WORLD OF RADIO #1191, produced July 16, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*DX/SWL/Media programs list updated, and links to three others at
*WOR heard on 7485 in Europe, Sunday 0935, via Irish pirate R. Ozone
 International, now moved to 6200
*WOR on WBCQ UT Mon 0445 last week on 5100-CUSB in addition to 7415,
 due to tests of 4th transmitter; simulcasting 9330 [not 9335] more
 recently; tests were 3 kW of 50 kW transmitter; RTTY interference
 around 5097
*WBCQ 7415 during summer runs oldtime radio, UT Sats 0100-0200
*IBC Radio buys much more airtime weekends on WRMI from July 19, Sat
 1200-2200, Sun 1400-2000 15725; UT Sun and Mon 0300-0900 7385; and
 IBC would like to include World of Radio, putting us on WRMI for the
 first time [tentatively Sat & Sun 1800 on 15725]
*Sao Tome coup July 16 involved taking over national radio; what about
 VOA relay? See schedule in DXLD 3-127, and still heard at 1630 on
 15730; also try 4960 0400-0500 in English, 6080 0300-0700 in English;
 VOA could substitute other sites and we`d never know the difference,
 lacking any local IDs [VOA confirms ops normal]
*VOA stringer in Eritea, Aklilu Solomon, arrested for being too
 truthful in reporting a sensitive issue; CPJ protests, and VOA
 demands his release [later report claims he was just conscripted]
*R. Galkaayo, Somalia, heard on 6980, calling for Puntland peace;
 R. Hargeysa audio worthless on 7530
*R. Rwanda, 6055 puts strong summer signal into Europe 1730-1800, 2027
 -2100, interrupted by Slovakia
*V. of Liberty in Liberia, 11515v, says it`s off air for lack of fuel
 and banks are closed; plans to resume
*High Adventure newsletter confirms they are setting up SW transmitter
 in Uganda instead of Liberia, partnering with a bishop
*Updated sub-Saharan Africa List, selected by Thorsten Hallmann: in pdf and doc
*Libya in Arabic to Iraq on USB heard at 1203-1303 on 17600; 1800-1900
 on 11660, both presumably via France
*Media in Post-war Iraq, by BBCM in DXLD 3-126, including new stations
 and FM and AM bandscans in Baghdad
*Some DX and station news reaches us in other languages before or
 instead of English, such as:
*Iran announced in Spanish it may eliminate SW in favor of internet
 to save expenses, asking for quick listener input. Slightly
 premature, but they probably need more transmitters for jamming
*Jamming of US satellite carrying programming for Iran pinned on Cuba,
 probably from Bejucal spy site near Habana; Cuba paid off by Iran to
 do this; Iranian PTT minister criticizes such jamming; US BBG
 condemns Cuban jamming for Iran
*IBA freezes planned changes in broadcasting hours until a committee
 report in two months; may bode well for SW; PM Sharon told a press
 conference he is against cutting Kol Israel`s SW service
*Radio A-Shams is new Arabic language radio station in Israel, WTFK?
*Saudi Arabia refuses to put English on shortwave, but has started
 webcasting it via at 1000-1300,
 1600-2100, but short on news (recordings)
*Standard disclaimer
*The media magazine your monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1191,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA, or woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Pete Bentley
*New schedule for All India Radio in DXLD 3-126 includes 9445 at
 1745-1945, 2045-2230, a frequency once associated with Turkey
*RRI Fak Fak on 4790 runs repetitive music loop at 2030-2100, why?
*V. of Indonesia main website is only in Indonesian, at --- but for English and other languages go
*HCJB Australia`s new English frequencies and times from July 21
*Niue, ZK2, has country-wide open Wi-Fi link to internet; the atoll
 has no natural earth ground, like a giant capacitor-resistor; more
*R. Ondas del Pacifico, Ayabaca, Peru on 13565.62, a second harmonic
*R. San Nicolas, Peru acive again on 5470.82; also reactivated is
 Ondas del Suroriente, Quillabamba, 5067.11
*Peruvian on 1610.11, R. Sabor is in Paucarpata, Arequipa
*R. Anhanguera, Brazil, reactivated after a sesquiyear, on 6080
*Emisora Ciudad de Montevideo, Uruguay, heard with tangos at 0205 on
*R. Universidad de Costa Rica reactivated on 6105
*unID on 2860 is R. Cultura, from Honduras, but no listing on 1430
*R. Rebelde, 670, Cuba, heard in daytime in south Texas, so must have
 raised power from 50 to 150 or even 500 kW
*LAX TIS on 530 wants power hike from 10 to 100 watts, but opposed by
 540 station
*House committee votes to block FCC regulation raising TV
 concentration to 45 percent, but unclear whether will succeed
*National Association of Broadcasters reverses position on this, to
 head off formation of new competing trade group --- now favors
 relaxing media ownership limits!
*FM pirate in Rochester NY, ``100.9 The Pirate, Rochester`s Rock``,
 heard well on east side, west side
*Report on low-power FM posted at FCC: no interference beyond 100 feet
*LPFM in Canada: no license required under 100 watts AM, 50 watts FM;
 so there will be lots more unIDs
*Big flap in Canada on whether Al-Jazeera should be allowed on cable
 networks; and controversy in Toronto over authorization of a new FM
 station to Tamil group, accused of association with LTTE terrorists;
 see DXLD 3-123, 126, 127 [later: Tamil authorization affirmed]
*BBC in a world of political trouble; see DXLDs 3-123, 3-124
*BBCWS claims 70 percent increase of audience in North America since
 dropping SW two years ago; figures don`t tell the whole story
*R. Baltic Waves International, Lithuania, on 1557 with China Radio
 International 1800-2200 UT; channel marker with music on 1386 at 2000
 -2100 with 25 kW
*Russian International Radio, new MW service in Russian via
 Kaliningrad, schedule; also via St. Petersburg
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, July 15; flux range 115-140
*Time to evaluate WOR affiliates; in order to continue on this station
 I need to know you are listening to it; an ID should follow shortly;
 please drop me a note at woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid
 OK 73702 USA
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1191   ###