WORLD OF RADIO #1174, produced March 19, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*As usual recorded on Wednesday afternoon around 2100 UT; in this case
 March 19 a few hours before war might break out against Iraq; keep
 that in mind in case I say something that seems outdated
*Timeline for R. Austria International closure; decision day is March
 26; if the answer is no, may go off air July 1, leaving domestic
 German relays only; a pity to close as Europe enlarges
*DW not closing SW, but cutting North America off from English, and
 dropping German in mornings; suggestions for hearing it still in
 English to Africa, Asia: 2100 via Rwanda on 15205, 11865, Germany
 9440; no more English between 0100 and 0400; 0000 try Germany 9825;
 0400 Germany 15410, Rwanda 7225, 11945; 0500 Rwanda 9700, 12045;
 Portugal 11925; Madagascar 13755, Germany 15410
*Useful websites for converting long URLs to short ones  and
 [! example below may no longer work, probably due to DW change]
*DW website has list of rebroadcasters in North America now via but huge areas are un-covered; many are low
 power relays; insulting to say these substitute for SW
*From April 6, DW will have 55-minute mailbag show on Sundays
*V. of Russia now has live webcast via windows media with English at 0400-1000
 only, inconvenient here, taking feed to German relay
*VOR has expanded Arabic to Iraq from 3 to 4 hours per day
*R. Gardarika, St. Petersburg on FM, gets SW relay again March 24-30,
 1900-2200 on 6245, 200 kW
*``Captain`` Eamonn Cooke, of R. Dublin sentenced to 10 years for
 sexually abusing girls; ``evil and perverse``
*Laser Hot Hits, British Isles pirate on 4015 ex-3970v after 0530
*R. Ukraine International tentative A-03 has English at 2100 on 5905;
 0000 & 0300 North America on 12040, megawatt? And 1100 on 15415 to
 Europe, not Australia
*Belarus heard with strong AM signal on aero band, 11196, fluke?
*US having second thoughts about closing down Playa de Pals site
 in Spain; instead of USSR could be useful for Arab world; but
 may be too late to back out of deal. See DXLD 3-040
*For duration of war, BBC FiveLive becomes all-news channel
*Tho BBC faces strike threat over sackings in BBCWS Arabic
*R. Sawa heard with expanded overnight broadcasts on 6185, 7185
 via Greece, Morocco, respectively
*See for WUN club listing of western
 military communications frequencies; plus English broadcasts from
 Mideast; exhaustive schedule of all English on SW
*V. of Turkey OK at 2300 on 9655, 6020, but poor modulation, and
 no more news than usual
*Israeli pro monitor Michael Gurdus gets an article whenever war
 is breaking out: see DXLD 3-044
*US base in Qatar to be media capital of the world
*US may try E-bomb test on Baghdad, electromagnetic pulse to
 knock out computers, electronics; hear an NPR reporrt at:
*V. of Iraqi Liberation operated by opposition in Sulaymaniyah,
 messages to soldiers, Iraqi people; 4025.9 variable
*Twin Rivers Radio, 1566 from Kuwait, is a lot like Radio Sawa,
 but getting more serious with speech to Iraqi people
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind. World of Radio 1174,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Pete Bentley
*DXLDs overflowing with stories about Iraq and links to more, notably
 3-045; BBCM finds V. of Youth, 1044, station of Uday, Saddam`s son,
 missing, replaced by general service
*From H-hour, NHK adds SW broadcasts, 24h Japanese to Mideast, more
 Arabic and French, less English
*How to tell apart the two All India Radio stations on 4760; IDs
 before and after Delhi news; sign-off; best time is sign-on, with
 Port Blair at 2325, Leh from 0215 (Sundays 0100)
*R. Sedayee Kashmir changed to 1430-1530, 0230-0330 both on 6100
*R. Pakistan on 7570v is 1915-0045 overnight service to Mideast
*V. of Indonesia in English heard with tape running too fast, and
 another time backwards! But has reactivated transmitters, so may
 be heard on more than one frequency at a time; e.g. 15150 external,
 11860 domestic relay
*New A-03 schedule of Feba, no longer via Seychelles, includes Rwanda
 which used to relay only DW: 1700-1757 in Somali, Tigrigna on 11690
*V. of Ethiopian Medhin heard Sunday March 9 from 1750; recording
 at via the HF Latest page
*R. Okapi, Congo DR, heard in California at 0207 on 9550; in Sweden
 at 0134 on 11690
*R. Gabon reactivated on 4777 at 1735-1800*
*R. Universo, Castillos, Uruguay, still plans to add SW 6155 to 1480
*Active Uruguayans are normally daytime only, but R. Monte Carlo heard
 once until 0045* on 6140
*IBOC spreading to Brazil; testing digital AM on R. Gaucha, 600,
 Porto Alegre, from March 13 for a month; listen for 590, 610 buzz
*R. Macedonia, Arequipa, Peru, run by Crown and Macedonia Baptist
 Institute Outreach (CAMBIO), 100 watts; quit relayng Canal 33 TV
 audio for nonstop classical music
*Rafael Rodriguez reports in Spanish on his trip into the guerrilla-
 infested plains of Meta, in DXLD 3-042, visiting La Voz de tu
 Conciencia, 6010v, and reporting on FM scene, pirate and guerrilla
*Ondas del Orteguaza, Florencia, Colombia, active on 4975, but only
 until sundown 2300*
*Resistencia Caribe FM Stereo, FARC clandestines operating in Perija,
 Zulia, Venezuela on 96.6, 104.3, 105.3
*La Voz Popular, onetime SW clandestine in Guatemala, has a daughter
 still on air, FM? called Mujb`ab`l Yol
*Plans unveiled in Del Rio for a Wolfman Jack museum, ex-XERF; see
*R. Catolica heard on 1670 until 0800* -- seems to be KHPY California
 with format change
*WVMI 570 Gulfport MS closing down and to be replaced April 3 by WTNI
 1640; can be non-direxional, but don`t they know for groundwave
 coverage, 5 kW on 570 trumps 10 kW on 1640 bigtime?
*Phat Rock is 24h pirate in las Vegas, Nevada on 1650
*KXEL 1540, Waterloo, IA, heard with Slavic (Serbian?) at 0300 UT
*Rewind, weekly comedy news review going out of production at
 Marchend; find schedule of webcasts at
*WBOH disappeared again from 5920 after constant testing; it`s 5
 miles from WTJC 9370
*Owner and operator of WWBS, Macon GA, Charles Josey, K4LNL, died
 February 28; will his widow continue it? Scheduled only UT Sat & Sun
 0000-0200 on 11900
*Person trying to establish new SW station in Ninilchik, Alaska,
 facing fines for filling wetlands illegally, attacking federal agent
 with screwdiver [Alexander Kozned]
*Propagation outlook from Boulder March 18; flux range 130-105-150
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1174    ###