WORLD OF RADIO #1196, produced Aug. 20, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*We removed World of Radio from WJIE until they can be more reliable
*V. of Turkey gives away half an hour of 500 kW airtime, Tue 1845-1920
 on 9785 to Europe, ``Turkey Live``. David Crystal in Israel takes
 advantage of it when no one else calls; pirates should go legal this
*Israeli infighting takes its toll on the few minutes of English on
 shortwave still remaining. Still 0400-0415; 1015-1030 changed to
 1010-1020; 1630-1645 to 1700-1705; still 1900-1925. Despite protests
 from listeners in Israel and abroad; complex situation also affected
 by what is done on TV
*Al-Asr website registered to Anglo Media Systems, London; one of many
 such satellite stations; translation of station`s objectives from
 website; the name could mean era, or a sura in the Kor`an, one of the
 daily prayers; Tarek Zeidan hears it on satellite, and is expected on
 SW in September; no females or music heard
*V. of Iraqi Kurdistan, 4085, strong on 2nd harmonic 8170
*R. Amani, new service to Afghanistan, confirmed on 15615 Fri at 1628-
 1730 with breaks; site believed Armavir-Krasnodar, Russia
*All India Radio splurging on shortwave, with new transmitters,
 despite phase-out strategy; even plans 24h news channel on SW
*Another story on plans to float radios into North Korea via balloon
*KCBS, official NK station now heard on frequencies formerly carrying
 clandestine Voice of National Salvation
*Degar Voice is a service for Montagnards in Vietnam, Tu/Th/Sa 1300-
 1330 on 7115 via Russia;
*RSPK Ngada on new 3516.7, ex-2899 where it was known as RPDT2 Ngada,
*RRI Wamena strong in Florida on 4869.96 around 1100; crazy frequency
 choice for RRI Sorong to be so close on 4870.9, but may have no
 choice with old transmitter
*Lots more info on new aboriginal service ARDS in Australia; see last
 few issues of DX Listening Digest at
*Heard by a few DXers down under, but not North America; China also
 on 5050, and WWRB authorized as late as 1200, but so far off before 
 0930 when ARDS might be heard (recording: ID clip from RA Feedback)
*Death of Idi Amin provokes memories of Uganda`s external service
 under his regime, UBC (recording of 9515 from David Kernick`s website)
*Catholic station in Liberia, R. Veritas back on the air, but on SW?
 Had been on 5470
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 USA or woradio at  Check our website for much more info:
*Thanks this week for financial support via PayPal go to Larry
 Guerrera, NX2V
*Burkina Faso in the clear from 0500 on 5030 in the absence of Dr.
 Scott via Costa Rica [but he`s back since]
*R. Los Andes, Perú, reactivated on 5030 after 2,613 days, but
 previous reactivation was only brief
*New Bolivian is R. Tacana, in Tumupasa, Iturralde, 4781.5 at 0202
*R. San Miguel, Bolivia jumped around from 4930 to 4734 and lately
 on 4905.6, with cu-cu ID at 1000
*Brazil resumed 9665 around 0600-0700v; external service to Africa
 at 0500-0800, 1900-2100 on 6180, 11780, with programs already
 produced for internal consumption, except Giro Afro, news of
 Portuguese speaking countries
*LRA36, Antarctica, may have special broadcast UT Aug 28 at 0100 for
 DXers on 15476; planned as of July 20 but not reconfirmed lately
*Not much news from Radio for Peace International; met on Aug 18
 with University for Peace; next conversation scheduled for Sept 4;
 RFPI supporters urged to keep up letter-writing and e-mailing
*Last week`s report of Spain via Costa Rica on 3359: next night back
 on 3350
*R. México International`s new schedule of reduced English
 broadcasts not confirmed -- in Spanish when I checked. May not be
 any English left. In a state of flux: cancelled Portuguese, and
 producers of English and French have departed
*R. Havana Cuba has three new 100 kW transmitters testing on 9600,
 11875, 9550, 11760 evenings; 11705, 9550, 11760 in the mornings;
 9550 afternoons; reports wanted
*TV Martí to be beamed into Cuba via satellite from September, a
 `bone tossed to Cuban exiles` per NBC6 Miami
*R. Martí turned out to be an intruder in the 20m hamband, 14010,
 a mix of 13630 and 13820
*WPAD, Paducah, Kentucky, 1560, heard on 2340, a sesqui-harmonic!
*San Francisco Liberation Radio, 93.7, gets endorsement of Board of
 Supervisers by a 2-1 vote
*radio free brattleboro, Vermont, shut by FCC June 24, plans to
 return Friday Aug 22 at 5-8 pm ET, justified by 2000 petition
 signatures, on new frequency 107.9
*Roy Neal, one of the best space reporters, for NBC News, a.k.a.
 K6DUE, died at 82 in North Carolina; see tributes and obits in
 last few issues of DX Listening Digest
*Blackout effects include at least one SW station, CHU, Canada,
 timesignals; still off as of Aug 20, generator and other
 equipment failed
*Lots of stories about how radio suddenly became a vital means of
 commmunication when electricity was off, surprise2
*Hams also quick to pat themselves on the back for providing
 emergency communications
*Unexpected geomag storm Aug 17 [or 18] led to propagational 
 blackouts, visible auroras
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Aug 19: flux range 100-135
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1196        ###