WORLD OF RADIO #1177, produced April 9, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*New edition of Mundo Radial starts April 11 on WWCR 15825, Fridays
 2115, Wednesdays 2100 approx.  [audio and script also at:]
*At find DX Listening Digests, Monitoring
 Reminders Calendar, revised DX Programs, and Nets to You
*AFN SW frequencies on USB quite active: 3903, 4278, 4319, 4993, 6350,
 6458, 10320, 12579, 12689, 13362; some +0.5, may not all be currently
*WHRA inviting people to send `Soldier Salute` voice messages by phone
 to troops in Mideast; no scheduling details
*WRMI`s new DST posted schedule shows Viva Miami bilingual Wed 0930
 9955, Sun 0330 7385, 0930 9955; English only Sun 1200-1300, 2200-
 2230 on 15725; Wavescan from AWR a few weeks late: Sat 2230 15725,
 Sun 1300 15725, 2030 15725, Mon 0330 7385
*People keep wondering what`s the US station on 5015; I have to keep
 telling them it`s that WWRB mixing product 5085/5050. Dave Frantz
 [not Doug -- he`s the ex-mayor of Enid...] thinks it`s coming from a
 neighbor`s resonant rusty galvanized tin barn roof
*KVOH Los Angeles, 17775 putting out at least six spurs heard as far
 away as Tennessee, on 17921, 18067, 18213; 17629, 17483, 17337
*R. Africa International, Methodist from New York via Germany has
 English at 1700-1900 on 13820 and 15715 
*Leonard Kahn proposes alternative to noisy IBOC digital system,
 Cam-D, compatible AM digital, in stereo too; already testing in
 several states
*Adrian Mills, responsible for unpopular CBC Radio 1 progammming
 overhaul, has departed; already starting to be undone
*RFPI Costa Rica has not had Spanish for some time, but interns from
 Germany have started a weekly German/Spanish hour, Pura Vida, Suns
 1600, 2200, Mons 0400, 1000 on 7445; also plans weekly Spanish
 block perhaps starting Friday mornings
*Channel Africa, South Africa, A-03 English schedule
*R. Nacional Angola heard in English at 2100 on variable 7217.3
*R. Tanzania reactivated on 5050.1; news at 1700 \\ Zanzibar 11734.1
*Two Sudanese opposition radios active on SW: V. of Sudan, V. of
 Democracy and Peace, Radio of the National Democratic Alliance,
 1530-1600 daily on 8000; and V. of Freedom and Renewal, Voice of
 New Sudan, run by SAF, at 0400 except Fridays on 6985
*R. Cairo, Egypt, heard with 10-minute English segment during Arabic
 at 2130 on 11750
*Hear Iceland in Icelandic only, USB, 1215-1300 15775, 1755-1825
 13865, 1410-1440, 1835-1905 on 15775, 2300-2335 13865
*World Music Radio, Denmark, registered for 10 kW on 5790, 6290,
 15810, and DRM 7700; not yet testing but soon, probably not 5790
 due to Bulgaria 5800
*Via one of multiple media, you`re listening to World of Radio, 1177;
 woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Gerald T. Pollard
*BBCWS in Arabic launched Lifeline program, phone +44 207 557 2535,
 with messages to friends and relatives in Middle East
*BFBS booms into Georgia at 0300 on 7260
*Two BFBS frequencies are via Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 13860 and 15795
*Mixup at Merlin control puts FEBA on BFBS frequency; another mixup
 for 5 days in a row had Israel Radio in Persian via Kazakhstan,
 instead of Democratic V. of Burma
*English from R. France Internationale; involves new site Ascension;
 contradictory info about two Gabon frequencies 9730, 15255 at 1600
 being from South Africa instead
*Spain`s only remaining English to North America at 0000 settled on
 summer frequency 15385; sometimes propagates, sometimes not; rest of
 English schedule to Europe, Africa
*Switzerland`s remaining English schedule on antiquated SW
*R. Tirana, Albania`s new English schedule of four broadcasts
*R. Prague`s new English schedule to North America
*Czech-Slovak anti-chemical unit soldiers in Kuwait (now Iraq?) have
 half-hour program from R. Prague; send messages via
*Radio DMR, Dnester Moldavian Republic, weekly English on 5960 moved
 earlier to 1600-1630 Wednesdays
*Nagoya DX Circle posted new A-03 schedule of CIS relays: DXLD 3-059
*V. of Greece` few programs in English
*Mika Maekalaeinen on assignment in Qatar uncovered lots of new info
 about Commando Solo, Information Radio; read all about it at
*British troops launched R. Nahrain in Basra, Iraq on 100.4 and 94.6
*State Department released $4 million for Iraqi National Congress to
 resume Liberty TV, which went off satellite a year ago
*As of April 9, pro-Saddam programming still heard in northern Iraq on
 657, not parallel to 603 which was simulcasting Iraqi TV, Mosul
*Plans to move journalists from Kurdistan to another Iraqi city to run
 new domestic radio station
*Robert Reilly, ex-VOA Director, to be put in charge of Iraqi
*R. Tashkent, Uzbekistan`s new English schedule
*All India Radio`s new English schedule
*New HFCC online schedule not such a goldmine, since a number of
 countries had listings deleted! PNG, Korea, Vietnam, Pakistan, Japan,
 Bangladesh, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Laos, Cambodia,
 Thailand, Singapore, i.a.
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, April 8; flux range 90-160
*That concludes World of Radio 1177; Glenn Hauser, thanking you for
 listening and hoping you`ll hear me again next week  ###