WORLD OF RADIO #1197, produced August 27, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*World Music Radio, Denmark, receives license to broadcast on 5815
 and 15810; low power 400 watt tests soon; regular 10 kW from late
 November, 24/7, current chart music and oldies; later internet, FM,
 MW, satellite, DRM too; New QSL: P O Box 112, DK 8900 Randers,
*History of WMR from 1967, via Netherlands, Andorra, Milano, Dublin,
 South Africa
*European Music Radio also coming back, via IRRS Italy, 5775, from
 Sun Aug 31 1900-2030, repeated within 7 days; thence on 3rd Sunday
 of each month from Sept. 21
*New T-Systems a.k.a. DTK Germany schedule shows a new service from
 Sept 3: AWH = Allerweltshaus, Cologne, Germany, an intercultural
 organization, Tue-Fri 1500-1530, Sat & Sun 1500-1559 on 17555 via
 Juelich, beamed southeast toward East Africa; in German only?
*Strong spurs from RDP Portugal, 15525, heard on 15358.5 and 15691.5
 at 1600-1800; also from 13720 on 13554.1 and 13886 around 2000
*RTE Ireland resumed testing longwave 252 from August 20; and plans
 to launch regular service from Oct 1, for Irish in UK; also internet
 feed at
*Clandestine radio symposium, Defence Electronics History Society, Fri
 Sept 12 9:30 am - 4:30 pm at Bournemouth University Talbot campus;
 registration fee of 16 pounds needed ASAP, by August 29; details at
*R. Romania International is only using 6 of its 12 SW transmitters;
 $15 million designated to modernise national radio network, starting
 with two SW sites; new weekly show on Wednesdays for Romanian forces
 in Iraq, along with one already to Afghanistan
*R. Polonia only has two English SW broadcasts left at 1200 and 1700;
 including Multimedia Show, Tue 1730, Thu 1230
*R. Ukraine International not making it to North America on 12040,
 so changing from September to 9810; jamming QRM from 9805. Includes
 English hours at 0000 and 0300
*V. of Turkey plans frequency change, English to North America at
 0300, from 11655 to 9650, as of August 31
*Damascus, Syria, heard with program for Syrians in Jordan Valley
 occupied by Israelis, at 1330 on 13610, presumably in Arabic; also
 uses 13610 at 0500-1600 to North Africa; 1700 plus in external
 services; and 0100-0300 to North America -- presumably in Arabic;
 anyone hear it then?
*Another lengthy summary of the media in Iraq from BBC Monitoring,
 in DXLD 3-154; Simon Haselock new media commissioner; first
 independent music station, IQ-4, Radio Iraq on 104.1. New Iraq Radio
 on 657 is voice of Iraqi Media Network. R. Free Iraq on new 102.4
 in Baghdad; still no shortwave resuming from Iraq
*Mongolian Radio and TV website being transformed including English at with history and plans, including 
 Japanese aid for new 50 kW SW, and two new 10 kW in Altai and Murun
*Plans to airlift radios into North Korea via balloon thwarted at last
 minute by South Korea, to avoid offending NK as 6-power talks loom
*Very welcome reactivation, National Radio of Cambodia, on 11940v,
 at 2355 and 1200, in Cambodian only; presumed
*Frequency change already for new service for Montagnards in Vietnam,
 Degar Voice, 7115 to 7380, Tue/Thu/Sat 1300-1400 via Atamanovka,
 Russia; wonder where that is
*Standard disclaimer
*World of Radio 1197, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA or woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Pete Bentley
*Radio Australia making programming changes Sept. 1, cancelling some,
 such as unique Blacktracker with Aboriginal music. See DXLD 3-154 at -- and promises to keep own website up-
*ARDS, 5050 in Northern Territory, subject of another story in The
 Australian. Now has name in local language, Yolgnu-matha, meaning
 town crier, ``Djawarrkmirr``. Special dialect required for teaching.
 Not getting support from governments, regarding it as an alarming
 free-lance intrusion into their spheres
*Could be more such stations, as law changed to allow up to 1 kW
 stations below 5 MHz, for domestic broadcasting only
*Plans for new Ugandan military station, perhaps on SW, less likely,
 as criticised for spending on this for officers, instead of ordinary
 soldiers` welfare; use R. Uganda instead
*Bjoern Malm`s recording of new Bolivian, R. Tacana, 4781v
*Bjoern Malm`s recording of reactivated Peruvian, R. Los Andes, 5030
*Another reactivated Peruvian is R. Naylamp, 4335v
*R. Amazonas, Venezuela, on air later than 0130, now until 0300, on
*Third website about RFPI:
*Including exclusive report on situation at RFPI; guards no longer
 armed and sometimes open gate, but not always there. RFPI`s Institute
 for Progressive Communcations income lost due to lockdown; staff
 exhausted by having to be there 24 hours a day
*RFPI`s signal on 7445 was quite weak for a while due to a parts
 failure, but by August 25 increased to 15 kW which is half power;
 replacement part expected September 7
*R. Reloj, Costa Rica, starts new service for Nicaraguans resident in
 CR, on 730, La Radio Sin Fronteras; and revamped own format to
 emphasize the family
*R. Misiones Internacionales, Honduras on 5010, again heard on exactly
 2/3 of that on 3340, also in tropical broadcast band, probably not by
 accident; heard at 0400 and 0004
*R. Mil, Mexico City on 6010, not heard much lately, but now
 officially listed by HFCC, so other stations may avoid blocking
*R. Educacion, Mexico City, well heard at night on 6185, has Sintonia
 Libre media program, weekly first broadcast on Wednesdays, repeated
 nightly: UT Thu 0330, Fri 2330, Sun 0130, Mon 0330, 2330, Wed 0130
*Read all about the Mexican DX Meeting, two reports in Spanish in DXLD
 3-143, 3-144; and now one in English by Jeff White in 3-155
*CBC Radio 1 and 2 special programming Labour Day Mon Sept 1, best
 of summer and previewing new fall season
*Sony store in San Juan, Puerto Rico selling SW-77 for $300 vs $469 in
 mail-order catalogs
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Aug 26; flux range 120-135-115 ###