WORLD OF RADIO #1185, produced June 4, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Starting June 7, WINB in Pennsylvania carries World of Radio,
 Saturdays 1730 UT = 12:30 pm CDT on 13570
*SIU Edwardsville Webradio is carrying WOR, Mondays 1830, and
 Continent of Media Wednesdays 1830 via
 after E. B. Stevenson`s music shows a sesquihour earlier
*These and other changes are in new compact and detailed versions of
 our schedules via which is a
 noncommercial public service just like this program
*Also at our site, updates of DX and Media Programs, Nets To You, and
 all May issues of DX Listening Digest in one html file
*WJIE site has news of latest adventures in Africa; turmoil in Liberia
 and problems in shipping mean change of plans for 100 kW ex-FEBA
 Seychelles transmitter; to be installed in Uganda instead
*V. of Liberty, present low-power WJIE station in Liberia on 11515 or
 so is off the air awaiting part
*V. of Democratic Eritrea, via Germany, 5920, heard 1400-1500 on
 Saturday, presumably for Europe
*BBCM says a new Ethiopian opposition station at 1700-1800 Sunday on
 12130 is R. Justice or in Tigrigna R. Fthi, originating in Washington
 DC; same listed on TDP site under different name, R. Solidarity, ex-
 via Germany Wed and Sat on 15265, unheard
*King of Swaziland, Africa`s last absolute monarch, condemns human
 rights as an ``abomination before God``, especially women wearing
 pants; meanwhile he has 10 wives and another fiancee after
 inspecting topless videos; how cool is TWR about operating from such
 a country?
*R. Botswana going 24 hours; will we still be able to hear dawn chorus
 warmup of humans making barnyard sounds before 0300 on 4820?
*R. Okapi, Congo DR, heard in Italy on rarely reported 6030 at 2210-
*R. Congo, Brazzaville, not only in clear on 5985 at 0430-0455 but
 also 2155-2230, as heard in Pennsylvania
*More on new Libyan broadcast to Iraq at 1800-1900 on 7245, 11660 and
 instead of 9745, on 9605; closest to an ID: ``General Center for
 broadcasts beamed from the Great Jamahiriyah, a message to the people
 of the two rivers``; really from Libya, or relayed from France?
*Last week`s item about R. Free Iraq via Kuwait on 15495 seems
 incorrect; IBB is registered for that via Woofferton, England but as
*Jalal Talabani of PUK acknowleges CIA and other US government
 ``friends`` involved in V. of Iraqi Liberation, clandestine no longer
*New MW transmitter in UAE on 1170 is 800 kW, per Thales press
 release, with 3 switchable antenna patterns [used by R. Farda]
*Israel Radio`s shortwave service still in danger; to be stopped by
 end of year, not *at* end of year, so could be any day now; protest
 letters to Chairman of IBA, Avraham Natan, IBA House, 161 Jaffa Road,
 Jerusalem 91280, Israel
*R. Afghanistan announced 400 kW unit is experimental on 1107 kHz,
 asking for reports from around the country, ``chase the program``
*Wondering if the relay of Afghanistan via Norway still exists on
 18940 around 1300-1600
*R. Pakistan at 0800 back on 21465 instead of 15095
*Jeff Cohen of WRN London explains DX reports of China Radio
 International on MW from eastern Europe: pilot transmissions from
 various sites, times and antennas; final arrangement to be announced.
 Currently Russian 1700-1800 on 1548 via Moldova
*Fang Guang Ming (Falun Gong) now scheduled 2100-2200 on 6035, and
 9625 ex-9945
*Correcting last week`s item, 3rd harmonic from Vietnam on 17925 would
 be from fundamental 5975, not 5925
*New SW broadcast station planned from Sandaun province, Papua New
 Guinea, nothing to do with NBC, to cover entire country. May not have
 anything to do with previous report of two new 7 MHz frequencies
*R. New Zealand International closes 9885 at 1310, but then runs 6095
 for 5 minutes, to tune it up for opening morning broadcast a few
 hours later
*Listeners to HCJB Australia heard classical music fill instead of DX
 Partyline May 31; but not its final broadcast. Aired as usual for
 last time on HCJB Ecuador. One new time will remain from there,
 Saturdays 1230 on 15115. UT June 1 was HCJB`s final English broadcast
 to North America on 9745; still no word of which US SW station will
 carry DX Partyline. Only English broadcast now is 1100-1330 on
 15114.2 and 21455, no more Morning in the Mountains, just syndicated
 gospel, not setting HCJB apart any more [but MITM is to return later
 this summer]. 9745 remains on the air with Spanish service ex-9525
*The 1185th World of Radio, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702, USA; or
 woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Mike Barraclough
*DX news from Bjoern Malm, Quito: new HCTP5, Ecos del Portete, Giron,
 Ecuador on 1610.10, mostly music; also heard in Sweden at 0105-0230
 with Andean msuic
*Peruvian catches: 2820.40 harmonic is R Olmos, Lambayeque, 2 x 1410;
 on 4799.99, R. Satelite, Santa Cruz, Cajamarca at 2341, with QRM de
 Guatemala; R. Peru on 5637.24; R. San Miguel de Sondor on 6536.06 at
*R. Melodia, Arequipa usually on 5996, moved to 6106.95, and then
 moved again to 6042.55 variable, heard by several others in this
 area; including near Moscow at 0023-0215
*Artyom Prokhorov gets lots of South American DX before local sunrise
 in the Russian countryside, such as R. Nueva Esperanza, Bolivia, 6585
 at 0036-0143
*Unidentified Brazilian on 6370.00 heard by Malm around 1010 UT;
 unseems harmonic
*KWKH, 1130, Shreveport LA, change to sports format was short-lived;
 back to Classic Country since Memorial Day
*WGMS, Washington DC`s only commercial classical music station, to be
 sold to Fox and converted to Fox news channel audio track! Was a good
 entry-level service to classical; cultural mediocrity growing with
 its demise
*Following up current Continent of Media: agreement signed to put 22
 NYC TV and FM antennas atop new Freedom Tower at Trade Center site by
 2008y; most temporarily on Empire State, Building
*As expected, Republican majority on FCC voted to relax restrictions
 on media concentration, but a big fight brewing with legal
 challenges; and congressional hearing already two days later; DXLD
 3-096, -097, -098 and onward have lots of stories on this
*Steve Anderson of United Patriot Radio won`t go to trial July 28
 since he took a guilty plea. Faces at least 10 years of prison,
 sentencing in September
*Device to avoid government mind control:
*FCC also busy on high-frequency with a detailed report in the Federal
 Register on changes in allocations for broadcasting and other
 services; see DXLD 3-097. Puts in place expanded SW bands which are
 de facto already in use
*Kim Elliott`s audience research at VOA shows which media its
 listeners use: 59% shortwave, 16% local AM and FM rebroadcasts; 15%
 VOA MW outlets; 9% VOA internet audio; everything else 1% or less; so
 74% listen to VOA`s own SW and MW frequencies
*KNLS Alaska claims to be on 11765 for English at 0800, but heard on
 11675; typo or continuing punchup error? Installation of new
 transmitter delayed because last winter was not cold enough
*Banff Park Radio, ALberta, on FM in English and French; English also
 streamed via
*Anyone heard AFN Iceland lately on 13855? Missing since May 23 or so
*BBCWS annoys us by adding time signals at :15 and :45; why in the
 world? Unless for convenience of Ghurkas
*R. Slovakia International`s 2-month old Spanish service asks
 listeners to be patient in requests for goodies
 [next two items only on low version and WBCQ...]
*Hare Krishna station reported again in Russia/Ukraine around 7437, R.
 Veda scheduled 0100-0300 or later with 150 watts from Orel
*This is time of year for tropospheric ducts between California coast
 and Hawaii allowing VHF DX over extremely long distances; see DXLD
*Girard Westerberg in Kentucky claims first DTV sporadic E DX
 reception, of KOTA-DT Rapid City SD on channel 2
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, June 3; flux range 100-130
*Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1185  ###