WORLD OF RADIO #1194, produced August 6, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Repeat time on WBCQ confirmed as UT Mon 0415 on 7415, ex-0445
*Updated schedules of our broadcasts, all DX programs, and new August
 Nets To You all available to everyone via
*RFPI situation: eviction deadline of August 4 passed; negotiations
 with university scheduled for August 11
*RFPI tried new 15115 July 31-August 1, but brownout caused component
 to fail; when returns should no longer be on 15039 but 15115 or some
 other low-15 MHz frequency; still on 7445 [and see bottom]
*RFPI has been talking about station problems at 0300-0500 UT
*AM Costa Rica reports that RFPI went over the head of Martin Lees,
 University rector, to 17-member UFP council, which is believed to
 have been unaware of the eviction effort
*Zapatista SW broadcast for Sat Aug 9, plus or minus a day, around 5.8
 MHz; to be musical program around 1100 UT, already on FM
*XERMX, Mexico`s official international broadcaster, changed URL
 again, via with new grid in pdf revealing
 that most English programs have vanished; `DX 21` in Spanish,
 mailbag `Linea Abierta`: 2030-2045 UT, Tue/Fri, and Mon/Thu/Sat
 respectively; bullfighting other days. Only English remaining:
 Antena Radio summary of news, M-F 1400-1430 (but still in Spanish
 when we checked), and 2200-2230; Talking Mexico Sat & Sun 2200-2230;
 Regional Roots and Rhythms, M-F 2000-2015; new address: Mayorazgo 83,
 Col. Xoco, 03330 Mexico, DF. On 9705, 11770 with weak signals and
*R. Bandeirantes, Brasil heard on 6090 at 0200 with Caribbean Beacon
 a.k.a. 24/7 Dr. Gene Scott, missing from Anguilla; since then 6090
 still missing nights, 11775 days, so now is your chance to hear other
 stations on or around those frequencies
*The real R. Anguilla has started streaming, including local news at
*R. America, Paraguay, now trying tropo scatter to reach Argentina,
 326.4 MHz, 252 watts, 180 degrees, FM 100 kHz bandwidth, vertical
*Last Thursday at 2000 on 15825, was not last airing, but first
 airing of next DX Partyline, followed by World of Radio; Aug 2 DXPL 
 audio still not available on website, at this tiny URL we created: Schedule finally updated for own
 transmitters, but not showing WWCR and WINB airings
 [and Aug 7 at 2000 was a repeat of July 31, not a prepeat of Aug 9]
*IBC Radio via WRMI 7385 carrying Dreamland, UT Sun & Mon 0300, M-F
*KNLS Alaska, English in August: 0800 11765, 1300 11870
*Jane Barbe, telephone recording voice queen, and voice of WWVH,
 died July 18 at 74
*Solomon Islands getting internet E-mail via shortwave; to add search
 by E-mail, no www access yet; see
 -- also applicable for the blind, anywhere?
*ABC, Australia gets US$17 million budget cut; Sen. Alston rejects
 suggestions this was due to government charges of bias; the politics
 behind it, by Craig Seager: dumbing down the ABC and nobody cares
*Standard disclaimer
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*Check our website for much more info on the
 stories we mention [in DX Listening Digest archives]
*Thanks this week for financial support go to: Gerald T. Pollard
*Donations to WOR via PayPal available via our website
*Falun Dafa Radio via KWHR Hawaii confirmed, at 1500 [Sat & Sun] on
 9930; WHR just calls it `Dafa Hao` in effort to be low-profile
*China Radio International is doubling the program time of certain
 languages: German, Italian, Spanish; and also English at least at
 0900-1100 to Australia, 15250, 17690, two hours rather than one hour
 repeated. Same for North America at 1400-1600 on 7405, 17720??
*Meanwhile, R. Taiwan International sounds out listeners about halving
 its English output daily from two hours to one
*R. Korea International 50th anniversary celebrated Aug 15: special
 website [yes, 'yers']
*V. of National Salvation, clandestine from North to South Korea,
 confirmed closed August 1; S. Korea not yet reciprocated
*Mongolia reactivated on 4830, 4895, from around 2100
*Bangladesh has only one SW frequency left, 7185, with English at
 1230-1300, and 1815; no longer on 15520, 9550, 4880
*India`s independence day August 15 has special broadcast from AIR
 at 0135 on 4860, 6030, 9810, 13620, 15050 in English; regional
 stations shift earlier this date to daytime 6-7 MHz frequencies,
 from 0130
*English from Turkmenistan heard well in Finland at 2035-2045 on 4930
*Ahmed al-Rikabi, head of Iraqi Media Network quits in disgust at
 its ineffectiveness
*Suggestion that dull and repetitious IMN should broadcast soap operas
 for better communication from the US administration to the people
*New target radio (don`t call it clandestine) for southern Sudan, M-F
 1600-1700 17630, 1700-1800 17660, believed via Merlin, Woofferton,
 England; sponsored by Office of Transition Initiatives of US AID, in
 English and Sudanese languages; mostly music tests at first
*Not only is ELWA compound filling up with IDPs -- internally
 displaced persons, but also the old VOA Careysburg, Liberia, facility
*Korean church on Canary Islands still heard on 6715-USB, Wed 2008
*Both Romania and Armenia have Sunday-only services at 0800 on same
 frequency 15270, tho there are plenty of empty spaces nearby!
*Scott Woodring, KC8JNG, Christian Identity member, shot police
 officer in Michigan, escaped and tracked in manhunt with assistance
 of 40 RACES hams
*RF ID tags to be used by Wal-Mart and others to operate around 13.5
 MHz shortwave; hams hope little impact to lower end of 20 meters
*Fruitless to write the FCC about powerline communication; instead,
 write to the big boys, Clear Channel, Infinity, etc., who have the
 most to lose from noise blocking AM reception; much more about PLC in
 the next Continent of Media
*I meant to mention earlier in the RFPI portion, that if you hear a
 station on 15040 it may be something else: pirate KIPM was on USB
 there last Saturday at 2100
*Tomas Hood has added forums on propagation and other topics to his
*Propagation outlook from Boulder August 5; flux range 145-100
*If you have not yet contacted me about your favorite station to hear
 World of Radio, please do so now to woradio at or P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1194  ###