WORLD OF RADIO #1179, produced April 23, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*RFPI notice says programs after 0600 UT appear half an hour later;
 may affect WOR and COM on new schedule not yet available
*KCBQ 1170 San Diego may have to go of the air Sept. 13, after 54
 years, unless it can find a new tower site. See or
*Another major Clear Channel station has started running IBOC
 digital hash above and below its frequency, WSAI 1530 Cincinnati,
 blocking 1520 and 1540 stations
*Instead of KDKA on 1020, Super Power 1020, Caribbean Christian
 Radio, Turks & Caicos heard in eastern US; testing new transmitter
 and/or auroral conditions
*Radio Habana Cuba resumed afternoon broadcast in English at 2030-
 2130, on 11760, but modulation and power deficient
*Pres. Hugo Chavez supporters in Venezuela put on government-
 sponsored pirate stations such as Radio Perola; see DXLD 3-063 or 
*R. Tacna, Peru, 9505v with 200 watts remains quite a DX catch but
 now has started webcasting M-F 1200-1400 UT:
*La Nueva Radio Superior, El Faique, new Peruvian on 6895.34 using
 transmitter of old Radio San Miguel on 6895.41
*5895-5928 variable, is Radio Chasqui, Cusco, Peru ex 5979.1
*This week`s bombshell: DX Partyline announced that the show would
 be ending May 31, and HCJB is cancelling its English broadcasts to
 North America, Europe. New person in charge doesn`t want to do so
 much expensive shortwave radio. Lisen to entire show at or see my summary in DXLD 3-070; lots of negative
 reaction from listeners HCJB is abandoning after 72 years. It`s a
 done deal, so why protest? (Recording of Curt Cole saying it will not
 be overturned). Morning English may continue, not really for North
 America; HCJB Australia will continue in English but not with Quito
 programs. One listener calls this a crime, ``work of the Devil``;
 HCJB not really needed to bring Christian radio to North America, but
 it did provide some Latin American news in English, now left to Radio
 Habana Cuba. HCJB promises to read postings at public access
*Among 6010v stations the rarest is R. Parinacota, Chile, 6009.71,
 separable from Mexico and Brasil or Colombia
*Bolivian shifted from 6085v to 6080, R. San Gabriel, La Paz
*GBC Radio 1, Ghana, back on air, 4915, by cannibalizing parts of
 Radio 2 transmitter, disappearing same day from 3366 and 6130
*V. of Africa, Libya, no longer transmitted from that country, only
 relays via France; times and frequencies as monitored for 5-minute
 English news
*Via multiple media platforms, this is World of Radio 1179; P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA, North America; or woradio at
 Check our website for our latest schedules, and a tremendous
 resource, years and years of DX Listening Digst
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Jim Wishner
*V. of Turkey changed from 11960 to 12000 for English at 2200
*R. Kuwait feels it`s safe to broadcast in English again after the
 war, presumably 1800-2100 11990, 0500-0800 15110; news at 1830
*R. Tikrit, clandestine from CIA transmitter in Kuwait on 1584, has
 changed to be called R. Sumer, with same anti-Saddam programming,
 until 2100
*Al Mustaqbal, The Future signed on at 2130 with same transmitter
 moved to 1575; see Radio for the Future of Iraq, about this station,
 based in Jordan, at Is the radio of the Iraqi
 National Accord
* V. of Rebellious Iraq, on 711, sponsored by the Supreme Council for
 the Islamic Revolution in Iraq
*V. of Liberation of Iraq now on 657, ex-Kurdish service frequency
*V. of Mujahedin on 720 from Iran to Iraq, heard also in Finland,
 affiliated with Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq
*Wall Street Journal reports V. of New Iraq is US-sponsored with
 returning exiles, on 1170, but from Baghdad or Um-Qasr?
*R. Free Afghanistan launched new website including English page:
*Hong Kong yacht race cancelled abruptly by Philippines due to SARS
 fears, but alternate course specified, and weather broadcst on 3940
 heard in Australia, but not by many North Americans who tried
*Exotic ZLXA, New Zealand, heard in Alberta on next frequency 3935
*Momentous event: North Korea quits mentioning Kim Il Sung in sign-
 on announcements, starting on his birthday April 15
*Hans Johnson visited derelict WRNO transmitter site, not on air; more
 overgrown than ever and housing developments encroaching
*Cuba installing new radio and TV transmitters on Isle of Youth to
 block Miami stations, including TV channel 51, thanks to Chinese
 aid, at Radio Progreso site
*Space Environment Center, Boulder, is in extremely difficult
 financial situation, with appropriation suddenly cut; pledges to
 carry on anyway
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, April 22; flux range 150-100
*As I take my leave from World of Radio 1179, Glenn Hauser with a
*Standard disclaimer    ###