WORLD OF RADIO #1186, produced June 11, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*WOR on Radio Studio X, 1584 +FM, Italy: time change on Sundays to
 half an hour earlier, 9 pm CEST = 1900 UT
*New Mundo Radial starts June 13 [not 14], on WWCR 15825, Fridays
 2115v, Wednesdays 2100; also serialized on Radio Enlace, from R.
 Nederland, Fridays and Sundays
*R. Togo Libre is new clandestine, M-F 1300-1400 on 21760, Sun only
 2000-2100 on 12125, first reported in June 5 issue of DX Listening
 Digest. Site is -- Diaspora Togolaise pour la
 Democracie, prompted by June 1 election. Site typos frequency as
 27760; good quality mp3 file of the broadcast (recordings); in
 sixth minute goes from French to Ewe(?); 21760 site must be South
 Africa, also used from there before 1300 and on Sat and Sun after
 1300 for Channel Africa; RTL [not RTI] has trouble feeding programs
 from Togo to site with internet blockages, electricity cuts in Togo
*June 8 attempted coup in Mauritania caused usual strong signal on
 4845 to be missing, allowing Europeans to hear Malaysia instead, but
 back on the next night
*Renewed violence in Liberia, but R. Liberia International has not
 been heard on 5100 or 6100 since March 28
*IRRS Italy carrying R. Abeokuta, Nigerian clandestine, for Europe,
 Fri and Wed 2000-2030 on 5780;
*IRRS entire schedule: daily 1900-2030 5780, Sat & Sun 0800-1200 on
*Salama Radio, another Nigerian clandestine, gone from Juelich,
 Germany; was daily 1830-2000 on 13855
*SW Radio Africa on 4880 puts great signals into Nordic Europe, but
 not into target area of Zimbabwe, even tho from South Africa
*R. Hargeysa, Somaliland, 7530.6 USB + carrier, heard with English
 at 1922-1939
*R. Cairo, Egypt heard with new English broadcast at 1703-1715 on
*Director General of IBA plans to close foreign service of Radio
 Israel, as well as some domestic services
*At the end of June, R. Austria International will cease to exist;
 some remaining SW broadcasts will be relays of domestic services
*R. Liberty celebrates 50th anniversary of broadcasting to USSR,
 helping to bring it down
*RFE/RL will definitely move from Wenceslaus Square to some other
 location, but still in Prague
*Low powered hospital stations in Britain also have link transmitters
 on 48 MHz band close to TV ch E2, DXable by sporadic-E in Italy
*NRK accused of broadcasting programs of a Kurdish terrorist group,
 PKK. Station and details not specified; V. of Independent Kurdistan
 is PKK, but not known to use Norway; more likely V. of Mesopotamia,
 15675 at 0400-0800. Concerns Turkish Kurdistan; also DXed in Peru
*The non-commercial, non-communist, non corporate, non-committal DX
 program, WOR 1186, woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK
 73702 USA
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Jim Wishner
*Tajikistan transmitter on 4635 has problems, bad audio and 2nd and
 3rd harmonics on 9270, 13905
*R. Pakistan English at 1600-1615 now on 17720 ex-17820; also on
 15725, 15065, 11570
*Sri Lanka external service interchanged frequencies for English and
 other languages; English 0030-0430 and 1230-1530 on 6005, 9770,
 15745; with 9770 replacing 11905 and 11930
*About once a month, V. of Indonesia has great signal in English at
 2000-2100 on 15150, as heard in Arizona; how come? May be variations
 both in propagation and transmission
*R. Australia itself archives only an occasional edition of Feedback,
 but thanks to relay via World Radio Network, every edition is
 archived for one week, 32 minutes into the 0800 hour on Sundays
*Program schedule for HCJB Australia, perhaps outdated, still shows
 not only DX Partyline, but also Ham Radio Today: Sat 1030 on 11770,
 1600 on 15480
*HCJB Australia has co-channel interference on 11770 from WYFR to
 Brasil, but well heard in New Zealand
*Correcting last week: WGMS, classical in Washington DC, is not about
 to be replaced by Fox News Channel audio: this was originally a
 parody/rant by Dave Hughes of
*Classical station in Dallas still may lose its prime frequency; see
 very opinionated pieces about this in Dallas Observer:
*New York City pirate on 1620 and 1630; another on 87.9 
*In DXLD 3-101 reports of DXpeditions to Patagonia and Florida Keys
*R. Marti much stronger now in Keys compared to Cuban interference on
*R. Habana Cuba tells French listener its broadcasts to Europe are
 only episodic; English at 2030-2130 heard on both 9505, 11760, not on
 claimed but long evacuated 13660 and 13750
*R. Rebelde, Cuba heard on new 11655 at 1236 with Haciendo Radio
*All three RAE frequencies from Argentina blocked at 2300-0100; a
 waste of money to transmit
*DRM adding more and more participants in official inauguration June
 16, at least fourteen, for World Radio Conference-03 in Geneva
*Latest DRM schedule:
*Powerline Communications a very significant threat to our ability to
 listen to SW; see this heading at the end of DXLDs 3-100, 3-101,
 3-104 and many previous issues
*Digital TV is another form of noise; see DXLD 3-102 about how DTV
 snow compares to ordinary snow, and DXing it
 [following two items only on low version, heard on WBCQ...]
*John Faulkner in UK picked up several Canadian A2 TV audio channels
 June 7 by very rare trans-Atlantic double-hop sporadic E; has a link
 to audio file in DXLD 3-101
*Rocco Cotroneo in Rio de Janeiro again hears around solstice the WYFR
 relay in Taiwan on 1557, thanks to antipodal focusing, i.a.
*Propagation outlook from Boulder June 10; flux range 150-115-145
*To read much more about everything we`ve mentioned, check DX
 Listening Digests via our website
*Hoping you`ve enjoyed this edition, 1186, Glenn Hauser inviting you
 to hear me again next week   ###