WORLD OF RADIO #1172, produced March 5, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*first weekly broadcast on WWCR now back on 15825 until next December,
 Thursdays 2130 UT; one hour earlier from April
*Nets To You revised March 1:
*FCC document on shortwave broadcast allocations, also with worldwide
 frequency table 9-28000 kHz, 54 pages in pdf: 
*Charlotte Beers quits public diplomacy position to enhance image
 of US among Muslims, for health reasons
*WBCQ not only moved from 9335 to 9330 but from USB to LSB with
 reduced carrier
*WJIE testing second transmitter on 13595 toward Buenos Aires,
 reports wanted; simulcasting 7490 at first
*Montreal area 2-meter net about SWL is no longer in service but
*Tarheel SWL/SIG net in Raleigh NC Mondays 9 pm ET on 146.64; also
 amateur radio newshour Sundays 8:15 pm
*New community FM station in Fort Collins CO, KRFC, 88.9; details
 and stream via for Public Radio Front Range
*WUSF, 89.7, Tampa, Florida claims to be first ``all-digital`` US
 public radio station; widely heard by sporadic E, probably still
 analog too
*X band news: R. Disney has another 1640 station, Lake Oswego/Portand
*KXTR, 1660, Kansas City has page for DX listeners:
*New 1680 starting March 31 in Washington state, KTFH, with an
 international format
*KQXX, 1700, Brownsville TX, too strong at night even in Alberta
*WTIR, 1680, Winter Garden FL, and WPTX, 1690, Maryland, heard in
 Antarctica at Neumayer Station, Dronning Maud Land
*R. Globo, Rio de Janeiro heard on feeder 13240 RCSSB
*Carnaval coverage on R. Bandeirantes, 6090, 9645, 11925, including
 samba school parades
*Guyana gone again on March 1, not heard on 3291 or 5950
*TGNA, R. Cultural, Guatemala, reactivated 3300, including English
 0300; 10 kW for now but will reduce to 1 kW; 1000-1330, 2300-0330
*R. Rebelde, Cuba heard on 6390 = 9 x 710, not unusual for Cuba
*XEPRS, 1090, Baja California was off a while, now back with new
 sports talk format, The Mighty 1090, much stronger than before
*ORTF Reunion, 2446 kHz, verified by follow-up 30 years later
*FEBA Seychelles to close by end of winter season, earlier than
 previously planned
*Three 100 kW SW transmitters of FEBA purchased by WJIE, one for
*ZNBC Zambia left 6265 for 5915; breaks pattern of all Zambian SW
 frequencies ending in -65; but 5915 is halfway between 5865 and
*Channel Africa, South Africa, diversifying with programming produced
 all over the continent; ``The Voice of the African Renaissance``
*Standard disclaimer
*The non-government, non-Cuban, non-commercial, non-communist, non-
 Christian, non-corporate, non-Cumbre, non-musical DX program, WOR
 1172, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702; woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Steven Lare
*PayPal available for transfer of funds to WOR; link at our website
*RNA, Angola, listed with foreign languages 2100-0100 in French,
 English, Lingala, Portuguese on 7245, 3375, 945; Anyone confirm?
*V. of Biafra International, Sat 2100-2200 on 7380 reported to be
 from South Africa instead of Russia; contradictory opinions; a rare
 clandestine in English. Only Ludo Maes of TDP knows for sure
*Another anom-Mali: SW frequencies no longer omnidirectional. 11960
 seems to be east-west judging from reports
*Congo DR stations: Bunia stable on 5066.32; R. Kahuzi on 6209.8
 including relays of VOA English
*V. of Democratic Eritrea, 5925, Sat 1500-1600 reported to have moved
 from Germany to Norway; others think it`s still Germany; program is
 mostly shouting with lots of hum
*V. of Sudan, another reactivated clandestine, IDs in English, Arabic;
 1530-1600 on 8000; same newsreader as in past; see
*Algeria confirmed to be off SW, technical problems
*See almost every new issue of DX Listening Digest for new A-03  
 schedules effective from end of March
*R. Austria International being closed by government for refusing
 to be government mouthpiece; new studio and transmitter equipment
 going to waste, no benefit to Austria; see website promoting ROI
*IRRS Italy, 5780, monitored with LSB and USB, no carrier
*R. Ukraine International plans to be ``all-digital`` in a few years
 after upgrade; meaning DRM only? Listen UT Sundays 0130 and 0430 on
 7375 for mailbag on this, repeated weekly thruout March
*R. Free Chechnya, from Russia, resumes SW in addition to longwave;
*British Forces Broadcasting Service shortwave schedule from HQ
*R. Sawa finally moved Cyprus 600 kW from 981 to 990 kHz
*Hearing English from Baghdad? Don`t count on it, but try 11787v;
 Carriers heard on 11786.78 and 11787.78 at 2200-2215 sign-off
*R. Free Asia reported to have added MW for North Korea, but nothing
 on their own schedule; probably Ussuriysk, Russia, nearby on 648,
 1 megawatt, already used by VOA; may have other clients; but an NK
 outlet is on next channel 657 with a sesqui-megawatt
*Who`s in charge in Nauru? Telecommunications with outside world cut
 off, so even diplomats abroad don`t know
*Grundig almost bankrupt, and buyout by Sampo, Taiwan, may not go
*Propagation outlook from Boulder March 4: flux range 155-105-150
*That`s World of Radio 1172; I`m Glenn Hauser   ###