WORLD OF RADIO #1202, produced October 8, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*We`ve managed to get the new edition of WOR on WINB without delay the
 past two weeks, UT Thu 0130 on 9320, and will keep trying [but NOT
 this week, it turned out]
*WBCQ, UT Mon 0415, WOR not only on 7415 but also 5105; last week at
 very low power so not audible very far
*UK pirate R. Ozone International, testing Sundays from 0645 UT on
 5965 or 5925 or 5870, including World of Radio on ``Ozone Live`` show
*Merlin on Ascension Island relaying another country, Czech Republic;
 R. Prague testing 11665 at 0000-0030 in Spanish, Oct. 6-12, and in
 daily use from Oct. 26; reports wanted from South America
*Many schedules for B-03 season starting last Sunday in October are
 now coming in; in recent and upcoming DX LISTENING DIGESTS
*Croatian Radio, via Germany B-03 returns to 40m ham band 7285 for
 North American broadcasts, 2300-0600, three overlapping broadcasts:
 2300-0400 230 degrees to SAm; 0000-0400 300 degrees to ENAm; 0200-
 0600 325 degrees to WNAm; also on 9470 0500-0800, 0600-1000 to Au/NZ
 230/270 degrees; includes segments in English and Spanish, times
 not specified
*R. Netherlands B-03 schedule: 40 percent cutback in SW transmission
 hours; English cut to one hour each, Newsline and feature, starting
 at hourtop instead of hourbottom, including: NAm 1200-1300 on 5965
 via Sackville, 15220 later dropped. 0000-0100 9845 only, 0100-0200
 6165, 0400-0500 6165 and 9590. New Sat & Sun afternoon, 1900-2100 on
 15315, 17725, 17875. Europe, only 2200-2300 on 1512 Belgium. Asia/FE/
 Pacific, 1000-1100 7260, 9785, 12065, 13820; sites not specified.
 Africa daily 1900-2100 17810, 11655, 9895, 7120, some audible in NAm
*RN program changes coming too: mailbag Sincerely Yours about to end;
 Sound Fountain and Aural Tapestry merging into Vox Humana
*R. Sweden B-03 English includes: 1330 & 1430 on 18960 to NAm, 17505
 to As/ME; 1330 also 9430; evening NAm via Sackville 9495 0230 & 0330
*UKE-Senderen, Trondheim, Norway, will not be on the air this October;
 BOD of UKA nixed it. Listener support wanted to bring it back next
 year; see
*Laser Radio via Latvia, 9290, scheduled Sats 1000-1500 UT; plans name
 change to something else; developing studio in Riga for live
 programming. R. Seagull, the Dutch station actually relayed, says it
 is completely legal, ex-Radio Caroline in Netherlands. One DJ does
 his show from Canada, whilst running B&B
*Problems arose Oct. 8. Laser says SW broadcasts may be suspended due
 to sacking of Latvian executive over digital TV scandal!
*Kai Ludwig, Germany recorded opening of Oct 4 broadcast, 1000 on 9290
*Yet another setback for Isle of Man International Broadcasting,
 planned on LW 279. Paul Rusling, founder, frustrated by ongoing court
 battle. Petitioner granted adjournment in proceedings, already
 delayed a sesquiyear, so IMIB remains on hold. Beacons around 279
 have made plans to move away
*Standard disclaimer
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1202;
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Larry Guerrera, and
 Lyall G. Fordyce
*Check our website for much more info
*R. Tanzania Zanzibar, 11734.1, in English already before 1800, from
*R. Veritas, South Africa, dropped 3230 in evening until November 2,
 but extended 7240 to 1000-1600
*Namibia item two weeks ago about charging 50 cents to fulfill
 requests could actually have been referring to rap artist 50 Cent
*R. Argentina Libre, inband pirate on 6151.72, until 0254 when relayed
 R. Rivadavia untl 0321; related to R. Bosques
*R. Nacional Paraguay, irregular at best on 9737v; Diario ABC says new
 Gala Nacional music program UT Fridays at 0000 [or Thu 2300 if DST]
*Peruvian on 6536 at 2300-0200 was R. San Miguel, Sondor, but now IDs
 as R. Difusora Huancabamba, La Poderosa
*YVTO, Venezuelan timesignal on 5000 kHz, received $282,000 grant to
 improve timekeeping services, also via telephone
*HIBC, La Voz del Progreso on 3749.77 around 1000, third harmonic from
 San Francisco de Macoris, Dominican Republic
*TGNA, R. Cultural, Guatemala, confirms they have quit 5955 and 3300
 due to electricty expense, not much audience on shortwave
*WWRB`s fourth transmitter fully operational; maybe why they were
 heard not only on 6890 but also 6980 around 0500
*Johnston City IL deprived of new X-band station in favor of Chicago:
 WRLL, 1690, first heard testing Oct. 1; program testing began Oct. 7,
 actually licensed to Berwyn, IL. Recording of jingle ID ``Oldies
 1690`` as heard in Janesville WI by Dave Zantow. Prime target,
 listeners aged 45-54, playing songs no other station does
*Special AM station at Bolling AFB, DC active during Hurricane Isabel,
 on 1660; range somewhat beyond base perimeter
*Special MW DX test scheduled three hours before local midnight, not
 exactly kosher, KTNS, 1060, Oakhurst CA, 9 pm Pacific Friday Oct. 10,
 presumably meaning UT Oct 11 at 0400-0500, non-direxional full power
 daytime facilities with Morse IDs
*South Florida has new all-news station, WFTL, 850; see DXLD 3-174
*Early history of WOI, 640, Iowa, Bill Smith`s original article in
 same issue
*R. New Zealand International still awaiting part from Europe to
 resume SW any time now; new show on the arts, What`s Going On,
 weekdays 0606-0630 UT, or is it an hour earlier now due to DST? B-03
 frequency at both times will be 15340
*ARDS, Aboriginal station in Northern Territory, definitely IDed by
 Walt Salmaniw at Grayland WA DXpedition, best at 0900 until 1000 when
 blocked by China; day by day frequency varied upward in 20 Hz steps,
 from 5049.94 to 5049.98 -- details in DXLD 3-176 plus bandscan of PNG
*unID private Indonesian, pirate? on 3785 variable 1200-1252* sounded
 like R. Suara de Bodol, Kendari
*Prasar Bharati plans 24-hour radio news station for India on SW with
 transmitters diverted from external services, such as Burmese,
 discontinued with no complaints; ``resorting to SW since it covers
 the whole country``
*R. Seda-ye Kashmir, clandestine from India to Pakistan, schedule:
 0230-0330, repeated at 1430-1530 on 6100; 0730-0830 on 9890. First 40
 minutes in Urdu, rest in Kashmiri? Signs of it under Malaysia from
 1425, says Hans Johnson, Wyoming
*US PsyOps station in Bagram, Afghanistan, ex-Information Radio, on
 9000, now called Peace Radio, Radyo-e Soleh, best around 1530-1630
 in Finland but heavy RTTY, off around 1830
*Israel`s English one hour later now at 0500, 1110, 1800, 2000, the
 latter heard here on 15640 with Spanish at 2045
*Israel and some other broadcasts via World Radio Network may now be 
 heard on cellphones (not wired phones???) via Mobile Broadcast 
 Network for details; 615-727-9201
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, October 7; flux range 100-135
*That`s World of Radio 1202; I`m Glenn Hauser  ###