WORLD OF RADIO #1193, produced July 30, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Big trouble was brewing for R. For Peace International last week;
 eviction 2-week notice received July 21. But the building and
 equipment belong to RFPI, not the University for Peace
*Democracy Now interview with James Latham, inside RFPI. An act
 against Freedom of Speech. Supporters are holding vigils outside
 the locked gates; deadline August 4. New university administration
 has ideological differences with RFPI, unlike previous harmonious
 relationship. Not sure if UFP council is aware of this. Maurice
 Strong, founder of World Economic Forum, heads university now. RFPI
 programs are critical of social justice issues of globalization
*Much more about this in DX Listening Digest issues starting 3-132
*Open house August 4 for supporters to witness what happens
*Maurice Strong`s chequered and strange background, from Forbes
 and at
*Besides there is a new site with message
*How and when did the university`s mission and goals change?
*RFPI has stayed on the air continuously on 7445 and 15039, until July
 30, when 15039 was missing, but a parts problem soon fixed and
 looking for a new frequency above 15100 [heard July 31 testing 15115]
*Contributions to RFPI`s legal defense fund needed to P O Box 3165,
 Newberg, OR 97132 or via PayPal at website
*This has received lots of publicity worldwide among peace and
 progressive organizations, and thanks to RFPI `graduates`
*Also requsts RFPI supporters write to Kofi Annan, or
*Tico Times had a story about it last week, [temporary URL?]
 and another one due this Friday August 1
*We support RFPI, quite apart from the fact that they have carried
 World of Radio from the beginning
*WOR times have been disrupted and delayed on RFPI
*World of Radio on IBC Radio via WRMI 15725, nominally Sat and Sun
 1800, sometimes as much as 10 minutes late, so stay tuned
*Radio DC cancelled by WBCQ due to anti-Semitic remarks to Allan
 Weiner; so World of Radio may move half an hour earlier to 0415 UT
 Monday on 7415
*Area 51 is new ``best-of`` show on WBCQ, Sun 2200-0400 Mon on 5100;
 requests encouraged to
*NPR has started new mid-day program from LA, Day to Day; first airing
 at 1600 UT weekdays, and on other stations hourly thereafter via
*Check Monitoring Reminders Calendar at
 for the latest on this and much other excellent listening, primarily
 via the internet
*House voted last Wednesday 400-21 to overrule FCC decision to
 increase TV ownership cap from 35 to 45 percent of audience; still
 pending in Senate, and presidential veto threatened; another
 amendment to kill the entire FCC ruling was rejected
*Radio-TV Marti being watched closely by White House now that there
 is a new head; will not stand for any more irregularities
*Mexican Zapatista rebel movement announces SW broadcasts, Radio
 Insurgente on August 9 around 5.8 MHz -- tune around like shaking
 your hips in a cumbia
*Licensed Mexican on 120m, R. Huayacocotla. 2390 kHz, has page with
 four brief audio clips of national anthem in local languages, and
 singing IDs (recordings); best heard around sign-on/off 1200/0100
*9th annual Mexican DX meeting the first weekend in August; agenda
 times mentioned last week have changed. Check
*1193rd World of Radio, woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid,
 OK 73702, USA
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Jim Wishner
*Dominican on 4959.86 is HIJQ, Super-Q between 0130 and 0400
*V. of Guyana has true grit, says Michael Lijewski who visited the
 country, but a tough catch even inside Guyana; Chuck Bolland heard 
 it in Florida, 0930 on 3291.07
*Unidentified on 5121.11 is R. Suroriente, Quillabamba, Peru, moved
 from 5067.11 [to avoid WWCR 5070??]
*Brazilian reactivated on 3235 is R. Clube de Marilia, schedule
 2100-1000, and reports wanted from at home and abroad
*Another frequency change for very low powered Paraguayan, Radio
 America: 15483 replacing 15185 [allegedly 24 hours \\ 9905]
*R. Independent Mekamui, clandestine from Bougainville, heard in
 Australia and Alberta on 3850, 0915 past 1000
*Solomons villages burned and people killed because of ham radio
 station set up by foreign volunteers, suspected of snitching
*SIBC has not been off the air, plus/minus 200 Hz from 5020, with
 BBCWS relay 1100-1900; now with ``Talking Truth`` appeals to
 cooperate with Australian intervention force; featured on RA`s
*Since HCJB Australia decided not to follow Bob Padula`s advice, most
 of their new frequencies are not working, he says
*R. New Zealand International expanding to 24 hours as of Sept. 1
*KWHR, Hawaii, now carrying World Falun Dafa Radio, Sat-Sun 1500-
 1600, M-F 1600-1630 on 9930, ``Dafa Hao``; antenna beam changed
 from 285 to 300 degrees to favor China more after 1600
*N. Korea admits V. of National Salvation is from North, not South,
 at Haeju, as it announced it would stop broadcasts August 1; South
 Korea urged to follow suit; or is August 15 the deadline? VONS still
 heard July 30 at 1252 on 4120.5, and V. of People at 1255 on 6600
*Also see NY Times story mentioning this goodwill gesture: 
*Joint Israeli-Palestinian initiative to re-establish V. of Peace on
 Nov. 4; but two different groups dispute over which should do it;
 only one is endorsed by Abie Nathan; Palestinian Info Ministry
 denies VOP has been licensed
*New frequency for 100 kW Latvian transmitter will be 9290, aimed at
 UK, available for Laser Radio UK and other customers
*World Music Radio [Denmark] to test in August on 15810, and a 6 MHz
 range frequency
*R. Afrika International, Austria, stopped SW broadcasts in June,
 still on internet
*R. Abeokuta, Nigeria, via IRRS, address is A. O. Akande, 12917
 Latchwood lane, Austin, TX 78753; original scheduling Friday and
 Wednesday at 2000 on 5780
*HCJB issuing press releases about growing number of refugees taking
 shelter at ELWA in Liberia, reaching 2100 by July 27; remains on air
 about 3 hours each morning and evening
 [following item only on low and WBCQ version:]
*Iranian advisors in Zimbabwe to resuscitate broadcasting and
 `protect` from VOA and others; does that mean jamming?
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, July 29; flux range 105-140
*Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1193  ###