WORLD OF RADIO #1201, produced October 1, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*Answer to last week`s mystery, `HDL` on 15545, 1900-2000: stands for
 Hirondelle Foundation, which set up R. Minurca in Central African
 Republic, but now it`s Radio Ndeke Luka on FM, with a broadcast via
 Merlin UK, from Sept 24, in French and Sango; Our recording at 1902
 UT October 1, ID in French, news theme; see
*R. Rhino International Africa, finally audible here, Sept 30 at 1500-
 1530, recording during excellent conditions. Asks for E-mail, phone
 calls with listener opinions to be broadcast on weekends; favours
 former Pres. Milton Obote. See
*More clandestine is V. of Sudan, from Eritrea, 7999.3 at 1542 in
 Arabic, Sawt al-Shaab al-Sudan
*R. Ethiopia has split frequency, 11802.5, heard in Illinois and
 Finland at 1400-1457*
*Salama Radio, for Nigeria, used to be on SW a couple years ago; Nick
 Batchelor updates info in DXLD of July 14, 2001. Still headed by Dr.
 Jacob Abdalla, with same aims. August 2002 moved to Jos, Nigeria,
 on FM only
*High frequency conditions improving with autumn, such as UAE Radio,
 Dubai, again audible here in English at 1330-1348 on 21605, with
 4 minutes of news and weather, Islamic feature
*US MW transmitters in Kuwait no longer carrying Iraqi programming,
 but music fill instead, seems from a 105 FM station, on 1575, and
 1584; surely the CIA could come up with a better use for these
*R. Amani, from Russia to Afghanistan, heard Fridays only 1632-1730
 [WTFK? 15615!], ending with a bit in Russian
*Voice of Indonesia added Korean service at 1200-1300 on 9525; new
 October schedule shows one English broadcast moved, from 0100 to
 0200-0300 on 9525, 11785; also 0800 on 9525, 2000 on 15150; but all
 could be on any of these frequencies
*Richard Alston quits as Communications Minister, and Senator; wanted
 to kill Radio Australia a few years ago
*R. Sarandi Sport, Montevideo, Uruguay, 6042.5, heard after dark until
 2305, in Portugal
*MW harmonic from Argentina on 2760 is AM 1380, La Voz, but location
 unknown; heard in Uruguay
*Second edition of Brazilian MW list, free pdf download via
*Peruvian conditions improving in North America; 4485.6, R. Frecuencia
 [VH], Celendin as late as 1100
*Peruvian reactivations heard in Quito: R. Onda Imperial, Cusco, on
 5055.19 at 0135;
*R. Panorama, Recopampa, Peru 5459.00, also reactivated
*R. Oriental, Tena, Ecuador, heard in USA on 4781.32 at 1010; and on
 4781.33 until 1105, blasting into Florida, too close to new Bolivian,
 R. Tacana, which fades out earlier
*World of Radio 1201, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; or woradio
 at  Check our website for Nets to You; huge research
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*Some of the stations carrying World of Radio are commercial and you
 may hear SW-related products advertised before or after WOR; altho
 the ads help encourage stations to carry this public-service program,
 please understand that they are of no direct financial benefit for
 WOR nor do we necessarily endorse the products
*Report of La Voz de Yopal, Colombia, on 5040 could have been similar-
 sounding La Voz del Upano, Ecuador; check around 1000-1100
*Get Latin Americans while you can: HRMI, Honduras, disappeared from
 3340 but plans to reactivate 5010 and 5890 as well, reports wanted,
 and QSLs in stock; missing from all when checked Sept. 13-14-15
*XERTA, 4810, Mexico City, also disappeared by Sept. 24 after being
 widely heard for a week; seems old transmitter repaired, not new one
*Another Cuban MW harmonic, on 2140 = 2 x 1070, Radio Trinchera
 Antiimperialista, Guantanamo, ID at 0900
*MW DX test season underway in North America, with Sat Oct 4, 0400-
 0500 UT, WJTO, 730, Bath, Maine
*Oldest ham in US getting publicity, W5BQU, Byrl H. Burdick, Sr.,
 [El Paso TX]; ``Tex`` was 103 on Sept 25, daily on 21314 +/- SSB
*David Brudnoy, WBZ Boston talk host, evenings 7-10 pm ET survived
 AIDS but now has a rare form of cancer
*Bernard H. Kamenske, former VOA chief news editor, fought for
 objective reporting, later with CNN, died at 75
*Bob Bodell, DX editor in Oregon has died; was friend and mentor of
 Bruce MacGibbon, both edited SPEEDXGRAM
*WJIE back on air, 13595, but ID reverted to WJCR; reports wanted to Doc Burkhart no longer with station and Morgan
 Freeman is trying to improve quality with new STL and remote control
*Reflections Europe, Irish pirate, transmitter and antenna details:
 3910, 500 watts, full wave dipole and reflector; 6295, sesqui-
 wavelength colinear; 12255, 200 watts, 4-element directional east
*R. France International, English at 1400 excellent here on 17515
*RFI heard on 25820 until 1256 in French; English at 1200-1230
*Spain`s 11890 transmitter puts out eight spurs at 90 kHz intervals
 at 0500-0655 on: 12250, 12160, 12070, 11980, 11800, 11710, 11620,
*IRRS Italy says it`s testing 100 kW on 5775, Friday Oct 3, at 2000-
 2100 following 20 kW at 1900-2000, reports wanted. Regular 100 kW
 broadcasts to start Oct 10. Dario Monferini, also in Milano, thinks
 in reality this is via Deutsche Telekom. We wish IRRS would confirm
 or deny such reports, and tell us where their transmitter site is
*Laser Radio UK, tested Latvia 100 kW on 9290, Sat Sept 20 1800-2200
 with programming from Radio Seagull, Holland. Plans to begin
 regular Saturday relays at 1000[-1500] UT October 4
*Radio Natalie, pirate celebrates 7th annivesary Oct. 5, plans to
 broadcast Oct 3-7 after 2000 on 3916, daytime on 7473. via Power41,
 pirate in Ytterby, Sweden with 1000 watts; wants $, IRC or Euros for
 QSL, pennants; also via R. Europe, Italy, 7306, thruout October.
 Natalie is not in Russia but Estonia
*V. of Russia series ``Bless the Lord, O My Soul`` is concluding, 
 about Russian church music, with Karamanov`s ``It Is Finished`` 
 symphony, Thu 1631, 1831, Fri 0331 from Oct. 10
*If power companies have their way, broadband over powerlines will
 ruin radio reception. They have important ally, FCCommissioner
 Kathleen Q. Abernathy who views it as `nirvana`. ARRL and others
 are fighting it; see last few issues of DXLD at the end under
 Powerline Communications
*BBC just published a scientific study of BPL and radio reception,
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Sept 30: flux range 125-95-135 
*And with that, we arrive at the conclusion of yet another weekly
 media review with Glenn Hauser, known as World of Radio 1201 ###