WORLD OF RADIO #1182, produced May 14, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*On the WJIE schedule only three times remain for World of Radio,
 7490 and perhaps 13595: Sat 0930, Sun 1030, 1630; only the last one
 confirmed this week, but started at 1625 with old #1179; so WJIE
 only useful for WOR on a backup or contingency basis
*Denmark`s SW broadcasts may be cancelled at yearend; 5-minute English
 news relay from domestic service heard at 0630 on 7180, 11615,
 repeated at 0730 on 9590, 11615, followed by other langauges; all
 relayed via Norway
*AFRTS/AFN via Iceland: other coordinated frequencies might also
 start, 20 kW at 200 degrees: 7590 2100-0800, 0700-1800 15620; 13855
 at 0500-1830 altho has really been virtually or completely 24 hours
*Trish Huizinga, OIC in Iceland sends friendly E-mail replies; site
 is Grindavik, and includes some local announcements
*Dutch pirate radio clampdown: AT agency closed down 68 as of May 6,
 Project Etherflits launched in March, may go on for a year. Pirates
 furious at enforcement, and severe fines, confiscation. Protests in
 cybserspace and at a park in The Hague
*R. Burundi says it is back on SW 6140 in addition to FM
*Hit soap opera on R. Burundi: see 
*R. Congo, Brazzaville, heard on 5985 until 2301*
*R. Bahrein has two separate programs on 9745, 6010, sometimes in
 parallel for news; hear clips at
*US pulling out of Camp Snoopy, Qatar, where Commando Solo was based;
 flight operations cease in May, camp closes in June
*But Information Radio already gone from 4500
*R. Farda service to Iran via UAE added 1170, same frequency as Iraq
 Media Network, Umm Qasr; quickly resolved by putting IMN on 909
 instead, formerly in Baghdad; Farda still on 1539 from UAE plus 1170
*Lot of contention about redeveloping TV in Iraq, US role, censorship;
 see DXLDs 3-081, 3-082, 3-083
*Intermittent strikes in Israel affect broadcasts in English, garbage
*Another strike in France May 13 causes RFI to play music instead of
*VOLMET in Southeast Asia on 6676 includes Bangkok at 10 & 40 minutes
 past the hour; Singapore 20 & 50; Sydney? at 00 & 30; music played on
 frequency at 1650
*SARS outbreak causes cancellation of Broadcast Asia, big Singapore
 conference and exhibition in June
*China Radio International says it will cease mailing to listeners
 until SARS is under control; spreadable by P-mail?
*R. New Zealand getting budget increase, part of which, $150K, is for
 RNZI, to increase Pacific language programming from 4 to 10 hours
 daily; only one SW transmitter, so that means less English
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1182;
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK, 73702, USA, North America. Or woradio at for our latest schedules and much
 more, especially large archive of DX Listening Digests
*Thanks this week for financial support (via PayPal) go to William
*R. America, Paraguay news: MW outlet R. Villeta moved from 1610 to
 1590; SW 7370 has 1 kW with 25 dB gain towards Buenos Aires, with
 ERP of 316 kW; 15185 24 hours, 200 watts, ERP 1.6 kW
*Two Peruvians reactivated on May 7: R. Nuevo Amanecer, Celendin,
 4655.02, after a year; and Pacifico Radio, 4974.98; connected with
 R. Macedonia, which appeared on 4890 when it disappeared?
*R. Union, Lima, back with beautiful signal and music, on 6115,
 enjoyable early morning listening, heard in Tennessee and Russia
*Alo Presidente, Venzuela via Cuba at 1400 Sundays heard now on
 13680 best in Venezuela; 17750, 11670
*R. Habana Cuba, English at 2030, heard back on 11760; next English
 scheduled at 2230-2330, instead heard at 2300-2400 on 9550, including
 DXers Unlimited, Tue 2341
*Hermanos al Rescate, Cuban exile group, sent amateur TV broadcast to
 Cuba from plane Feb. 24, and plans a repeat on May 20, Cuban
 independence day; on cable channel 58, not the same as UHF 58, so
 connect antenna to VCR or TV tuned to C58, i.e. video 427.25 MHz,
 well below UHF ch 14; callsign on slide was KB4HPV, VOLVEREMOS
*Bahamas rarely DXed on FM in US, tho in single hop sporadic E range;
 Michael Procop, near Cleveland OH, did hear ZNS on 104.5; another
 Nassau outlet to check for is Jamz FM on 100.3
*Florida a hotbed of pirate activity, especially on FM, but FCC is
 cracking down, issuing $10K fines to two or three, and one has also
 been sentenced to 9 months in prison: Rayon Sherwin Payne of Orlando,
 but someone with same name is on a list of convicted felons. Ran 95.9
 and 93.9 pirates in Orlando area; first pirate operator named after a
 synthetic fabric
*Two X-band stations on 1680: WTIR in Florida, tourist info, changed
 to Spanish as Alma Latina; KTFH in Seattle on air with nonstop Indian
 music, ``The Bridge,`` ``Radio Ahwaz?``, noon to midnight local
*Very important vote coming up June 2 at FCC; see DXLD 3-080.
 Republican majority expected to relax rules preventing media monopoly
 in any market. See and see
 American Prospect Story:
*Flood of 13,000 applications to FCC for new FM translators; but not
 all can be granted; to counter possibiility of more LPFM? See DXLD
*Enid missed all the tornado activity in OK during the past week; see
 DXLD 3-081, 3-082, 3-083; at a distance monitor KOMA-1520 with day
 facilities at night, audible in the east with Buffalo nulled
*Burton Paulu died in March at 92; was pioneer in educational radio at
 KUOM; wrote books on broadcasting in Britain and Eastern Europe,
 taught at University of Minnesota; obit: 
*Richard Kotey, originally from Ghana, ``King Kotey, the Gallant
 Ghanaian`` at VOA, has died; many tributes to him at
*R. Africa International, Methodist station in New York, via DTK
 Germany, changed English to 1700-1900 on 13820, 11735 ex-15265
*NPR selling Grundig multiband receivers including SW, YB-400 at;jsessionid=Y0JDV0T0BDI1BLA5AIOSFEQ?CATID=6
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, May 13; flux range 100-155-90
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1182        ###