where it is supposed to stay, around 1000-
 1100 and from 0100
*Big story this week: transmitter of Radio Pio XII, Catholic station
 in Bolivia, blown up, but not the SW on 5952.5; see last few DXLDs
*Summer time in eastern Brasil started oct 19, UT-2 in Sao Paulo, Rio,
 Brasilia, etc.
*R. Los Andes, Peru, 5030, reduced SW schedule, 1100-1300, 1730-1930,
*Carrier on 4990.9 with weak modulation confirmed as R. Ancash,
 Huaraz, Peru, reactivated, heard at 2345
*R. Naylamp, Peru, never mentions SW, but heard on 4626v (recording)
 and 1575v; sounded like they mentioned 1180
*Another unID Latin on 6108.24, all evening with no IDs heard, 2355-
*The blobmitter, XERMX, Mexico City, way off frequency from 9705,
 1300-1400 as high as 10035, as low as 9950, some mornings varying
 downward, others around 9955, blasted away by WEWN at 1400
*FCC finally raided San Francisco Liberation Radio, which enjoyed a
 great deal of community support; see DXLD 3-182
*Lot of labor dissent at WAMU, Washington DC; manager criticised for
 running a large deficit; low morale in newsroom; Diane Rehm is
 against her; see DXLD 3-185, 3-186
*Threat to funding of Space Environment Center, providing propagation
 info: House subcommittee holds hearing Oct 30 on funding bill;
 letters and comments from public to be entered into record; write
 Member of Congress to support SEC; see DXLD 3-187
*Propagaton outlook from Boulder Oct 21: flux range 165-120
*With another Standard disclaimer, Glenn Hauser, here, thanking you
 for listening to World of Radio number 1204   ###