WORLD OF RADIO #1180, produced April 30, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*Some obits in this edition, starting with Bob Kerr of CBC Vancouver;
 see DXLD 3-075
*Jerry Williams, dean of talk radio in Boston died; also see 3-075
*Armed Forces Day is Sat May 17, but celebrated the previous weekend
 May 10-11 with military/amateur crossband contacts
*Steve Anderson, of clandestine United Patriot Radio, trial date
 set for 18 weapons-related charges, July 28 in London KY
*Northern California FM station KZPN relays BBC WS 16 hours a day
*Still no May issue of BBC On Air, probably held up publication,
 since Iraq war totally disrupted schedule; normal programming now
 resumed but with changes; features repeat during a 24 hour period
 instead of spread over 2 or 3 days; see our Monitoring Calendar at  New times for Play of the Week,
 Write On
*Harry Kliphuis, much-loved former Radio Netherlands presenter, died
*Dutch authorities raiding lots of pirates, forcing them into low
 profile, says Alfa Lima International
*Sender Freies Berlin ceases to exist May 1 as it merges into
 Ostdeutscher Rundfunk Brandenburg to form RBB Rundfunk Berlin-
*unID on 15780 turns out to be Swedish evangelical via Germany, IBRA
 Radio, 1830 in English to East Africa called Wireless Communication; shows two other English broadcasts
*Another monthly broadcast from Scandinavian Weekend Radio, very
 low power Finnish station, 24 hours from
 Fri May 2 at 2100 UT
*Croatian Radio expanding to 24 hour operation from May; DTK
 schedule shows some additional relays via Germany, including more
 than one frequency at some times; already started April 28, and
 English segments no longer heard at previous times
*V. of Nigeria website still not updated since last year; now hearing
 French at 0500 on 7255, but English is still at 0455 on 15120, if
 it is propagating; live mike OK, but worn-out cart machine? inserts
 almost unintelligible
*V. of the Martyrs, Canadian Christians to start broadcasts to
 Eritrea this summer, publisher of ``Jesus Freaks`` -- see
*[Israelis] squabbling again about how to finance radio networks;
 may close down some networks in September, leaving nothing to relay
 on SW; here we go again: may protest to Israeli consulates,
 embassies; they keep jerking us around, usually manage to survive but
 maybe not this time
*R. Sumer, 1584, went back to R. Tikrit name once, perhaps by mistake;
 recording off Hotbird satellite feed had crosstalk with WRN in
 French, and CRI interval signal
*US businessman reported to be putting FM station on air in Baghdad
 without license
*US psyops troops handed out $3 Chinese AM/FM radios in Baghdad for
 people to get relief/emergency info
*Two Rivers Radio, 1566, supposedly via CIA, sounds anti-American,
 but also anti-Iranian
*V. of the Mojahedin, 720, anti-US and pro-Iran, analyzed as Iranian-
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1180,
 woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; check our
 website for much more info
*Get well wishes to Wolfgang Bueschel in Germany, recovering at home
 after another heart attack; and to Will Martin, recovering at home
 from sextuple bypass surgery
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Mike Barraclough
*Iran believed to have been heard in USA on 3985
*3985 also a new frequency for China National Radio-2, Qinghai,
 schedule, also on 7149 [sic]
*New DX program in Chinese, Sat 0730-0830 on 6185 from China Huayi
 Broadcasing Co., ``Sky of BCL``; gifts, new QSL available; but
 before sunset so not propagating very far
*Carbombing by Islamic militants kills five at All India Radio,
 Srinagar, Kashmir
*R. Pakistan on 17825 ex-17835 at 0800-1105, starting and ending in
*RRI Wamena, Indonesia, irregularly active on 4869.92v
*R. Habana Cuba sometimes uses 11760 in English after 0500; before
 2130, 11760 was in Spanish instead of English
*XEYU-OC, Radio UNAM, Mexico City, reactivated on 9600, but very
 poor modulation
*R. Imperial, El Salvador`s only SW station, widely reported on
 17835.2v, but how to QSL? Replied to recording with a faxed QSL;
 their fax number is (503) 450 0189, no E-mail yet
*Special ham prefix in Costa Rica for half sesquicentury of ham
 radio, TE75-, thruout May; see -- QSL via
 direct mail and IARU
*More on HCJB`s plans to scale back broadcasts; date not yet set for
 German and Spanish for Europe to end; will not reconsider a shorter
 English release to North America; might resume English once digital
 SW is in use
*Bob Padula negotiating with HCJB Australia for a new DX program there
 to replace DX Partyline, under auspices of EDXP
*Reminiscenses of HCJB as one`s first DX log; its soft-sell approach
 is more listenable than most evangelical stations. Use `filters` to
 sort out useful info from hidden agenda
*R. Perola and other pro-Chavez stations in Venezuela are necessary
 in order to combat the media oligarchy, says Adan Gonzalez
*FCC Notice of Inquiry over Powerline Communications; public comments
 may be filed. see 
*British DX Club published new Summer 2003 edition of Broadcasts in
 English booklet, cash 2 pounds, 5 IRCs, 5 Eu, 4 USD to Eu; rest of
 world 6 IRC, 5 USD. BDXC, 126 Bargery Road, Catford, London, SE6 2LR
*Propagaton outlook from Boulder, April 29: flux range 150-100-150 ###