WORLD OF RADIO #1190, produced July 9, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Another airing of my monthly Spanish DX Report, Mundo Radial, on WWCR
 15825, Tuesdays at 2130; new edition from around July 15
*World Radio Communications Conference wrapped up July 4; extensive
 reports in the last week`s DX Listening Digests
*Broadcasters to move out of 7100-7200 in regions 1 and 3, by March
 29, 2009, so 7000-7200 will be amateur worldwide -- except some
 countries will have fixed services sharing; broadcast boundary moved
 up to 7450, but already de-facto to 7600
*Morse code not internationally required; up to each country
*Other areas where changes have been made; see DXLD 3-122 for IARU
 report; and 3-121 for summary, and other issues
*Background on the programming from LRA36, Antarctica, 15476, M-F 1800
 -2100 UT, for each of the three hours; 2.5 to 4 kW
*Latest frequency change for R. America, very low power Paraguayan,
 9905, ex-9983, 24 hours \\ 15185
*New times for DX Partyline via WWCR: Sat 0900 on 5070, Sun 0200 on
 5070, Tue 0930 9475, Thu 2000 on 15825, two of them next to WOR; last
 Sunday UT the latest edition did not air, but the previous, same on
*La Voz de Tu Conciencia, Colombia, back on 6009.78; what about plans
 to broadcast to North America on 5910 in English?
*La Voz de los Centauros, Colombia, adjusted frequency to proper
 5955.0, after a jump to 6007, ex-5958v
*High noise level prevents Henrik Klemetz from much DXing in Sweden
 but enjoys hearing Latins via internet such as with stream at 1130-0330 only
*R. El Salvador, long gone from SW 9555, has webcast, quickly fixed
 for Henrik Klemetz; via
*La Voz del CID, former anti-Castro clandestine, confirmed to have
 broadcast from El Salvador 1983-1997, location specified
*Those R. Marti tests on MW 1020 did come from the Christian station
 on Turks & Caicos, but not very successful; announced that also
 tested from Cayman Islands; check 1205 and 1555 kHz, the islands`
 only two MW frequencies which were closed down years ago
*R. Rebelde, Havana on new 15570 \\ 11655 at *1630
*Bill Nollman in CT had Cuban-sounding station on 92.9; as we
 mentioned recently, a new one on 92.9 is R. Manati, la Voz del Faro,
 Victoria de las Tunas; 4 hours per day, CMLD; more at
*Dominican Republic SW transmitter on 4959.87 carried Super-Q FM,
 from 100.9 at 0241; you never know which one of group will be on
*New stations authorized for Montreal area, including one on MW 1570,
 Laval frequency vacated a few years ago, French nostalgia format
*Summer replacements on CBC Radio One include Connexions, Mon and Fri
 7:30 pm local; Best of Dispatches Wed 7:30 pm. Saturday mornings:
 9:05 City States; 10:05 Go; 11:05 alternate weeks, Grooveshinny;
 11:30 National Passtime, satire on sports, broadcasting
*WSAI, 1530, Cincinnati, carrying out more IBOC digital tests [at
 night], causing hisses on 1520, 1540; wants reports to
 or 1111 St. Gregory St., Cincinnati OH 45202
*San Francisco Liberation Radio, 93.7, got FCC visit July 2, carrying
 out campaign for public support; see
*KUAT, Channel 6, Tucson off the air since control link cut by Aspen
 fire, but already has relay in the city on ch 27
*KETV, Channel 7, Omaha, tower collapsed July 4 amidst DTV antenna
 installation, no one hurt; WOWT channel 6 checked its tower too
*Storm with 80 mph winds knocked down tower of WIFR, Channel 23,
 Rockford IL
*Also off the air, due to failed exciter, not quickly replaced, KHSD,
 Channel 11, Lead SD
*In the midst of World of Radio 1190, woradio at or
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; website for much more info:
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Alan Bosch
*WYFR heard on 2630 in Florida, 17845 minus 15215, at 2330
*Army`s PsyOps Media Center at Ft Bragg, NC, holds open house for new
 $8.1 million complex; printed 150 megaleaflets, 20 kilohours of radio
 messages for Afghans, Iraqis
*Iran as DX Target, compiled by Anker Petersen, DSWCI: also in DXLD
 3-120, including V. of Mojahed, back in business
*Iran not only jamming opposition satellite broadcasts on the ground
 but from satellite; destructive interference to Telstar 12, 12595 MHz
 horizontal, transponder 10 comes from 12608.5 MHz downlink
*Israeli law requires TV license fee even for those who use sets only
 to watch VCR
*Libya`s broadcast to Iraq still heard, 1800-1900 on 7245, 11890 ex-
 11660, via France?
*English news from Zanzibar at 1800 on 11734.1 heard by Steve Lare,
*Zambia`s reactivation of 4910 is only morning and evening; 5915 still
 for Radio One in daytime; Radio Two on 6165 throughout, 0250-2200
*Zimbabwe`s only active SW frequency is 5975, 0300-2200, but sometimes
 closing earlier, ZBC Radio 2
*All SW and MW frequencies from Namibia silent for a fortnight,
*V. of Nigeria again heard on 9690 at least in daytime
*National Radio of the Saharan Arab Democratic Republic heard on MW
 1550 in England in June; but missing in July, and instead back on SW
 7459.7 around 2000-2200+, and from 0600; supposedly from refugee
 camp near Tindouf, Algeria
*British DX CLub has website of tropical band African schedules by
 by frequency: http://www.users/
 also in DXLD 3-119, plus Ascension relay schedule in 3-120
*V. of Mediterranean, Malta, English at 1730 confirmed on 6185; via
*RTE on LW 252 from Ireland were only tests; no plans for regular use
*R. Africa International, Austria, no longer heard; was Sat 1530-1600
 on 17875 or 17895; is anyone still hearing it?
*R. Yugoslavia still calling itself that in German, July 5
*Pakistan has 41 megarupees for new high-power MW transmitters; also
 new 250 kW SW transmitter for external service
*All India Radio on 10330 heard well in Delaware at 0030 with Indian
 music, 500 kW via Bangalore
*Sri Lanka shifted to 7302.5 again, domestic and external services
*Holy Tibet, English program from Lhasa, at 0700-0730 on 9490, 9580;
 and at 1100 on 4905 4920 6200 7385 9490; letterbox on Saturdays asks
 for reports with two IRCs; suppose a third broadcast still at 1630
*R. Independent Mekamui, clandestine for Bougainville, 3805, heard
 again in Philippines
*Museum Ships special events ham stations on air July 19-20; details
*Clandestine shortwave schedules in time order in DXLD 3-120
*Brock Whaley enjoys listening to hams on new 5 MHz frequencies, quite
 a change from weather-related rag-chewing or right-wing nets on 75m
 [following two items not on WBCQ version:]
*Some famous people who are hams, listed in DXLD 3-116; website about
 including people who are rumored to be hams but are not really:
*Peter Jennings, VE3SUN, is not the ABC anchor who just became an
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, July 9: flux range 140-115-140
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1190  ###