WORLD OF RADIO #1176, produced April 2, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*WOR now available in MP3 format thanks to Tim Gaynor of
 DXerscallingAudiosend yahoogroup...
*From April 7, WOR times on WJIE 7490 shift one hour earlier to M-F
 1200, Mon and Tue 0600, and new Sat 0900, Sun 0200
*RFPI about to put new antenna on 7445 for better recerption, and
 running 24 hours while 15038 is still off; WOR times unchanged
*Our WWCR times shift one UT hour earlier from April 6 on same
 frequencies; see last week
*From April 7, WOR on WBCQ, Wed 2200 on 7415, 17495-CUSB, Mon 0445
 on 7415
*A-03 HFCC file now available, goldmine of frequency info for new
 season, huge zip file via
*Much more manageble resource for broadcasts in English is Dan
*US government schedules at the monitoring page of
*Philippine Broadcasting Service schedule in English, Filipino via
 IBB Tinang
*Inevitable unanticipated frequency clashes include: V. of Vietnam
 and China both on 11630 at 1800-2130
*R. Thailand`s English schedule via Udorn, includes new 9700 at 1230
*Sri Lanka external English schedule again clashing with WEWN 15745
*All India Radio no longer running 4 different transmitter sites
 simulaneously on 10330; now just Bangalore 500 kW. The others moved
 to 7 MHz band
*R. Pakistan English at 1600-1615, 11570 15065 15725 17820; and others
*Huge 228-entry frequency registration list from Iran, perhaps more
 than actually in use; including English to North America 0030-0230 on
 6135, 9590, 9835, 11920
*Need to follow reaction of Iran to the war next door. Many of the 500
 kW transmitters used for jamming, stepped up against R. Farda
*V. of Mojahed, clandestine to Iran, vanished when BBC forces took the
 Radio TV building in Basra, Iraq, March 28
*Iran also jamming Israel in Persian; and more against Farda
*More clandestines to Iran: R. Anternational, via Norway at 1630 on
 13800; and expanded schedule, also at 0230-0330 7460, 1800-2100 7525,
 1800-1900 7480
*V. of Iran, another clandestine, now via Norway 1800-2057 on 7525;
 and via France 1630-1830 on 11575
*7525 heard as Radio Yaran instead at 1830-2100, meaning `Friends`;
 see for American Farsi Netlink
*New Iranian-based Arabic language TV service Al Alam, with
 transmitters reaching parts of Iraq
*Iraqi Kurdistan begins summer time April 4, UT + 4, but how about
 Iraq? We`ll soon find out from the TV networks
*Kurdish clandestine on 4085 heard with segments in English, American
 instuctions and ``Off we Go into the Wild Blue Yonder``; recording
 from Dave Kernick`s
*Information Radio not yet in Kurdish, but has new frequency for
 Kurdistan, 4500, first reported by Tarek Zeidan, Egypt
*You`re listening to World of Radio 1176, woradio at or P O
 Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; for links
 to DX Listening Digest, more pages last week than any time in recent
 memory, there has been so much news
*Thanks this week for financial support (via PayPal) go to Michael Beu
*Information Radio, Iraqi official radio, and a third station all on
 756 kHz, Eastern Radio, clandestine from Israel or vicinity
*Fluxuating media situation in Iraq; on MW, Iraqi main service on 909
 and 603 kHz; known but unheard SW frequencies, says BBCM, are 11788,
 9750, 11765, 15230; last three are news to us
*Information Radio reported not only to come from aircraft but from a
 British frigate in the Gulf
*R. Jordan still broadcasting in English on 11690, +1610-1730* but
 heavy RTTY interference must be minimized
*Israel drops both BBC World and CNN from cable TV
*South Africa dropping CNN but keeping Al Jazeera
*At 1600-1700 on 11520 ex-11515, V. of Liberty, clandestine to Lebanon
*R. Cairo`s new English to Nroth America frequencies no good here:
 2300 on 11725, heavy adjacent interference; 0200 11780 blocked by
 Brazil; Cairo also clashes 11750 at 2000-2100 with KSDA, both to Asia
*FEBA still heard from non-Seychelles sites, 11 of them, 6 in Russia
 plus Ascension, UAE, Rwanda, South Africa, Austria; main English at
 1500-1600 daily now to South Asia on 7460 via Irkutsk
*Embarrassing situation in Swaziland; local reporter claimed to be
 filing direct from Baghdad, really from a broom closet
*R. Lubumbashi, Congo DR, 7435 reported around 1720-1930
*R. Brazzaville, other Congo, active again on 4765; Chinese opera
 tests 0900-0300 and 9610 at 0300-0900
*Jakada R. International, Nigerian clandestine, M-F 1900-1930 on 15170
 is from South Africa, say the Observers in Bulgaria
*From March 28, WJIE testing transmitter in Liberia on 11515 toward
 Israel and northern Africa; unit from V. of Hope; ex-Seychelles unit
 to be installed later
*V. of Mediterranean new English schedule from Malta via Rome, Russia
*R. Romania International, part of new English schedule to Europe,
 North America
*V. of Russia in English to North America frequencies at 0100-0500
*R. Vilnius, Lithuania in English to NAm: 2330 on 9875, 0030 on 11690
*One DW frequency for English to Europe, 6140 is partly in DRM: 1000-
 1300, 1600-1900
*Croatian Radio leaves hamband 7285, returns to 9925 to North America
*V. of Greece relays via US sites, Delano and Greenville; and English
 schedule direct, including music hour Sundays at 1800 on DL 17705
*R. Yugoslavia waits unitl April 6 to revise its schedule, for DST in
 North America, 0000 (exc Sun) and 0430 on 9580; an hour later until
*R. France International has several new relay sties: Ascension,
 Rwanda, UAE, Tajikistan, Singapore, Uzbekistan, MW from Taiwan
*BBCWS still mostly news, but resumed some features at M-F 0830, 0930,
 1930, 2130, talking point call-in at 1530
*BBCWS added windows media streaming capability as war began
*Completely new schedule for BFBS via Merlin and Russia/Uzbekistan
*Radio Marti`s director Salvador Lew resigned for health, scandal
 reasons; new head will be Miami Lawyer Pedro Roig
*WBOH heard on 5920 with regular programming \\ WTJC 9370
*George Jacobs website has fewer clients than before including not yet
 on air KIMF, Pinyon NM: 1800-2245 11865, 2245-1800 5835
*Propagation outlook from Boudler April 1; flux range 155-110-160
*That`s World of Radio 1176; Glenn Hauser hoping you`ve found the
 program informative and will listen again next week   ###