WORLD OF RADIO #1189, produced July 2, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*New edition of my other program ready, Continent of Media 03-04,
 at and and on
 RFPI, 7445 and/or 15039, Thursdays 2000, Saturdays 2130, plus 6,
 12 and 18 hours later, and in some cases half an hour later than
 that; and also via SIU Edwardsville Web Radio, Wednesdays 1830 UT
*New July edition of John Norfolk`s Nets to You at
*Still hoping to be heard at new scheduled time of 0030 UT Sundays
 on WINB 12160, between DX Partyline and AWR Wavescan; not last week
*DX Partyline to be heard from now on also on WWCR just before us,
 UT Sun 0200 on 5070, with two more times to be added
*Joe Buch and the team at NASWA made an impressive 18-page FCC filing
 against Broadband over Power Lines, suggesting 30-47 MHz should be 
 used instead of HF, at 
*BBC World Service no longer carried via C-SPAN on satellite in North
 America; but WGBH puts it on most of the time when there is no DVS,
 via Canada`s Bell ExpressVu channel 74
*First ever live webcast (meaning video), 7 July from Isle of Man
 for Tynwald Day ceremony, Queen presiding, 0845-2200 UT; see and
*Certain discrete 5 MHz frequencies now available to hams in US, UK;
 RSGB station GB2RS will broadcast every Sunday at 1130 on 5405; also
 on 3645, 7045 last Sunday, at least; reception reports wanted
*Very sad news from R. Netherlands last week: Harry van Gelder died
 June 24; host of DX Jukebox. Got gh`s SW career going as he invited
 me to do a monthly North American DX Report. For tribute see
 Andy Sennitt and Jonathan Marks attended funeral, which resembled
 DX Jukebox, alternating talk and music
*Andy chatted with Tom Meijer, ex-presenter of Happy Station, who
 looks great at 64, and keeps busy
*Jonathan Marks, 44, leaving RN as of Sept. 1 to start his own media
 company, contracting with RN and others
*Final broadcast of R. Austria International in German until 2208 UT
 June 30 on 6155; see poignant comments of Wolf Harranth about his
 last day on the job at ROI, DXLD 3-117
*Austria still on SW with relays of domestic services in German; and
 in English Report from Austria on new schedule of 15-minute pairs
 half an hour apart, including via Sackville M-F 1510 and 1540 on
 15515; weekends, Insight Central Europe starts 10 minutes earlier
 [I should have said, at 5 and 35 minutes past the same hours, since
 some of the weekday airings are at 15 & 45 instead of 10 and 40]
*French and Spanish listeners to RAI not so fortunate, with all
 broadcasts canceled; but Spanish expects to resume January 1 with
 5 minutes
*Sudden budget cuts at R. Prague put an end to WRMI relays, and its
 own broadcasts curtailed too; no details yet at website
*Laser Radio UK plans to resume this summer on 5935 [via Latvia],
 instead of 9520, and coordinate a better frequency for winter; check
 Sunday evenings in Europe
*Russia extends license of Radio Liberty for another 5 years, to
 broadcast over transmitters within Russia
*R. Yugoslavia name dropped, now only International Radio of Serbia
 and Montenegro; new logo replacing RJ: RSCG, abbr. of station name in
 Serbian; no other changes
*SW situation in Liberia changed in past week: ELWA 4760 facility ID
 as R. Liberia; R. Veritas back on 5470; R. Liberia International,
 LCN, reactivated on 6100
*Another extensive BBCM media survey on an African country: Ivory
 Coast in DXLD 3-115
*July 1 the big election day in Togo, but R. Togo Libre not heard
 since mid-June on either broadcast; still on TDP schedule
*ZNBC Radio 1, Zambia back on its old frequency 4910, and widely heard
 from 0249 and until 2200, ex-5915, ex-6265
*Zanzibar now has English newscast at 1800 on 11734.1, 585
*The media magazine your monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1189,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Brock Whaley
*Sa`ad Faqih, of Islamic Movement for Reform in Arabia, and
 clandestine V. of al-Islah, assaulted in London with `message from
 Saudi government`
*Israel Radio broadcasts missing, caused by cable cut in Jerusalem
*Andy Sennitt reorganised Iraq media dossier since start of war,
 into chronological narrative form, via
*Man who runs anti-Iran station from Baghdad abducted, but which?
*V. of Mojahed, anti-Iran station heard on new 9280 plus jammer
*Impact of US-based satellite TV services in stirring up trouble in
 Iran subject of many stories lately via CRW; links in DXLD 3-115
*BBC negotiations with AIR for program exchanges fall through, since
 BBC didn`t really want to put India on the air in Britain, even tho
 it has its own Asian network
*Hmong Lao Radio, Minnesota via Uzbekistan, Wed and Fri 0100-0200 on
 17540 ex-12070, but unintelligible
*Jamming on BBC Mandarin is combination of 5 echoed signals with same
 program content, due to five unsynchronized jammer sites
*R. Monte Carlo, Uruguay, heard in Ecuador at 1035 on 6140.1, not to
 be confused with CPN Peru on 6141v
*R. Parinacota, Chile, heard on 6010, in absence of Colombian;
 recording by Bjoern Malm, Ecuador from SWB website:
*Peruvian on 4825 IDs as `LVS, tu radio digital` -- must be La Voz de
 la Selva, Iquitos
*New Peruvian on 5176.51, R. La Amistad, perhaps from Tayabamba;
 recording also at above site, plus the 1610s below
*Two stations on 1610.10, R. Sabor, somewhere in Peru; and Ecos del
 Portete, Giron, Ecuador
*Ondas del Orteguaza, Florencia, Colombia, reactivated on 4975,
 recording by Malm
*Harmonic on 2879.98, Radio Reloj, Tulua, Colombia, Malm recording
*R. Marti testing new MW frequency from outside the US, 1020 kHz;
 perhaps Cayman Islands or Turks & Caicos
*Sporadic E the afternoon of June 24 so intense that it brought unID
 Mexican(s) on channel 7 to Tennessee, Louisiana
*Mystery last week on 15650, PAB via Germany, stands for Pan American
 Broadcasting, broker of religious programming in California
*AFRTS changed all frequencies from Key West and Puerto Rico,
 replacing 12689.5 and 6458.5 with 7507 from PR, 5446.5 night,
 12133.5 day from Key West; as in website schedule
 Strange they picked 7507, so close to KTBN 7505
*R. Farda has new director, Andres Ilves, who is already head of R.
 Free Afghanistan; but what became of Farda`s previous director?
*Extremely rare double- or triple-hop sporadic E in late June brought
 TV and FM stations from Maritime Canada, NE US to DXers in Scotland,
 England and Northern Ireland; much covered under Propagation in
 recent DXLDs; one confirmed for Paul Logan, NI, is WFRY, Froggy 97.5,
 Watertown NY, over 3000 miles away
*FCC shut down radio free brattleboro, Vermont, on 88.9
*Oops, Nevada Highway Patrol set up new communication system, but
 forgot to get frequencies authorized by FCC; see DXLD 3-113, 114
*Anker Petersen in Denmark evaluated new SW Guide just issued by
 WRTH; random selection of 100 SW broadcasts found 95 percent
 correct, a fantastic improvement over WRTH 2003, 68 percent
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, July 1; major storms with A and
 K indices peaking at 40 and 6 on July 14 and 15; 30 and 5 on July 24
 and 25; 25 and 5 on July 6, 7, 11, 21; lowest 12 and 3 on July 10 and
 17; flux range 155-115
*Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of Radio 1189  ###