WORLD OF RADIO #1200, produced Sept. 23, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*WPKN, 89.5 in Bridgeport CT is no longer delaying World of Radio a
 week; now you can hear the latest edition each Saturday at 2:30 pm
 ET, 1830 UT, also webcast via
*RFPI again testing 15115, now on USB, supposed to run 1880-1100 UT
*Thanks to Shawn Axelrod, Manitoba, congratulating us on another
 milestone, our 1200th program; see his site
*RNZI revised schedule of relays via Australia on 9580
*RNZI decides that lightning strike caused their only SW transmitter
 to go down; replacement parts ordered from Switzerland, hope back on
 air by Oct. 1; maybe government will get them a new digital
 transmitter earlier than planned
*Myanmar home service frequencies unheard: 4725 and 6570
*R. Tashkent, Uzbekistan, English programs at 1200 and 2030 have same
 content; 1330 and 2130 same; and third lineup at 0100. Including
 Listeners Letters Sat 1200, 2030; Friendship Bridges, Thu 1330, 2130,
 and alternating on Sat 1330, 2130 with Program for SWLs which is also
 Fri 0100. Nine mp3 music files also on at
*Afghanistan`s new 400-kW MW transmitters often heard in Finland,
 1630 on 1107; and 1700 on 1296, Azadi Radio with VOA relays
*V. of People of Kurdistan on 4027v as early as 0135, maybe shifting
 one hour later after DST
*Iraqi Broadcast Corporation to be launched with TV; radio as
 afterthought. List of principles adopted, including cheerfulness
*New frequencies for LJB, Libya in Arabic to Iraq (via France?),
 1202-1303 on 11890-LSB; 1800-1800 on 7425-LSB; interference problems
*R. Galkayo, Somalia heard on new 7335v in Sweden, only 800 watts,
 and promptly e-QSLed; to be only 100 watts from Sept 26 until Sam
 Voron returns November 1; poor reception in Egypt
*V. of Biafra International again audible until 2159* Saturdays only
 in English, vernacular on 7380, from South Africa? R. Maryja, Poland
 at exactly same time via Russia, in the clear on a Friday
*NBC, Namibia back on SW, with daytime frequencies 24 hours, 6175 and
 6060; plan to resume 3270 and 3290 soon. 6060 audible after 1800.
 Unresponsive farmers the main audience for SW
*Latest new mystery broadcast, thanks to Merlin secrecy: `HDL`,
 whatever that means, with tape loops 1900-2000 to West Africa from
 Woofferton, England, on 15545
*RTE Ireland`s MW transmitter carrying Radio 2FM, back on air, 100 kW
 on 611.78, off frequency causing heterodyne, from Athlone
*BBC website for Just A Minute has link to a fan page with lots of
 background info, statistics, even transcripts of more than 400
 episodes and growing; impressive, and obsessive:
*BBC Radio 4 resurrects Hitchhiker`s Guide, with new series next year,
 adaptations of Restaurant at the End of the Universe
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1,200
*Thanks this week for financial suport go to Gerald T. Pollard
*Our address, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA or woradio at
*Check our website for much more info in DX Listening Digest via
*Another coastal station about to close down, SPH, Gdynia, Poland,
 December 31; schedule for communication with ships
*V. of Russia celebrating World Radio Day Oct. 3 with EBU special
 programming also on other Russian outlets; something in English?
*Ostankino TV Tower to regain elevator by end of this year, after
 disastrous fire three years ago; workers have had to climb narrow
 spiral stairway for at least two hours
*100-watt experimental DRM transmitter in Nuernburg, Germany on
 15822.5, 24 hours, BitExpess campus radio
*R. Denmark has posted its B-03 schedule of relays via Norway at -- Norway to leave SW by yearend; decision
 about R. Denmark probably made Oct. 7
*WJIE Kentucky about to return to SW, with one transmitter, special
 QSL, on different schedule: 7490 155 degrees Spanish 2200-1000, 13595
 55 degrees English Christian patriot programming 1000-2200; WJIE
 calls were never authorized by FCC, so may go back to WJCR
*VOA`s own half-hour to Cuba made daily at 0100-0130 is now jammed on
 9885, 9560, 9735
*Lots of reports of XERTA, 4810, Mexico City, claiming 50 kW, but bad
 modulation. On air all night, new transmitter and antenna
*In Europe don`t be fooled by romantic music on 4810, which could be
 Armenia, as heard in Sweden at 0355
*R. Amistad, Guatemala, 4698.7 was back on air briefly, off again
 when power surged; volunteers going back to fix it again
*R. Tachira, Venezuela, reactivated on 4830, but maybe not for long;
 heard as early as 2130, as late as 0305, including Chavez show,
 program about Colombia
*Voz do Brasil, official radio program, transformed, out of the
 office, onto the streets, since Sept. 1, M-F 2200. But some senators
 would like to end the fixed timing and make it into 3-minute news
 spots to be broadcast at various times on 3000 stations
*Uruguay`s Radio Monte Carlo made it to Japan, at 0943-0958 on 6140.1
*Juan Fernandez Islands off Chile, setting for Robinson Crusoe, have
 maritime station on aero band, CBF on 8900, best heard at 1200
 contacting ships
*CFDR, 780, Nova Scotia, seems to run 50 kW day facilities into the
 evening, perhaps all night, more DXable
*New 24th edition of the essential NRC AM log now available; ordering
 details at
*New edition of Pacific Asian Log pdf file free to download, 3800 MW
 and LW stations,
*And so concludes the 1,200th almost consecutive World of Radio. Glenn
 Hauser thanking you for listening, and saying
*Standard disclaimer ###