WORLD OF RADIO #1198, produced September 3, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*No longer a Saturday evening DX block on WINB; DX Partyline moved
 to Sat 1730 on 13570; WOR moved to UT Thu 0130 on 12160 effective
 immediately [actually 9320]
*Ask WWCR this fortnight has guests Kim Elliott, gh, and Larry Van
 Horn about the present and future of SW:
*WRVU at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, gives priority to students
 on air, so Ken Berryhill`s music shows Country Classics and Old
 Record Shop may be endangered, Fri 1900-2100,
*Firesign Theater new on WBCQ, UT Mon 0000-0100 on 5105
*WBCQ program schedule by automated reply from
*Planet World News now on 5105 M-F 1945; 21-22 Allan Weiner Worldwide
 5 days a week; 2200-2300 M-F Radio Caroline
*UN Radio`s limited resources, in Atlantic article, July 28 
*Hurricane frequency info at two major sources: [correct] by Hugh Stegman by Bill Snyder
*One of many links in the new September edition of Nets to You:
*Layoffs at iBiguity digital, 1/4 of work force, while 800 mega analog
 radios await transition; see
*One of Cuba`s new transmitters supposed to be on 11760 at 0500-0700,
 but not as of September 3
*Opponents to globalization plan counter coverage of World Trade
 Organization meeting in Cancun, Mexico; see
*And special SW broadcasts Sept. 10-14, 1700-0500 on 15045 primary;
 secondaries: 1700-2300 17552.5 variable; 2300-0500 9310 variable;
 band change takes one hour off the air; [could be 1900-0700 instead]
 No connexion with RFPI, near its inactive channel
*XERMX 9705 transmitter again putting out distorted spurs, strong
 around 9300-9277; and weak around 10110; same thing a couple of years
*Morning reception of XEXQ-OC 6045 San Luis Potosí improving from
 variable sign on 1200
*R. Amistad, Guatemala, 4698.71v, apparently reactivated, strong
 carrier but little modulation, 1015 and 0030 UT
*El Salvador`s only SW station again being heard, R. Imperial on 17835
 around 2315-0145; despite co-channel Japan after 0100
*R. Virgen del Carmen, Huancavelica, Perú, 4886, restricted schedule
 to mornings only from 1100, first program agricultural
*R. Tacana, 4780.9, new Bolivian, also new schedule 1000-1700, 2100-
 2200 but not after dark due to unstable electrical supply
*R. Cançao Nova, Brasil, special celebration Sat Sept 13, live all day
 also with chat on internet, 100 percent QSL, R. Cançao Nova, PO Box
 57, Cachoeira Paulista, SP 12630-000;
 Beyond Bouindaries = Além Fronteiras, Sat 2200-2300 6105 4825 9675 
*New external service of R. Nacional do Brasil to Africa, is on 9665,
 not the other frequencies, [times corrected: M-F 1900-2100, 0500-
 0700; Sat & Sun 1800-2200, 0500-0800]; recording of opening
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1198,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702; woradio at Lots more on our 
 website, archive of DX Listening Digests
*Namibia starting new radio channel for ancient Bushman community;
 WTFK? FM probably, but we can hope for SW like Australian Aborigines
*Sam Voron reports on R. Galkayo, Somalia, which he set up, 6980 AM;
 Galkayo may become command center for multinational African
 peacekeeping force; he has been doing English half hours at 1200 and
*V. of Nigeria on another new frequency, 17800 replacing 15120 until
 2300 and in morning at 0845, but also heard changing from 15120 to
 17800 at 1958; not yet mentioned on website, so experimental?
*Polisario station in Algeria measured on 7460.31 at 2100, 0700
*Saturday, Sept 13, Euroradio 2003 in Calais, France, with ex-pirate
 broadcasters, from 2 PM; see [correct]
*Saturday, Sept 20, open houses at BBC Television Centre in London,
 and Bush House, home of World Service; tours 10 am - 4 pm, first
 come, first served; see and
*No sign here of scheduled first broadcast from Germany of
 Allerweltshaus Köln broadcast, Sept 3 [nor 4] at 1500 on 17555; keep
 checking. Speculation it could be for Kenya or Uganda, projected R.
 Rhino International Africa service [later: confirmed by Kai Ludwig!]
*DRM test on 693 MW from Germany during International Funkaustellung,
 Berlin, causing heavy interference in Britain to BBC Radio 5 analog
*Again a serious threat in Europe to broadcasting below 30 MHz from
 powerline communications; allowable interference level proposed 55.5
 dB/µv at 3 meters from powerlines, blocking all but strongest local
 stations, and drowning out SW
*Plans to build a new LW station in Norway set back; Northern Star 
 told that Norkring will not plan Sveio usage of 216 kHz; will try to 
 find another location
*Scandinavian Weekend Radio, Finland, low power on 6 and 11 MHz bands,
 due for another monthly broadcast, 24 hours from 2100 UT Friday Sept.
 5; schedule at
*New frequency 9810 for Ukraine got off to a great start Sept. 1,
 English at 0000 and 0300; B-03 plans to use 5905 instead
*Israel re-expands English broadcast at 1700 from 5 to 15 minutes
*Arutz 7 responds by adding more English, 0330 UT on 1143, 105.2;
 plus 1800 on 1539, 98.7 Listen:
*Al-Islah clandestine TV from London to Saudi Arabia put off satellite
 by Saudi government pressure, but still heard on SW 15705 at 1800-
*UAE Radio Dubai English retimed from 0330 to 0300 on 13675, 12025
*Al-Jazeera, Qatar satellite TV station, relaunched English website:
*Enjoying reception from India in North America: nice music from 0035
 for about an hour on 10330, 500 kW from Bangalore; also 0300 on 13620
*Tibet`s English program heard again on 9490 at 1100, ending at 1114
 one day, 1130 another day
*Answer to last week`s question: Atamanovka site in Russia near Chita
*R. New Zealand International`s sole SW transmitter off the air since
 Aug. 30 due to serious technical fault; still off Sept. 3 [& 4]
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Sept. 2: flux range 110-130-110
*You may think I have all the answers, but please don`t ask me for
 advice on receivers or other equipment
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1198   ###