WORLD OF RADIO #1183, produced May 21, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Special ham prefixes from Canada for two months commemorating 50th
 anniversary of National Library of Canada: CK for VE, CJ for  VA,
 CY for VO, CZ for VY; in effect just in time for CQ WPX CW contest
 May 24-25
*RCI resumes 49mb frequency to USA at 2200-2400, 6140, ex-13670
 since higher frequencies are skipping over Northeast, \\9590
*Due to declining solar cycle; R. Marti also adds 6050, 6040 to
 other 6 MHz frequencies, unjammed for the moment, ex-9755?
*R. Marti, US government station, still violating separation of
 church and state, broadcasting Catholic mass; what about Jehovah`s
 Witnesses and all other sects: aren`t they equally entitled to
 broadcast free of charge via R. Marti?
*Guyana apparently back on 3291.25 or so
*CARACOL via La Voz de los Centauros, Colombia on 5958.45 one time,
 another time on 5958.18, and recorded by Bjoern Malm, Ecuador
*Recording of La Voz del Upano, Tena, Ecuador, 5966.64
*To be announced this weekend on DX Partyline, the show will not be
 ending, but continuing via HCJB-Australia, and some station other
 than HCJB-Ecuador, which can be heard in North America
*Ondas del Rio Maranyon, 6520.31, recorded by Bjoern Malm, Ecuador
*Radio Nuevo Amanecer, 4655.02, ditto
*New on 6585.41, is R. Nueva Esperanza, El Alto, La Paz Dept.; 6586.1
 variable, Bolivia
*Website about those Chilean music stations in the 47-50 MHz area,
 sometimes DXed in North America,
*ABC in Australia facing budget cutback, or rather no increase; but
 R. Australia gets A$9 million over 3 years for expansion to Asia,
*Survey of Papua New Guinea stations by Walt Salmaniw at Grayland WA
 DXpedition: see DXLD 3-087 at
*R. Taibei International indignant that Argentina and Spain rejected
 mail to listeners there due to SARS; spreads only by close personal
*On 17 MHz band, China`s jammers are stronger than actual Chinese
 broadcasts; old 50 kW Beijing transmitter reactivated
*Nihon SW Broadcasting, Japan, changes to Nikkei Radio Broadcasting
 October 1; later giving up name R. Tampa
*All India Radio, Patna, MW transmitter on 621 failed; quickly
 replaced by Delhi carrying Patna programming on 11620, 9595,
 instead of usual external service; temporary schedule
*Observations of brief English news and weather from Asgabat,
 Turkmenistan on 4930 between 2030 and 2050
*Mystery on 9270 has diverse explanations: 10 x 927 from Turkey;
 but V. of Greece heard \\ 9420; also IDed as Tajikistan, 2 x 4635!
*The 1183rd World of Radio, woradio at or P O Box 1684,
 Enid, OK 73702, USA
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Michael Beu
*Iranian clandestine for Israel, V. of David, heard from 0228 on 9910
 in Alberta and OK
*Swedish Iraqi becomes new head of Iraqi TV; worked for R. Sweden
*Listening to 9745 for Bahrain, another Arabic station is heard;
 originates in Libya, with addresses in Tripoli, but no ID heard;
 especially for Iraq, at 18-19, 21-22, maybe 12-13; could be relay via
 France like other Libyan SW broadcasts
*SW Radio Africa, clandestine for Zimbabwe, has been testing 4880,
 presumably via South Africa, at 1600, 1700, 1800 for up to an hour;
 in addition to usual broadcast via Madagascar on 6145
*Best window for hearing R. Congo on 5985, is 0430-0455 before WYFR
 comes back on
*R. Burundi, reported back on 6140 last week, absolutely unheard
*V. of Nigeria adding more languages, changing schedule, dedicating
 website and plans webcasting too;
 language/frequency schedule not yet updated; dedicating two super-
 power transmitters
*British Forces Broadcasting Service SW relays off the air since May
 18; no longer needed with local FM transmitters?
*Sitkunai, Lithuania, SW transmitter no longer carrying Iranian
 clandestines and Fundamental Broadcasting Network relays
*Joe Adamov home from hospital, but unknown when he can resume work
 with Moscow Mailbag
*V. of Russia starting its own 32-language internet webcasting, not
 only audio but online video
*V. of Croatia`s new SW schedule, direct and via Germany, but exact
 language schedule not given; half an hour of English on MW 1134 at
*Dave Kirby ending his Cybershortwave Live program via
 May 25 at 1500 UT; see
*IBOC on AM band suspended by National Radio Systems Committee due
 to iBiquity defects; MW listeners relieved
*As June 2 approaches, opposition is growing to FCC vote to approve
 increased media consolidation; Sen. Feingold called on FCC to delay
*FCC granted 5 spot ``60 meter`` frequencies to hams: 5332, 5348,
 5368, 5373, 5405; NTIA and powerline broadband lobby were opposed
*New Domestic Broadcasting Survey #5 available,
*Propagation outlook from BOulder May 20; flux range 150-90
*A look at the declining solar cycle: not enough quiet days to prompt
 good propagation. See graph at
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1183   ###