WORLD OF RADIO #1195, produced August 13, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*New edition of my other program Continent of Media 03-05 now 
 available for download at or and broadcast on Radio for Peace 
*Schedule changes on SIU Edwardsville Web Radio, from Aug 30: COM to
 UT Sat 0300; WOR to Sat 0330 and Tue 0300
*On RFPI, WOR tends to appear one hour later than scheduled [due to
 power outages, etc., not permanent changes]
*On IBC Radio via WRMI, 15725, we were missing last Sunday at 1800,
 and times vary widely around 1800 Sat & Sun, so hang loose
*Spectrum, which used to follow WOR UT Sun 0300 on WWCR 5070,
 disappeared July 26, replaced by Cyberline for two hours, plus three
 hours UT Mon 0205 on 3210
*My own compilation of WWCR speciality progams is in DXLD 3-145
*WWCR-3 new step-up frequency 9485, 1200-1300 only, including Rock the
 Universe on Sundays
*New DX Partyline times via WWCR: Sat 1430 12160 (confirmed), Sun 0200
 5070, Tue 0930 9475, Wed 0830 3210, Thu 2000 15825; last week
 repeated old program Thu 2000 rather than first airing of new show
*Sing for Joy, sacred choral music: WWCR Sun 1400 12160, Wed 0300 3210
*As of Aug 12, WBCQ shifted from 5100 to 5105 to avoid RTTY 5097
*More Canadians vanishing from AM band: CFAN 790 Newscastle NB closed
 July 30, replaced by FM 99.3; next NB to close: CBZ 970
*Counter to usual trend, AM stereo resumed on CKBD 600 Vancouver BC
*R. Insurgente, Zapatista clandestine in Chiapas, started Aug 9 on
 5800, at 1900 UT (=1500 `Southeastern War Time`); see and with
 lots of audio files. Own site or [neither works Aug 14]. Very weak, 
 and one tentative DX report from California at 0317-0340*
*RFPI says keep up the letter-writing campaign, but no public
 statements to be issued during negotiation period with UPaz until
 October 31; supporters at not pleased with
 the gag-order, feeling that everything concerning this should be in
 the open
*Spain`s relay in Costa Rica heard on 3359, punch up error? [Yes, next
 night we heard back on 3350]
*Dr. Gene Scott via Anguilla back on 6090 at night, but stuck on lower
 frequency and not heard on daytime channel 11775
*Reactivated Peruvian on 5500.21, Radio San Miguel, de Cajamarca, at
 2350, ``Buenas Noches, Perú`` program after 0000 (and Björn Malm`s
*R. Emisoras Cajamarca on 3391.5, ex R. Cutervo on 3390
*R. Victoria, Lima reported heard on 15480 at 0400
*Quite close to latest new frequency for R. América, Paraguay, 15483;
 and they now have three SW frequencies, 9905, and reactivated 7370
*Argentina items: On 5400.00, La 101, Bs. As., at 1030, a.k.a. Canal
 26, and Power 101
*R. Nacional, San Miguel de Tucumán second harmonic on 2380 heard in
 Sweden, and strong in Uruguay
*R. Provincia Buenos Aires, 2nd harmonic on 2540 at 0005
*R. Nacional Buenos Aires at 2110 on another strange frequency 5650
*Brazil`s 3235 where R. Clube de Marília reactivated now occupied by
 R. Guarujá Paulista, which has acquired Marília transmitter; next to
 take over 5045 from R. Presidente Prudente, and looking for a 9 MHz
*R. Nacional do Brasil resumes external broadcasts, in Portuguese to
 Africa on Amazonian frequencies, 0500-0800 and 1900-2100 on 11780,
 6180; are the antennas really toward Africa then?
*ELWA is only radio station on air in Monrovia, Liberia, but FM only
*Voice of the People of Eritrea keeps running same news (rather olds)
 week after week
*Website of V. of Ethiopian Medhin, a.k.a. V. of Ethiopian Salvation:
*Sudan Radio Service widely heard elsewhere, such as Ontario and
 New Mexico with news in English around 1618 on 17630, 1718 on 17660,
 M-F only; reply from Jeremy Groce,  Plan to originate
 from Nairobi, but initially from Washington, via UK transmitters
 [Aug 14 on 17660: no English other than IDs in the 1715-1720 period]
*In the midst of World of Radio 1195, woradio at or P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Mike Barraclough
*V. of Mediterranean, Malta, adds to SW services via Italy and Russia
 a 24-hour internet broadcast, VOMi, at
*Isle of Man overcoming environmental objections about the view, and
 RF, but now about audible noise from the generators, fans, unlikely
 4 km from platform to shore; see
*Irish church broadcasts on CB monitored in Spain: 27 MHz plus:
 010, 025, 155, 185, 255, 265, 275, 285, 350, 380, 405
*New SW service in Arabic, Al-Asr Radio, on TDP website but no details
 and own website entirely in Arabic:
 Tarek Zeidan says it`s vague with no specifics about political or
 religious orientation; already on Hotbird 13E, 11938 H
*New service from Afghanistan Peace Association, Fri 1630-1730 in Dari
 and Pashto on 15615. See
*Bob Padula explains why Taiwan frequency coordination is poor: not
 involved in HFCC and will not allow Beijing to regulate; does not
 even recognize A- and B- season dates
*Pyongyang central radio to be relayed in (to?) South Korea from
 Aug 15; no details on frequency or site
*V. of Russia has had programs in Pekinese, Japanese, Korean, produced
 in Khabarovsk, but the eastern office to be closed. Staff there want
 listeners to protest to HQ in Moscow:
*New aboriginal SW station for the Yolgnu in Arnhem Land, Northern
 Territory, 24 hours on 5050 with 400 watts, Aboriginal Resource &
 Development Service, ARDS, with the radio-browsing concept; see  X-band MW frequencies pending. Weak signals
 heard elsewhere in Australia, co-channel from China. Not ham
 equipment, but former civil aviation transmitter at Humpty Doo, a
 Darwin suburb, helical whip antenna centered on 100 degrees true
*New program to compete with Car Talk: Philosophy Talk. Pilot on KALW
 91.7 San Francisco Wed Aug 20 at 2000 UT [also webcast]
*Labor troubles at other public radio stations: layoffs at KQED San
 Francisco; picketing at KOPB in Oregon; union announcers only fired
 at WMHT Schenectady; controversy in Yellow Springs, OH over the
 direction WYSO should take: see DXLD 3-145
*KBFR, 95.3 is pirate in Boulder, CO, run by `Monk`; see DXLD 3-145
*Something stange about the carrier of KFI, 640, Los Angeles; on an
 Argo scope it stands out from all the other 640 stations, allowing it
 to be identified on the East Coast even tho not audible; lots of
 discussion on this from NRC in DXLD 3-143, 145
*Bob Cooper recommends this to keep up with DTV developments:
*Owner of construction permit for new X-band station here in Enid OK
 on 1640 tells me: construction underway at new site east of Hennessey
 OK, directional covering both Enid and OKC; maybe on air by end of
 September, CP deadline December
*International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend upon us [with special
 event ham operations] UT Sat & Sun Aug 16-17; details at
[following two items on WBCQ version only, neither audio archive:]
*National Radio Club annual convention Aug 28-Sept 1 at Holiday Inn
 Select DFW South, Irving TX, reservation deadline Aug 15; specializes
 in MW, well-organized, and non-members should be welcome; details at and click on Convention
*Two reports in Spanish on the Mexican DX meeting in early August are
 at the end of DXLD 3-143 and 3-144
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, August 12: flux range 125-95-135
*That`s World of Radio 1195; Glenn Hauser inviting you to hear me
 again next week   ###