WORLD OF RADIO #1178, produced April 16, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*RFPI changes some of our times on 7445; 2nd and 3rd repeats now: Sat
 0130, 0730, 2330, Sun 0530, Mon 0030, 0630, Wed 0100, 0700
*And Continent of Media moves to Fri 0200, 0800, Sun 0330, 0930
*WJIE moved our M-F broadcast from 1200 to 0730 UT on 7490; also Sat
 0930, Sun 0200, 1030, 1630; also check 13595 now testing
*Australia activates Jindalee HF radar system JORN; Aussies hearing
 machine-gun-like noise on certain SW bands, from Laverton and
*Some active Indonesian RRI SW stations monitored in Japan around
 +1100-1200+: 3266.4 Gorontalo, 3325 Palangkaraya, 3344.8 Ternate,
 3976 Pontianak, 4606.4 Serui. 4753.4 Makasar, 4925 Jambi; 4606.39
 audible in Florida
*Another series of special weather broadcasts on SW 3940 from R-TV
 Hong Kong for yacht race to San Fernando, Philippines: April 18-27
 at 0003 UT; April 17-20 at 1003
*China Radio International relays via Lithuania from April 16, 1900-
 2200 on 1557 MW
*Not only Christians moving into Iraq to convert Muslims when they
 are most vulnerable; Iranian TV channel called Resistance, on the
 air quickly for Iraq on behalf of the Supreme Assembly for Islamic
 Revolution in Iraq
*Towards Freedom, US TV station for Iraq, includes some networks but
 not CNN, initially from Commando Solo airhorne; ready-made TV
 station with 12 transmitters arriving soon from UK
*Margaret Tutwiler, ex-State Dept. spokesperson, now ambassador to
 Morocco, TDY in Iraq as special envoy of acting Pres. Bush
*Iraq radio was to resume April 15, but not heard yet; no radio, TV,
 satellite channels back yet
*BBC Monitoring of Information Radio; The Future; V. of People of
 Kurdistan; Republic of Iraq Radio/Voice of the Iraqi People; R. of
 the Land of the Two Rivers; V. of the Iraqi People; V. of Iraqi
 Kurdistan; V. of Rebellious Iraq; V. of Kurdistan Toilers
*A great deal more about Iraq in DXLDs at
*Americans in Iraq going on ham radio: N5GL at 0500 on 14195; YI/KT4CK
 on 21260 at 1430-1600; upon permission of CO`s, not eligible for DXCC
*Syria`s two English hours are at 2005 and 2105 on 12085 and 13610 but
 very poor reception due to modulation
*R. Jordan teletype interference on 11690 not such a problem in
 Europe; English shifted an hour earlier to 1300-1630
*Israel resumed normal times for English SW broadcasts: 0400, 1015,
 1630 and 1900
*R. Bahrain back on SW, 9745 round the clock; no 6010 English
*WJIE`s Liberia station testing on 11515, heard by Jarmo Patala in
 Finland at 1530; quickly confirmed by E-mail: The Voice of Liberty
*V. of Nigeria has two different services at same time; English to
 1000+ on 15120 only; 2100-2300 has English on 15120, vernaculars
 on 7255
*Jakada Radio International, 15170, 1900-1929, seemed to come from
 same IBB Morocco transmitter as VOA just before it
*TWR starts broadcasts in Cape Verde, claiming only one percent of
 population is Christian; really more like 100 percent, but they
 are Catholics not qualifying as Christians for Trans World Radio
*The Media Magazine you Monitor with Your Mind, World of Radio 1178,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; or woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Brock Whaley
*Standard disclaimer
*One English broadcast from Greece last week is at 0930, not 0830 on
 12105 and 15630
*R. Bulgaria`s DX programs in English: Fri 2138, 2338, Sat 0238,
 Sun 0638, 1138
*Time running out for R. Austria International; some English times
 are 0530, 1130, 1330, 1830, 2130 to Europe; not 1530 via Sackville
 15515; 0130 on 9870
*No chance to save R. Austria; but Saturday April 26, International
 Marconi Day, will have OE1M special ham operation on the premises,
 special QSLs for that and broadcasts, r.p. required
*Radio Tre, Italian FM station on 6955, later 6275, but station says
 unauthorized relay, a pirate on long hours, and powerful as heard in
 Europe, North and South America
*R. Netherlands revised reorganisation plan reduces number of fulltime
 job losses to 17; adds Arabic website; cutting Dutch to Europe and
 TV program; reduction of SW transmitter hours in other languages
*Possible closure of R. Denmark by end of this year to be decided by
 May 1; still the second half of every hour via Norway
*More problems for R. Ukraine International, despite megawatt on
 12040, noise from R. Sawa; RUI looking for new frequency
*Laser Radio upset over Latvian choice of new frequency 9520, which
 was not coordinated and already has R. Liberty and Tirana on it;
 broadcasts suspended until this resolved; as well as on WBCQ, but
 continuing on internet,
*British Forces Broadcasting Service schedule changed to: 03-07 15795,
 14-16 17895, 16-18 17635, 18-20 13760; and 03-04 7260, 04-06 11975,
 06-07 15425, 14-18 13860, 18-20 6015
*Irish longwave transmitter on 252 back on air relaying RTE Radio 1
*New Peruvian expected on 6035, rivalling HCJB: Radio Internacional,
 La Voz de la Salvacion, Arequipa
*RFPI is reading `1984` by George Orwell, M-F 2100, omnibus Sat 2030
*Merida, Yucatan SW on 6105 reactivated, heard at 0802 as Candela,
 one of group`s FM stations; 1100 News, 1200 Chinese interference
*WDHP, 1620, Virgin Islands, heard well in New Zealand from 0515
 with BBC World Service relay until 0900
*50th US X-bander is WTNI, 1640, Biloxi, MS, to replace their 570
 outlet, which is still on; Talk Radio 1640
*WRMI Viva Miami has two specials recorded at SWL Winterfest, UT Sun
 Apr 20 0330 on 7385, 1200 15725; 2nd at 1230, and 2200 on 15725, and
 April 27 0330 on 7385; also a Spanish version
*WBCQ has expanded Planet World News Mon-Sat 1945; plus evenings Tue-
 Fri 0415 on 7415, inviting listener input by E-mail
*VOA added Shona and Ndebele before English to Zimbabwe, 1700-1800
 on 909, 13600, 17895
*New on CBC Radio 1: What a Week, satirical review; plus Grooveshinny,
 Sat 1500-1600 on 9625
*Fri April 18 is World Amateur Radio Day, anniversay of IARU founding
*Radio Shack getting out of radio market, marking down greatly what`s
 left; soon to be just `Shack`?
*Don`t worry about Grundig going bankrupt: this will not affect
 manufacture and sale of SW radios, says Kim Elliott
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, April 15; flux range 90-160-95
*Glenn Hauser here, finalizing World of Radio 1178  ###