WORLD OF RADIO #1181, produced May 7, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*After two months, RFPI Costa Rica reactivated second frequency,
 15039, so again audible in daytime, including WOR scheduled Fri 1930,
 Sat 1730, Sun 1830, Tue 1900; last repeats delayed one hour to one
 sesquihour for logistical reasons
*Updated for May via : DX Programs,
 and Nets To You
*I put too much time daily into updating Monitoring Reminders
 Calendar also at website
*R. Continental, Argentina, heard on 10490, SSB?
*Peruvian news from Bjoern Malm, Ecuador: R. Imperio, Chiclayo was
 on 4389.92, went to 4757.32 for three days, then back to previous
*CARACOL back on SW 5958.10, via La Voz de los Centauros,
 Villavicencio, Colombia
*Alcaravan Radio, Puerto Lleras, Colombia on 6009.72, a.k.a. La Voz
 de tu Conciencia, which plans to license 5910 as alternate and test
 48-72 hours in about a month, for English to North America at night;
 we hope for anything secular, like Latin American news, in the
 absence of HCJB
*R. France International still heard on 2m hamband, 0100-0200 on 144.3
 MHz, due south from Venezuela; an unsolved mystery for three years
*R. Habana Cuba found on another new frequency for English at 2030-
 2130, 9505, not suitable for Europe
*New head of Radio-TV Marti, Pedro Roig, suggests using aircraft
 closer to Cuba than the balloon for TV Marti; our modest proposal in
 DXLD 3-078: broadcast on all 12 VHF channels at once via satellite
*Despite intoleance of gays in Latin America, there is homosexual
 radio in Mexico, a weekly show on W-FM, one of the major stations,
 also in Guadalajara a 24 hour GDL Gay Radio on internet; and R. 13
 will carry a `Closet` show on 1290
*Status of WRNO New Orleans; FCC allows it to use 500 watt transmitter
 while new owners try to purchase 50 kW transmitter
*Voice of America was investigated by Sen. Joe McCarthy; 5 MB file
 of hearings on this now released:
 Andy Sennitt plans to go into it at Media Network
*Liberal talk-radio network already exists in the US: i.e. America
 Radio Network, with full lineup including Mike Malloy; has webstream, also on Sirius 145-Left
*WBEE, 1570, south side of Chicago, giving up jazz format for lack
 of advertising; to be sold and turned into all-gospel
*WLIB, 1190, New York`s plan to increase coverage after purchasing
 co-channel WOWO Ft. Wayne and reducing its power: denied by FCC
 due to filing technicality; nor can another 1190, WGKA in Georgia
*Latest KNLS Alaska frequency change April 28-July 27, English:
 0800 on 11765, 1300 on 11870
*Hearing Alaska on MW in the lower 48: article by Craig Healy in
 Rhode Island, also in DXLD 3-079: check the
 grayline for a path from Anchorage to you at sunrise this summer:
 550 590 650 700 750 1080 are the [6] frequencies. Peak times, e.g.:
 Providence, June 14 at 4:50 am EDT; Pittsburgh June 14 5:30 am;
 Chicago June 14 5 am CDT; Denver June 7 5:15 am MDT; Los Angeles
 May 14 5:30 am PDT
*Via a variety of platorms this is the 1181st World of Radio:
 woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA
*Thanks this week for financial support go to: Alan Bosch
*American Forces Network finally active on SW from Iceland: 13855-USB
 may be 24 hours
*OXT, Danish coastal station, also on 13855 with ice floes fax
 broadcasts from long before AFN showed up, at 1218, 1308, 1803; also
 uses 9360, 5850, 17510 at other times
*Keflavik site for AFN confirmed by Trish Huizinga, OIC,
*Clandestine schedules via Norway; greater detail in DXLD 3-079:
 V. of Mezopotamia; R. Afghanistan [not clandestine], R.
 Anternational; V. of Komala; V. of Eritrean People; R. Sedoye Yaran;
 V. of Reform, for Saudi Arabia; V.of Ethiopia, in English
*V. of Croatia heard with expanded Englisha at 0200-0220/0225 on 9925;
 now plans 24 hour expansion to diaspora as of May 15, V. of the
 Homeland, on SW, MW, satellite, itnernet, in Croatian, English,
 Spanish; we heard Spanish at 0230 on 9925
*Call to Prayer stations in UK use 454-455 MHz band from mosques,
 instead of loud hailers from the roof; such as 454.7 scrambled;
 and 454.275; is this done in the US? We never hear a Call to Prayer
 over the air, but then in Enid there isn`t even a synagogue, let
 alone a mosque
*V. of Nigeria again on 11770 despite heavy interference, 1728-1958*
 in variety of languages, ending with French; VOA clash after 1900
*Counter QSL from FEBA: will no longer verify since does not have
 own transmiters, a rather lame excuse
*FEBA heard on 11690 via Rwanda until 1757*
*Scheme to get radios into North Korea via helium balloons, promoted
 by a pastor, but not just to provide Christian radio, which would
 be ``replacing one dictator with another``
*R. Station Pacific ocean, Vladivostok, planned special SW broadcast
 May 7-8-9 only at 0615-0700 on 11760; hopes to get financial backing
 from fishing companies to continue; no QSL
*SLBC, Sri Lanka, tested on 7302.5, then on 7300 parallel others
*R. Pakistan may replace other 0800-1104 frequency 21465 with 15095;
 15095 also may replace 9400 at 1700-1900, all to Europe
*How will Iraq`s media be rebuilt? Independent Media Institute is
 concerned about choice of Grace Digital Media as production house
 for US government TV broadcasts, since it is fundamentalist Christian
 `rabidly pro-Israel`; BBG says no problem
*Info Radio to Afghanistan on 8700 was never airborne, since no
 Doppler shift measured; but Info Radio to Iraq on 4500 does have a
 4 Hz Doppler effect, indicating 500 km/h, now flying 20 minutes on
 a steady course
*R. Bopeshawa, Worker Communist Party clandestine for Iraq, plans to
 reactivate on 5000 and 7000 daily at 1100-1200, 0500-0600;
 frequencies presumably rounded
*Baghdad blogger is back:
*Al-Quds Radio, clandestine from Syria on 702 at 0500-1400 may soon
 be silenced, as Syria pressured to clean up its act
*V. of Liberty, clandesine for Lebanon, moved to 11645 at 1600-1700,
 via Samara, Russia
*Bob Cooper predicts a bang-up summer for sproadic E
*Propagation outlook from Boulder May 6: flux range 100-155
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1181       ###