WORLD OF RADIO #1203, produced Oct 15, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*From Sun Oct 26, all our WOR broadcasts except those on RFPI shift
 one UT hour later, for the most part on the same frequencies; the end
 of DST in North America, and beginning of the B-03 season; schedules
 to follow
*RNZI still awaiting spare parts, unable to say when will be back on
 SW; but Oct 15 at 0719 open carrier on 9885, possibly RNZI testing
*Philippine Broadcasting Service on new 31m frequency, 9619.20, ex-
 9582.3; another day on 9619.08, 0230 past 0930
*All India Radio, Andaman Islands, heard in Philippines on 7115, 0815-
 0930*, in absence of RRI Fak2 which normally blocks it
*Maybe one-time event, but: AIR 9425 heard on 9277 variable instead,
 1925-1945 including English news at 1935
*Ramadan runs from about Oct 27 to Nov 25; Islamic world stations may
 extend schedules all night, move news times; more opportunities to
 DX them
*Tarek Zeidan in Cairo monitoring mysterious MW station Eastern Radio,
 on 756, perhaps from Israel, for Lebanon and Syria, 0430-1300 UT only
 in daytime. Criticizes Syrian troops in Lebanon; also webcast via
*Lots of clandestines for Ethiopia and Eritrea confusing to straighten
 out, but one less to deal with: Tigrayan Solidarity reported off for
 not paying bills; was a 10-member group in Washington DC. Presumably
 was on 12120 via Russia
*Rivalry causes closure of station in Garoowe, Puntland, Somalia;
 involved with R. Galkayo, 7335, so where does that leave Sam Voron?
*Radio Ndeke Luka, Central African Republic, 1900-2000 on 15545 via
 UK: one half hour program airs twice in the hour
*RVi Belgium B-03 English includes: 1830 to Europe rom Russia 7330,
 Germany on 5910; 2030, 7330 Russia. Via Bonaire to Americas: 2200 on
 11730, 0500 on 9590
*New SW service originating in Belgium came up on short notice, TDP
 Radio, Sats 2000-2100 on 7560, `the best Belgian dance music`. All
 House, site not given, but may be Russia; poor audio like Samara or
 Bulgaria. Even Romanian audio is better
*Radio Seagull, via Latvia, Sat 1000-1500 on 9290, continues, with
 problems resolved. Name change in parent organisation, Euronet Radio,
 for SW side only, whilst non-SW remains
*R. Ukraine International, new B-03 English hours: 2200 on 5840; to
 NAm 0100 & 0400 on 5905 with a megawatt -- still with RTTY
 interference? And 1200 on 15520
*R. Pridnestrovye, Moldova, extended SW service on 5960, now English
 M-F 1600-1620, followed at 1620-1640 by: M & W German, T & T French,
 Fri more English
*R. Romania International cutting back as new transmitters are being
 installed. Most English broadcasts moved one UT hour earlier instead
 of later. 0100 on 6040, 9510, 9530, 11740; 0300 on 6040, 9515; 0700-
 0726 on 11775, 15105; 1300 on 15170, 17720, 17745; 1700-1726 on 9570,
 11940; 2030-2056 on 6110, 7105; new broadcast at 2200-2256 on 5975,
 7250, 11830; still at 2300 on 11840, 11940, 15145, 15370
*R. Budapest Hungary, B-03 in English: Europe Sun 1600-1628 6025, 9585;
 rest daily: 2000 3975 6025; 2200 6025; to S Africa 2200 on 11965; NAm
 0200 & 0330 on 9835 --- a frequency dating back sesquidecades, once
 actually 9833, = 9 and five sixths megacycles
*In the midst of WOR 1202, our address woradio at or P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702; for our latest
 schedules and complete access to DX Listening Digests of the past few
*New B-03 for Austrian Radio, presumaby alternating German and
 English: SAm 0030-0130 on 13730; CAm 0130-0230 9870; ENAm 0130-0230
 7325; WNAm via Sackville at later hour, 1630-1730 on 17865
*R. Prague tests via Ascension, gave three contradictory frequencies,
 heard on 11665 at 0000-0030 but only Merlin test loop in English; has
 dumped the one made famous on missing R. Afghansitan broadcasts, now
 classical guitar with some strings
*Brother Scare on new 21590 1400-1600 via Germany; and website shows
 another new broadcast from unspecified site, 7465, Radio Mission
 International, 24/7 to Europe, Scandinavia thru France, heard on
 Javaradio at 1500
*R. Municipal, Panao, Peru on 3172.69 at 1006-1009; another staion on
 3027 or 3037 may be different rather than the same; Bjoern Malm is
*MW DX pipeline from Ambato, Ecuador to Finland, Oct 12 at 0400 with
 stations on 1509.79 and 1380.35, plus a couple others
*Takayuki Inoue Nozaki visited Venezuela, found out that Ecos del
 Torbes remains active on SW 4980, but only in daytime around 1400-
 1900 UT, so no DX reports
*R. Tachira, Venezuela, 4830, may stay on later than usual to reach
 all Nueva Granada, UT Mondays for Musica y Costumbres de Colombia,
*Tidbits about RFPI: planning on moving out of premises on University
 for Peace campus; has a new office in downtown San Jose, there to
 resume live stream
*Info on Mexican broadcasting: new portal
*And lots of Mexican TV DX info at Danny Oglethorpe`s sites; search on
 ``The TV DX Exposition`` for how to ID stations, screen shots
*Sad news of two well-known, departed DXers: Danny Weil, noted ham
 DXpeditioner of Yasme fame, VP2VB, died Oct 3 at 85 in San Antonio
*Andy Rugg, Quebec, of CIDX, died Oct 9 at 58, MW and SW DXer
*Adventist World Radio resumes Spanish in B-03, 2300-0100 on 6165, via
 Bonaire, replacing curtailed R. Netherlands broadcasts, which start
 at 0100
*Kim Elliott`s media segment on VOA`s Main Street may be caught on
 Sunday webcast if not SW; and on-demand for 24 hours until the Monday
 show goes up,
*Calls swapped in Augusta GA: WRDW now on 1630, WTEL on 1480
*MW DX test from California last week was no-show; rescheduled early
 Sat Oct 18 0700-0800 UT, KTNS, 1060. Listen for Morse code IDs during
 Music of Your Life format
*Late Oct is best time of year for sunset skip DXing on MW, and
 sunrise, explained at end of DXLD 3-178
*Pirate in Milliken, CO, on 103.9, High Country Radio; FCC not
*Tim Vasquez` site Tallest Structures State by State, mostly
 communications and broadcast towers:  And check recent DXLDs
 for further discussion, correxions and updates
*73 Amateur Radio Today, Wayne Green`s magazine, published last issue
 in September
*46th annual Boy Scouts of America, Jamboree on the Air, Oct 18-19
*Bills in Senate and House to eliminate cable franchise fees, taking
 gigadollars away form cities across America and closing public access
 channels; see for further info on S 150 and
 HR 49
*More to be concerned about; per FCC Commissioner Copps, the Internet
 is at risk. Entrenched interests are lobbying to control its choke
 points, replacing open with closed networks, discriminating against
 users rather than equal treatment
*F2 layer back in business, and Tim Bucknall in UK is again hearing
 low-power broadcast harmonics between 23 and 32 MHz, from Greece,
 Russia or Kyrgyzstan, Antigua, Romania, Israel
*The F layer splits into F1 and F2 layers; now F3 layer discovered:
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Oct 14; flux range 100-130-110-130
*And so we arrive at the conclusion of yet antoher WOR broadcast,
 number 1203. Glenn Hauser, your host, inviting you back next week,
 and saying
*Standard disclaimer ###