WORLD OF RADIO #1187, produced June 18, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Our early Sat broadcast on WWCR 5070 at 0600 has been cancelled, but
 another time later in night may be forthcoming [Sat 1030 on 5070]
*Latest World of Radio available by phone at (206) 333-5096, not
 authorized; who is doing it?
*Jose Elias Diaz Gomez has 2-hour Sintonia DX program every UT Sun at
 0000 on Union Radio Portenas, 640, Venezuela; and will include our
 Mundo Radial reports. Audio link via: 
*Ecuador ripe for revolution; check active and inactive SW
 frequencies. R. Nacional Espejo, QUito, 4879, looking into resuming
 SW; active lately is R. Saquisili y Libertador on 4899.77 in early
 evenings, late mornings
*DX Partyline announced US station to carry it: WINB, which has also
 added two other DX programs in last few weeks. Will be at 0000 UT
 Sun on 12160, same time as formerly on HCJB itself
*Australian newspaper article about HCJB and Voice International says
``both are phenomenally wealthy``; so why all the cutbacks from
*Radiodifusion America, Paraguay, left 7371 for 9983, 24 hours as well
 as 15185, but only 200 watts each; eager for reports. 9983 direxional
 east/west; 15185 south
*unID on 15075.07, possibly from Panama judging from music style, at
 0129-0200+ June 15, ``Musica Beat 96.7 FM ... El Gran Sonido``
 reported by Adan Gonzalez (not Mur), Venezuela
*Besides XEUT Tijuana on 1630, a new one is in FCC database on 1630
 from Mexico, in Tizayuca, Hidalgo, NE of Mexico City, 10/1 kW
*R. Reloj, Cuba, heard on 2nd harmonic, 1900 kHz
*R. Rebelde, Cuba, continues heard around 1100-1300 on new 11655, with
 ``Haciendo Radio`` show, only reported by Jose Elias, Venezuela
*Jose Basulto, ham who sent TV signals to Cuba, got notice of
 violation from FCC,0,2603377.story?coll=sfla-news-palm 
*TV Marti special to Cuba via Commando Solo May 20 used channel 18;
 now Arnie Coro says new Canal Educativo network, channel 4 in Habana,
 is on channel 18 in Camaguey, with other UHF outlets elsewhere; and
 a new fourth national network is planned
*Webcasting links for Cuban radio and TV: Radio Cuba:
*Cuban TV program listings could be useful to TV DXers: 
*Canadian House of Commons committee issued massive report, including
 a recommendation that RCI be strengthened;
 Yet RCI`s integration into domestic CBC continues
*AFN Iceland was off 13855-USB for a few weeks, but heard again June
 16 with weaker signal
*R. Sweden considering dropping its English broadcast at 1130, but
 wants to know if this would ``absolutely devastate`` any listeners?
 Informal DRM tests in local mornings with 10 kW on 6065
*Complete YLE Radio Finland schedule now available in DXLD 3-107,
 including Latin Sun 1555 on 17670, Special Finnish other days
*No English from Denmark on SW, but on MW 1062, five minutes at 1030,
 1710, 2200 followed by several other languages
*New website collects R. Denmark QSL cards through the ages: 
*Borderhunter holding a meeting about pirate radio, Sat, June 28 at
 1500 local on Dutch side of Belgian border; directions from or
 [not working when checked June 19]
*Original article in French in DXLD 3-107 by Bernard Chenal, ``German
 Propaganda to the Maghreb in WW II``
*R. Serbia & Montenegro says it will have to close abruptly if
 government does not come through with funds held up for three months;
 Serbian officials claim Montenegro is not interested
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1187;
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA: or woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Harry Helms
*Legislation in Angola calls for government to lose monopoly on SW
 broadcasting, allow private SW stations (like Radio Clubes in
 colonial days)
*Photos of V. of Liberty SW station in Liberia at under
 the Africa community forum:
*R. Togo Libre, new clandestine is M-F 1300-1400 on 21760 via South
 Africa, and Sundays 2000-2100 on 12125, probably same site. Is
 seeking correspondents in each Togolese prefecture. Second website
 about it is at [OK June 17-18, not 19]
*R. Hargeysa, Somaliland, seems to have new transmitter ex 7530.0 USB
 + carrier, now 7530.6 USB with carrier suppressed so cannot listen on
 AM; bad modulation
*R. Cairo, Egypt, confirmed in English at +1710-1830 on 9755, but
 terrible modulation, ex-15255? Audio was OK on another day
*Good News For Me is new FM station being set up in Cairo; joint
 venture with government`s ERTU; so far
 does not work. Christian catch-phrase, so could it be Christian, or
 even Coptic?
*Kurdish article in March about R. Denge Mezopotamya for Turkey says
 it is on internet with audio, the one around 0400 on 15675, connected
 with PKK ``terrorist`` organization,
*V. of Southern Azerbaijan, clandestine for Iran, may actually come
 from Azerbaijan, since it was planning to ask the Azerbaijan
 government to change from SW 9375 to MW; audio files included at Story at:
 -- perhaps produced in Sweden as Stockholm mentioned on broadcasts
*US-based Iranian satellite TV stations stir up protests in Iran
*US BBG quickly issues a `me too` press release about R. Farda
*Jamming against R. Farda has lessened rather than increased
*Since two 200 kW Harris transmitters acivated for R. Afghanistan in
 Kabul on 1107, will the SW relay back to Afghanistan via Norway
 continue? Still heard June 7 at *1430 on 18940
*V. of Free China keeps changing its name; lately R. Taibei
 International, but from July 1 becomes R. Taiwan Inernational or
 V. of Taiwan; one explanation is that listeners were confused about
 how Taibei relates to Taiwan!
*New X-bander in Seattle, KTFH, 1680, verified in a week saying that
 it`s evenly split 12 hours a day each: noon in Hindi, midnight in
 Spanish paralleling KKMO; changeover at 0700 UT
*Chicago-area pirate on 87.9 in Czech, Radio EuroStar with some IDs in
 English, tho it cannot be legal;
 sounds like about 100 watts from west side. Another 87.9 pirate plays
 rap, soul oldies, ads for a bar in East Chicago, maybe 10 watts
*From July 5, WGN 720 will carry Twilight Zone radio series, UT
 Sundays 0500, suppose also webcast if rights available
*K1D special events station for Kids` Day June 21;
*Field Day is following weekend, June 27-29, from 0000 UT Sat June 28;
 W1AW schedule for this in DXLD 3-107
*Public radio talk show The Connection devoted an hour to ham radio;
 audio on demand, and gallery of antique QSL cards, via
 [following item is only on low/longer version as heard on WBCQ...]
*Alternate history SF novel with a shortwave angle is ``Conquistador``
 by S. M. Stirling 
*Blackout occurred June 17 at 2255 UT, with M6 class solar flare
 knocking out all HF on the sunlit side of the earth
*Propagation outlook from Boulder June 17: several dates with A and
 K of 30 and 5; flux range 130-115-155
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1187   ###