WORLD OF RADIO #1175, produced March 26, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Last week`s World of Radio 1174 was pre-empted on RFPI for Pacifica
 anti-war coverage [and may continue to be]; also bumped from WWCR UT
 Sun 0330 on 5070 [but only a make-good]; and WJIE was still running
 the previous week`s. If you still haven`t heard 1174, listen via our
 website or if it`s still there, via
*WRN time changes expected but not confirmed yet: Sat 0800 to rest
 of world from April 5; from March 30, Europe 0430; North America 1400
 (or maybe the latter not until April 6)
*North America goes on DST a week later, after the Week of Confusion,
 when some frequencies have changed, not necessarily times
*WOR on WWCR from April 5: Thu 2030 15825, Sat 0600, Sun 0230 on 5070,
 Sun 0630 3210; Wed 0930 9475 [projected with time shifts]
*WOR on WJIE presumably shifts to 1200 UT M-F on 7490; may clash again
 with Russian Far East transmitter
*Whenever back on RFPI, no time shift, at same UT; 15 MHz off the air,
 so audible only nighttimes on 7445
*WBCQ times from April 5: Wed 2200 on 7415, 17495-CUSB; Mon 0445 7415
*Jakada Radio International, clandestine for Nigeria, resuming Mar 27,
 M-F 1900-1930 on 15170, site unknown
*R. Nacional, Bata, Equatorial Guinea, back on 5005 with great signal
 and modulation
*Thanks to Alokesh Gupta for many new seasonal schedules, including
 from Merlin
*BBCWS to Falkland Islands Tue & Fri 2130-2145 will be on new 11720
*Manager of R. Macedonia, Peru, 4890, Chris Gardner says 1 kW made by
 HCJB; off the air at the moment. Antenna is dipole at 8500 feet ASL;
 to install Lazy-H antenna (vertical incidence); TV audio was
 temporary. His ham call is KC4WHY;
*R. Maria, Ecuador, heard on 5966.59, old La Voz del Upano channel,
 instead of 3279; but talked about broadcasting from Galapagos
*R. New Zealand International reduces power to 50 kW, and takes breaks
 to save electricity costs; off the air 2220-2400, 0100-0300, 0400-
 0500; expected not to last after March
*V. of Vietnam A-03, portion via Merlin including Sackville 6175,
 English 0100, 0230, 0330; Europe 1700 on 9725 via Austria
*Project Airwaves on Merlin schedule, registered before but never
 heard yet; missionary, or what? 0100-0230 15250 Singapore, 0330-0600
 21510 UAE, 0600-1100 15265 Singapore, 1100-1300 13735 Singapore,
 all headed 13 degrees toward FE and NAm; from UAE due east to S Asia
*All India Radio Chennai on new 7270 ex-10330, tho other sites still
 on the latter; 7270 0630-1730; also uses 4790, 4920, 7160
*R. Sedayee Kashmir started on 9890, now back on that for new daytime
 broadcast at 0730-0830; on 6100 at 0230-0330 and 1430-1530
*Uzbekistan media ordered to cover war from pro-US point of view, not
*Inundated with news about Iraq, especially from the media angle; too
 much to keep up with, especially from BBC Monitoring; see DXLDs from
 3-046 with war news only, and much of subsequent issues
*Only active Baghdad frequency 11787 heard by many but irregular and
 poorly modulated; another frequency appeared unexpectedly, 6175, at
 0500-0800, and 1443-1545+; both slightly on high side
*BBCM found both missing as of March 26, as well as main MW channels
 603 Mosul, 693 Basra, 846 Nasiriyah, 909 Baghdad; but 756 from
 Baghdad reactivated, heard around 1800
*Also check V. of Iraqi Liberation, 4025; Information Radio on 9715
*US tactic probably already in effect, to start broadcasting on
 frequencies formerly occupied by Iraqi radio
*More info at including new separate blog
*Military frequencies around Iraq:
*Also useful,
*Reuters launched internet service of video footage, free for now;
*1175th edition of World of Radio; see
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA: or woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Kraig W. Krist
*Standard disclaimer
*Just when we need more news in English from Middle East, we get less;
 Kuwait repaced English with Arabic at 1800 on 11990
*Jordan still in English at 1652 on 11690, news at 1700
*War or no war, just to be different, Israel starts daylight time a
 few days before Europe; for emergency, English news at 0500 moved to
 0600 on 6280, 9435 and 17600; after time shift to 0500, and when back
 to normal at 0400 [and 15640 or 17545 ex-6280 --different versions
 conflict!]; A-03 other English: 1015-1030 15640, 17545, 17525; 1630-
 1645 15640, 17545; 1900-1925 17545, 15615, 11605, 15640; also
 on domestic service only, another English news at 2200 not on SW
*Via satellite TV, Mosaic TV brings news from Mideast countries; some
 also web at
*A-03 V. of Turkey in English, one UT hour earlier: 1230 17830, 17595;
 1830 9785; 2030 9525; 2200 11960, 9830; 0300 11655, 9650, 7270
*R. Bulgaria A-03 one UT hour earlier: 0630-0700 11.6, 13.6; 1130-12
 11.7, 15.7; 1730-18 9.4, 11.9; 21-22 5.8, 7.5, 23-24 & 02-03 9.4,
 11.900 MHz
*R. Budapest, A-03 in English 1530 Sun 6025 9715; daily 1900 3975,
 6025 11720; 21 on 6025; and to SAf 11890; NAm 0100 9590, 0230 9570
*Intermedia, German DX program from Austria, ends weekend of March 28;
 1805 5945, 6155; 1930 1476; Sat 2003 (2030?) 5945, 6155; Sun 1730
 6155 and 13730. March 26 was date for final decision on fate of RAI;
 probably closing down June 30 [later via Kai Ludwig; yes, it`s over:]
*Laser Radio, UK via Latvia, skipping March 30 broadcast on 5935, to
 return April 6 on new 9520, 1200-2000; still on WBCQ 9330 Sundays at
 3 pm ET
*BBC World Service dumped all its regular programming for all-news, at
 least until March 28; and more stations relaying it, e.g. KVMR in
 Nevada City, California; WOSU-AM Columbus abandoned jazz for news;
 WDR Radio 5 in Germany relays BBCWS 2300-0500
*Cursing BBC decision to suspend SW to North America; real audio
 server break-dancing like a chicken on nerve gas; why didn`t they
 up the capacity in anticipation of war?
*BBCWS frequencies around North America from March 30; from US very
 strong unless skipping, on 11835: 0000-0300 50 kW Okeechobee; 0300-
 0500 Delano; still Antigua 5975 evenings, 15190 mornings until 1700;
 Ascension 2100-2400 12095, 0000-0300 9825; England 0000-0300 12095
*New summer schedule for Wales Radio International, half hours weekly
 Fri 2030 7325 to Eu; Sat 0300 9795 to NAm; Sat 1230 17845 to Au
*RTE Ireland, daily half hours via Merlin: 1000 Singpaore 15280,
 1800 UK 15585; 1830 Sackville 13640 and Ascension 21630; 0130 UK on
*United Nations Radio, M-F 1730-1745 in English: 7150 South Africa, 
 15495 England, 17810 Ascension
*Kudos to VOA for independent, objective reporting on the war; more
 balanced than BBC which is too much Iraq-all-the-time; other things
 are going on in the world, such as North Korea
*Capitol Steps comedy special around April 1 on public radio see
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, March 25; flux range 110-145-90
*And so concludes World of Radio 1175; I`m Glenn Hauser, inviting you 
 to hear me again next week ###