WORLD OF RADIO #1199, produced Sept. 17, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Last week released advance-recorded program, Extra 44, from end of
 June, but some material inevitably outdated: could not know then that
 RNZI transmitter would fail and still be off the air; or that North
 Korean clandestine V. of National Salvation would unilaterally close
*In 1198 two weeks ago, I did not yet know the true frequency for WINB
 during retimed World of Radio, UT Thursday 0130: 9320 [not 12160]
*Two stations [and more] heard on 6105 from South America, Radio
 Primero de Marzo, Paraguay, and Radio Cultura Filadelfia, Brasil; one
 relaying the others?
*Radio Nacional do Brasil, resumed external service to Africa, 9665,
 schedule clarified: M-F, 1900-2200, 0500-0700; weekends 1800-2200,
*Bolivian off the air, R. Eco San Borja, 4702, due to death of Freddy
 Espinosa Cortes in power plant accident August 6
*Peruvian with new name on 6895.57, Radio La Voz de San Miguel,
 previously heard as La Nueva Radio Superior
*Colombian reactivated after seveal years, La Voz de Yopal, 5040 at
 sign-on 1030 to fadeout 1045
*Sept. 16 was 16th anniversary of Radio for Peace International, Costa
 Rica; no Fiesta on the air then but instead an open house this Sunday
 Sept. 21, with call-ins welcome after 0000 UT Monday on 7445
*Radio Tapachula, XETS, Chiapas, Mexico, plans to resume on 6120 in a
 few months; used to be active sesquidecades ago
*unID on 4810 turns out to be reactivated XERTA, Mexico City, at 0845,
*On 1198 mentioned special station Sept. 10-14, anti-WTO in Cancun,
 Mexico; indeed active Sept. 11-14, Radio Free Cascadia International,
 on 15045 at 1700-0500, quite a good signal here, 20 over 9. Hope you
 were able to hear it, or read all about it in DXLD 3-161 thru 168,
 always under Mexico {non]. [Recording by gh of RFCI] [also a Spanish
 clip on Mundo Radial for Sept-Oct]. See their website:
*In 3-164 and 3-166 several stories about Steve Anderson of United
 Patriot Radio, now sentenced to 15 years in prison; but he`s cool
 with the situation, since he`s got religion
*WWCR (which transmitter??) relayed on 103.7 FM in Duluth MN
*Follow-up to 1198: Ken Berryhill still on WRVU Nashville schedule,
 but at a different time, Wed 1700-1900 UT
*Mandatory transition to digital TV costly in human lives: three more
 tower workers killed in collapse Sept. 4 at WAAY-TV 31, Huntsville AL
*See DXLD 3-166 and 3-167, for lots of info on monitoring Hurricane-
 related communications; best news in Washington DC is WTOP stream
*Senate votes 55-40 to rebuke FCC`s Michael Powell, against relaxing
 rules on multi-station ownership, but not enough to withstand acting
 presidential veto if he dare
*KAAY, 1090, Little Rock, heard on harmonic 2180, due to wacky output
 tuning on old rig to be replaced
*Experimental WV2XOA on 700 kHz in Syracuse NY, daytimes, leading up
 to a real station to be on 720
*Latest new X-band station is WSWK, 1690, nothing but promotion for
 Wild Adventures theme park near Valdosta, GA, later to be moved into
 Atlanta metro
*1690 also to be a new Clear Channel station in Chicago reviving old
 WLS personalities such as Lujak
*A Canadian also on 1690 unintentionally, CKWX, 1130 Vancouver, heard
 on a cruise up the BC coast, mixing product with CFUN 1410
*This is the non-commercial, non-corporate, non-communist DX program,
 World of Radio 1199, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; or woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Dave White, W4UVH, who
 provides webspace for our audio archive, just moved to a new server
 with greater capacity. You may find which programs are currently
 available at Our Current Audio via but
 older links with k4cc in them will no longer work
*Neil Kazaross in Illinois hearing Tahiti on 738, Marshall Islands on
 1098 before local sunrise, using phased beverages on the ground
*R. New Zealand International still off the air two weeks later, still
 unknown what the problem is with transmitter. But purchased time from
 R. Australia for local mornings only, from 1700 to 2115 UT on local
 M-F [UT Sun-Thu], -2015 local Sat [UT Fri], on 9580
*ARDS 5050, not satisfied with coverage in Arnhem Land target area,
 and not raising power yet; reports wanted to
*R. Galkayo, Somalia, moved from 6980 to 7335v, 800 watts 0415-0730
 and 1600-1755; wish list includes generator. CHU not considered
*Cologne station on 17555 confirmed as new clandestine for Uganda, R.
 Rhino International Africa, reported widely tho I can barely hear it,
 from 1500 UT except Mondays; much more in recent DX Listening Digests
*RTE Radio 1, Ireland again heard on LW 252 kHz; planned to begin
 regular broadcasts Oct. 1, but postponed to Jan. 1 or never
*As every September, special SW broadcasts from RTE via transmtiters
 abroad to cover football finals, Sunday Sept. 28 at 1425-1625 on
 21590, 17860, 15275, 13785 to North America, 7485
*Special on BBC Radio 4, off the air or internet, Sat. Sept. 20 at
 1900-2000, Archive Hour on BBC Monitoring, ``Listening to the War``
*Latvia`s only SW transmtiter to be back on air Sat. Sept. 20, Laser
 Radio UK, sub-renting to Dutch-based Radio Seagull, progressive rock,
 9290, 1800-2200 UT
*Best time to listen to English from R. Minsk, Belarus`, 7210, at 0200
 is UT Mondays when hams go to bed early Sunday night
*Boris Belitzky died Sept. 3 at 82; best known as author and presenter
 of `Science & Engineering` on Radio Moscow, Voice of Russia
*Residents close to Holzkirchen, Germany, IBB SW relay station are 
 determined to be rid of it; maybe expendable, as antennas only cover 
 30 to 70 degrees toward former Soviet Union; four 20+ year-old 250 kW
 transmitters may be worth installing elsewhere
*Thales gets IBB contract for new antennas in Middle East, including
 shortwave curtains for Kuwait [presently MW-only]
*English broadcasts from Israel move from Reshet Aleph to REQA network
 in mid-Ocotboer, at 0430, 1045 and 1700 UT; listener reaction desired
*See Jerusalem Psot Sept 4., Losing Our Voice, going into the poliics
 behind English broadcasting in Israel in DXLD 3-161 or [requires free
*New frequency for Information Radio, PsyOps for Afghanistan 24 hours:
 9000 kHz per IBB remote monitoring
*English newscast from All India Radio, Goa, 11740, still heard at
 1530-1545, co-channel China
*Hmong Lao Radio, via Tashkent 17540, also testing via Taiwan 15555,
 heard Sept. 7 at 0100-0200, but not on Sept. 12 [HCJB Australia now
*Very useful web resource provided by Eike Bierwirth in Germany,
 comprehensive SW schedules in all languages by time, now also sorted
 by frequency: via
*Annual SCADS meeting Sat. Sept. 20 in Central Park, Huntington
 Beach, CA, 8 am to 4 pm PDT; use Edwards Avenue entrance
*Space Environment Center in Boulder, which provides propagation info
 for WOR, WWV and many other places: drastic funding cuts recommended
 by House committee; elimination by Senate committee. Space weather
 possibly taken up by NASA or USAF, but uncertain. Much more in DXLD
 3-167 at bottom. No funds provided for solar observation
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Sept. 16; flux range 120-95
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1199  ###