WORLD OF RADIO #1192, produced July 23, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*Since last weekend, World of Radio on IBC Radio via WRMI 15725,
 Saturday and Sunday a few minutes after 1800 UT
*9th annual Meeting of Mexican DXers and SWL Clubs, July 31-August 3,
 in Tizayuca, Hidalgo: details at
 includes presentation by Manolo de la Rosa of Radio Habana Cuba,
 archaeological site visit, DRM demonstration including DTK Germany
 12080 at 0015-0100
*Honduran MW harmonic last week on 2860 is not R. Cultura, but R.
 Futura, HRSJ, 2 x 1430, ex R. Mundial
*Another one is on 2200, HRVA, R. Tiempo, San Pedro Sula, 2 x 1100
*Hondurans on 4820 and 4832 missing
*But R. Litoral, 4832, sent verification letter and info to Takeshi
 Sejimo; 1100-1600, 2200-0500 in Spanish, Miskito, Garifuna; and
 English weekends 0400-0500, music and Searchlight; no news at all on
 Spanish schedule, preoccupied with the afterworld
*Cuba denies jamming US satellite broadcasts to Iran, deliberately,
 maybe accidental, looking into it
*Company that pinned it on Cuba is Transmitter Location Systems in
*Cuban jamming demands a firm response, Heritage Foundation: 
*Panamericana, Peru`s main TV network, put off the air as government
 suspends its license; see also
*Pirate broadcasts at short notice; R. Cochiguaz, South America, had
 Easter island show, R. Mahute, last weekend, on 11430-USB, heard as
 far away as Alberta and Germany
*R. Veritas building in Liberia shelled by rebels, the 5470 Catholic
 station; third time it has been destroyed
*Hundreds of refugees sheltered at ELWA campus in Liberia, still on
 the air as long as diesel fuel lasts
*Last week`s coup on Sao Tome was peaceful, no disruption to VOA relay
 station; see 3-128, 3-129
*Other DX programs rarely quote World of Radio; once it`s on here,
 it`s no longer news
*AWR Wavescan reported last week that Madagascar has approved SW
 station owned by WCBF, same organization as KNLS, but work not to be
 started until second transmitter on air in Alaska
*R. Rhino International Africa (RRIA) will be new clandestine from
 August for Uganda, based in Cologne, Germany; new DTK client?
*UPDF, Uganda People`s Defence Forces, to open new army radio station
 this financial year, to reach all forces, since R. Uganda is
 ineffective; R. Freedom was taken over by R. Uganda; on FM or SW?
*Another strange one: Somali website in Canada, Balcad, says an
 American FM station `DOY` is heard in Mogadishu, in English and
 Spanish to `demoralize Somalis`; no further details
*VOA correspondent in Eritrea who disappeared is claimed to have been
 conscripted after dodging the draft
*I`ve been enjoying the new season of Prom Concerts via BBC Radio 3
 webcasts; and during first fortnight also video; more info at  Main time for live evening concerts is
 1830 UT, repeated a few days later at 1300
*Former Radio Caroline ship, Ross Revenge, has moved to Rochester, and
 will be open for visitors August 2-3; 5 pounds boarding charge; Call
 07890 279049 evenings or weekends for advance bookings; also see
*R. London tested July 22 via 1008 kHz Flevo, Holland transmitter to
 assess reception in Britain; not very good beyond the coast; seems
 used directional antenna away from Britain! Recording of test ID with
 excellent local reception:
*Antje the Walrus, NDR mascot, died of old age at 27; see 
 for pictures, and video stream including mascot `interval signal`
*R. Sweden from July 27 changes 1230 to Australia and New Zealand from
 17505 to 13580; but 17505 still on air to Asia, 17840 NAm
*You`re listening to the non-commercial, non-communist, non-corporate,
 non-Cuban, non-Cumbre DX program, World of Radio 1192; P O Box 1684,
 Enid OK 73702 USA: or woradio at
 Check our website for much more info:
*Every so often I receive a reception report requesting a QSL from
 this program, but I have none, not even a letterhead; stations
 carrying the program are expected to do the QSLing if any
*I also sometimes receive a request for a sample or subscription to DX
 Listening Digest or Review of International Broadcasting; but have
 not been published in print for several years; everything I have to
 offer is free via website
*Reporters Without Borders on the Iraqi media 3 months after the war:
*V. of Korea sends lots of goodies to British listener, including
 complete English schedule; also on satellite Taicom 3, 3424.5 [MHz]
*VOA Philippines on new 1170 via Poro, English at 1900-2200; in
 addition to usual 1143 at 1100-1800, but two different transmitters;
 leads to speculation about which is which in DXLD 3-129 and 3-130
*IBB also uses 1170 from UAE for R. Farda, and 1143 from Tajikistan
*More about new Christian SW station in Papua New Guinea: journals by
 Joe Emert of Life Radio Minitries,
 Assured of granting SW license as well as FM around the country
*HCJB Australia has posted new program schedule, including DX Party
 Line retimed from Sat to Tue at 0830 to Pacific on 11750; to Asia
 still Sat 1430 on new 15390; also has regional news daily at 0900,
 1400; Destination-- M-F [UT Sun-Thu?] 1800-1830 on 11765, M-F 0200 on
 15420; Music of same areas, M-F 0800, 1230
*IBB Leasing had highest budget ever this year, $13 million, to
 decline after Iraq war: 150 hours per day on non-IBB facilities, 90
 RFA, 60 VOA and RFE/RL; 86 percent on SW; trends in relays
*New General [not `Government'] Accounting Office report on US
 international broadcasting, concerned about amount of language
 overlap among different IBB services:
 complete pdf report:
*House approves new Middle Eastern TV Network, but may not pass
 Senate, due to inclusion in foreign aid bill
*iBiquity fires three top managers, including Glynn Walden, who
 developed the IBOC system, ``the face of digital radio``; see also 
 Could it be DOA? Maybe Walden could not figure out a way to put a
 positive spin on the test results
*House moved closer to blocking FCC from allowing more media
 concentration, vote was expected Wednesday; but TV/newspaper joint
 ownership upheld
*Michael Powell and top staff want out of FCC by fall, but would be
 replaced by another Republican
*FCC vote on media concentration backfired, since it has given
 renewed energy to those promoting low power FM; see 
*Last week`s item about Toronto station granted FM 101.3, despite
 accusation of Tamil Tigers links: upheld
 [following item is 30 seconds longer on low and WBCQ version:]
*Suggestion that DRM be used for local coverage on 21, 26 MHz
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, July 22: flux range 150-120-150
*That`s WORLD OF RADIO 1192; I`m Glenn Hauser       ###