WORLD OF RADIO #1188, produced June 24, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Our new time on WWCR, ex-Sat 0600: Sat 1030 UT still on 5070
*WINB putting together three DX programs into a sesquihour DX block
 early Saturday evenings, UT Sun 0000-0130 on 12160: 0000 DX Partline,
 0030 World of Radio, 0100 AWR Wavescan; first try last week did not
 work, but part of WOR aired at 0107
*WRMI Miami has been for sale at $650K, and now in Business Wire
 notice, one program client, IBC Radio has ``discussions`` with WRMI
 -- presumably about purchasing it
*VOA Museum at old Bethany OH site will add Gray History of Wireless
 Museum, moving from WCET facilities; should be complete by July 4;
 and first glimpse during Freedom Fest June 28-29
*Massive 99.9 percent public opposiiton to FCC media concetnration
 ruling June 2 has led to Stevens-Hollings bill in Senate to roll it
 back; but going may be tough. See NY Times: 
*BPL -- broadband over power iines or PLC = powerline communications,
 is another very important issue, but not getting public attention.
 Proposal could put an end to SW radio listening; see DXLD 3-110 for
 ARRL summary of the situation or 
 Comments may be filed online, docket 03-104; at
*Illegal high-power cordless phones in Bahamas, Florida, Michigan on
 134 MHz band interfere with air traffic control in Miami, Cleveland
*EuroStar, Czech pirate in Chicago on 87.9 has been 24 hours since
 at least last August; strongest in Czech neighborhood near
 Irving Park Road and Harlem Avenue; phone 773 725 6039; doesn`t
 the FCC care? Seems to be operating with impunity
*``Kenneth, What Is the Frequency`` is playing in Washington DC thru
 July 28, at Source Theater,
*Long-inactive Mexican SW station is back, XEXQ, Radio Universidad,
 San Luis Potosi, 6045, at least in daytime [1230-0400]
*New FM station in Nassau, Bahamas, Joy FM on 101.9
*New FM station in Manati, Las Tunas, Cuba, Radio Manati, la Voz del
 Faro on 92.9
*R. Rebelde`s new SW frequency 11655 not only at 1100-1300 but also at
 1600-1730; and the unID last week around 15075 is R. Rebelde, also
 heard at 0847
*YVTO, Venezuelan timesignal, back on 5000 after almost a month
*R. Victoria, Peru, around 6020.28v in 0430-0500 period with religious
 show La Voz de la Liberacion, in Spanish with heavy Portuguese
*HCJB`s Portuguese DX program says they may create a transmitter site
 in Fortaleza, Ceara, Brasil
*On 12120, Radio Justice, clandestine for Ethiopia is new program,
 Sundays 1700-1800, = R. Fthi, instead of Netsanet Radio, which is off
 SW for a year; this replaces R. Solidarity via DTK. Heard Sunday from
*Medhin Radio, another Ethiopian clandestine, heard from 1800 Sunday
 on 7520 for Europe; also at 1830 on 12120 for Ethiopia
*Standard disclaimer
*The 1,188th World of Radio, woradio at or P O Box 1684,
 Enid, OK 73702 USA; our ever-changing schedule and complete access
 without any charge to our extensive reference DX Listening Digest:
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Gerald T. Pollard
*Good News for Me, new Cairo FM station Arasbic website corrected:  Its meta-content doesn`t mention Christian
 but practically everything else
*New daytime frequency for R. Madagascar, 7105 USB plus carrier
*Clandestine partly in English, easy to hear in North America is
 R. Voice of Hope, from Madagascar to Sudan, Sunday 0426-0457 on
 12160; also on 15320 but clashes with Taiwan
*European DX Council report continues on DX Partyline, last Sat of
 June; and now also via V. of Mediterranean, Malta, last Sat of
 month at 1730 on 9605 (but schedule shows 6185; which?); see full
 VOM program schedule in DXLD 3-110
*IRRS Italy shifted from 5780 to 5775, 1900-2130 daily, including
 Nigerian clandestine R. Abeokuta recently mentioned; weekends
 still 0800-1200 on 13840
*New site for RFE in IBB schedule, Jaszbereny, Hungary, 0300-0400
 9760, 0400-0500 11710, 0500-0600 11885, 1600-1700 9505
*DTK Germany schedule has mysterious new listing for ``PAB`` but
 what does that mean? Quarter hour blocks Sundays 1445-1600 on
 15650, bearings 100 or 115 degrees
*SAQ, Alexanderson Alternator station in Sweden on VLF 17.2 kHz,
 yearly special transmission Sunday June 29 at 0830, 1030, 1230; also
 ham contacts from SA6Q on 137.7, 14035, 14215, schedule
*Mystery in Europe over who is testing with nothing but music on 1386;
 unseems V. of Russia. Lithuania also claims frequency
*PM Sharon in Israel stepped in to save immigrants` network REKA in
 Amharic, Russian; hope he will do the same to save Israel Radio SW
*Kuwait 1593 kHz [beamed 5 degrees] was 24h R. Farda, but new sked
 with VOA English, Kurdish, R. Free Iraq, VOA Farsi, R. Farda, not 24h
*V. of Iraqi People, from Sa`udi Arabia is still on the air even tho
 it`s anti-Saddam and unneeded
*Two new digital TV stations on Eutelsat W1 for Iraq: IMN = Iraqi
 Media Network, Twin Rivers TV
*R. Tashkent, Uzbekistan, English schedule
*June 20 edition of On the Media from
 features V. of Tigers, Sri Lanka, and interviews Nick Grace of CRW
*Reply received after 25 years of trying from North Korea, but QSL was
 not enclosed; reminds Ross Comeau of WMFQ pirate station
*RTI Taiwan resumed Instant Noodles of wacky news June 18, Weds on
 hour 1, with Andrew Ryan
*And with that, World of Radio 1188 concludes; I`m Glenn Hauser ###