WORLD OF RADIO #1173, produced March 12, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Time for a new monthly Spanish DX report, Mundo Radial, from March 14
 Fridays 2215, Wednesdays 2200 on WWCR 9475; also audio and text
*New clandestine service for Iraq on 4025v, V. of Iraqi Liberation,
 at 0630- and 1830-2030 UT; calls for military to drop arms and not
 fight for Saddam; Mika Makelainen and get lots of
 publicity by speaking about this to mainstream press, including
 article in New Scientist:
 V. of People of Kurdistan on almost same frequency at other times,
 but maybe not same site. See DXLD 3-039, 3-040, 3-041; also both on
 MW 1206; Andy Sennitt identifies sign-on music same as that used
 on East German Soldatensender in the 60s and 70s! Mika thinks the
 Americans are involved, directly or indirectly
*Stif Adolfsson, Sweden, thinks Information Radio SW frequencies are
 actually land-based; aircraft on FM and TV. Very weak on 11292,
 now reported expanded to 1500-0900 UT, and 9715 24 hours
*Websites with lots more info on psyops, including leaflets: and
*Contingency plans for merging Israel networks in event of war in
 Iraq; English newscasts to be retimed except for 2000; DST starts
 March 27, moving everything one hour earlier
*R. Bayrak International, Turkish Northern Cyprus reported on 6150.74
 at 0436, 6150.7 at 2351 in the clear; DJ Denise Phillips ``Radio
 Angel`` invites listeners at 1030-1430, but will not propagate far
*Suggestion that RFE/RL move from Prague to Turkey; seems unlikely
 under present political conditions
*V. of Islamic Republic of Iran phones listeners even if they have
 not given phone number
*Station on 7000 until 1832* turns out to be Information Radio,
 Afghanistan, ex-8700
*Radios airdropped into Afghanistan reported all to have been smashed
 on impact; should use technology from engineering schools like
 Washington University, safely dropping eggs from balconies
*R. Pakistan heard overnight on 7571v
*Hit Radio Shortwave on 4050, from Kyrgyzstan: connected with Radio
 EXTOL, 1467 MW at 1200-1800, from Bishkek, including TWR religion
 at 1530 and 1630;  and reports on SW also
 welcome to 4940 at 1300-1600, 4050 at 1600-1900
*China Radio International hopes to produce a second hour of English
 programming in 2 or 3 months, like Taiwan
*One last remaining lowpowered regional SW in Philippines, DUR2, 250
 watts on 9580v, 0000-0930v, relaying PBS services, at Marulas,
 Valenzuela; try for it before R. Australia comes on
*DST in Australia ends March 29, affecting RA programming and
 domestic webcasting
*New Zealand ends DST already March 15, UT +12 instead of +13, with
 some RNZI programs moving one hour later
*KGUM-567 in Guam, `K-57` still carries Jim Bohannon, but retimed
 to 1707-2000, with the only known webcast of this intelligent
 middle-of-the road talkshow; also now on KOMA 1520 OKC, 50-kW
 blowtorch live UT Tue-Sat 0307-0600, covering most of western US
*Via MF, HF, VHF, UHF and SHF, this is World of Radio 1173, P O Box
 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; or woradio at Check our website
 for Nets to You, DX Listening Digest, Monitoring Reminders Calendar
 and much more,
*Thanks this week for financial support to Chuck Ermatinger and Mike
*KTFH, 1680, Seattle, new International-format station starts March
 31, but already heard testing at least in local daytime
*Special MW DX tests by same engineer with unusual modulation;
 early Thu Mar 13 0500-0600, WKWN 1420 Trenton GA; Thu Mar 20 0600-
 0700 WEPG 910 South Pittsburg TN with unusual modulations, teletype,
 SSTV; phone the latter during test at 423-837-7577
*Fred Vobbe interviews Leonard Kahn about IBOC, with audio examples,
 via  or better yet, subscribe to the DX
 Audio Service on cassette tape
*Only 3 AM stations in NYC are actually in New York, 660, 880 and
 1560 -- all the others in New Jersey; see DXLD 3-038 for details,
 also FM sites
*VOA museum at old Bethany site in Ohio selling VOA T-shirts for $20, with motto:
 ``Tell the truth, and let the world decide``
*New SW station in Newport NC, WBOH, resumed testing, now with high
 power, widely heard, on 5920 since March 6 with nothing but a tape
 loop over and over (recording by Kraig Krist), heard as far as
 New Zealand
*WWRB`s Dave Frantz will fly around the station measuring antenna
 performance at various azimuths and elevations
*CBC Manitoba, has or had an audio promo from
 Finnish listener Jim Solatie who hears CBW 990 and CHFC 1230
 [no longer there, at least not obviously on main page]
*Mystery Peruvian on 4890, mentions Canal 33, relaying TV audio; see  Contacting an address there,
 reply said it`s Radio Macedonia, location still not clear; blocked
 in Lima by the other Peruvian on 4890, Radio Chota
*R. Santa Monica, other new Peruvian on 4865 until abrupt 0100*
*HCJB still running South Asian service direct from Ecuador on
 12040 at 0200-0400 March 12; lack of confidence in Australia?
*HCJB English to Europe from March 30 changes to 0600-0800 on 9860,
 2000-2200 on 15185
*R. Habana website still useless for RHC`s own
 schedule, but heard on new 11760 in English after 0500; and 2230 on
*R. Rebelde reported to have a third SW transmission, 1700-1830, but
 what`s the frequency, Cuba?
*Onda Musical, Dominican Republic, 4780, heard again after long
 silence, at 1130
*Burkina Faso heard some times on 4815, others on 5030, after 2200
*ORTB, Parakou, Benin, heard on 5025 from *0457, but no news on hour
*Bata, Equatorial Guinea back on 5005 until 1829*, with new Chinese
*V. of Ethiopian Medhin was to test Sunday March 9 at 1800-1900 toward
 Europe on 7520; no reports of hearing it
*R. Cairo, Egypt, tentative A-03 plans new frequencies for English to
 North America: 2300-0030 11725, 0200-0330 11780
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, March 11: flux range 140-105-150
*That`s World of Radio 1173; with a
*Standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser, here, hoping you`ve enjoyed the program and will
 hear me again next week    ###