WORLD OF RADIO #1171, produced February 26, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*New edition of Continent of Media 03-02 now available at and at also with
 summary; on RFPI Fridays, Saturdays, Tuesdays, near WOR times
*WOR schedule on WJIE 7490: Mon-Fri 1300, new one on Friday; and Mon,
 Tue 0700
*WWCR reverts in March to 15825 for our Thursday 2130 broadcast,
 replacing 9475 during the winter
*WBCQ moved from 9335 to 9330 Feb 25, including Laser Radio, Sundays
 2000-2400; because RFE and VOA Afghan services now on 9335 at 2230-
 0230; IBB and WBCQ eager to avoid conflict on 9335, while insisting
 on maintaining the clash on 7415
*Another WBCQ host, Hal Turner, gets nice writeup; `A Voice Filled
 with Hate and Intolerance` 
*WWRB still carrying American Dissident Voices and Herald of Truth
*Ernst Zundel, Nazi show once on WRNO, deported from US to Canada
*CBC belatedly decides to redesign flagship morning show Sounds Like
 Canada, to be built around Shelagh Rogers; coming back from sick
 leave at end of March
*Museum at Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver island, has a radio exhibit, Radio
 Theatre of the Mind until May 21; see end of DXLD 3-030 at
*Feds spending $5.7 mega to expand Tinian SW station, two new antennas
 within a year
*Lots of good material in March Monitoring Times; list of active
 communication frequencies around Antarctica: 16529.4, 14700, 13252.5,
 12630, 12354, 12222, 11554.5, 11256.5, 10641, 9032; see DXLD 3-031
*Active frequencies: Canada 11232; civil aviation in Africa 11300; US
 military: 8992, 11175 primary; 13200, 15016 backup; 4725, 6739 night;
 USCG 5696 kHz
*Many stories past few days about Radio Tikrit, black clandestine
 from Kuwait; see DXLD 3-030, 3-032, 3-033; the latest, a Wall Street
 Journal front page story concentrating on DXer Bjorn Fransson in
 Sweden who discovered it, complete with WSJ-style portrait
*INA opposition group invites reports for R. Tikrit and two other
 stations on nearby frequencies to their own address: i.e. they are related: Twin Rivers Radio, 1600-
 1900 on 1566; R. Tikrit, 1900-2100 on 1584,  Al Mustaqbal 2100-2400
 on 1575.3
*Astrology show on Tikrit could be coded messages to agents
*Plans in Kirkuk for ambulances to become radio stations once Baghdad
 Radio is knocked off; and for taking Kurds and Turkomans hostage as
 human shields
*V. of Liberty, clandestine to Lebanon, was to resume Feb 25 at 1600-
 1700 on 11515, not yet reconfirmed. Website has daily schedule
 translated into English: titles, including ``Tomorrow`s Whining``
*V. of Russia has added relays via Germany all aimed at Middle East,
 in English, German, Russian; schedule
*World of Radio 1171, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Ben Loveless
*Merlin acknowledges it relays BFBS on SW 12 hours a day, all
 accounted for without official schedule; no sites given, but some in
 UK, some closer to action; doubt that 5945 still St. Pete
*Merlin secretiveness may be related to its becoming part of a
 military contractor, Vosper Thornycroft
*BFBS weather for British bases, recorded by Kai Ludwig before 1800
 on 12040
*Personnel news from BBCWS: Brazilian Lucio Mesquita appointed
 regional head for the Americas; ex-head moves to Africa/ME region
*Row over sackings of two BBCWS Arabic service journalists; read on
 for the other side, in DXLD 3-029
*R. Sweden to start digital via Canada on June 16; now analog 9495
 at 0230 and 0330, renewed for A-03; morning moving to 17840 end of
 March at 1130, 1230, 1330
*R. New Zealand International was on air overnight Feb 26 on 6095
*But blocked after 1550 by DRM test from Luxembourg, ex-6090; really
 scheduled March 3-13 at 1230-1700 on 6095, 40 kW
*Scandinavian Weekend Radio regular monthly broadcast from low power
 Finn, Feb 28 from 2200 UT for 24 hours on 6170, 11720 and others;
 see DXLD 3-032 in English or Finnish
*V. of Croatia adds press review in English on UT Sundays, so English
 news starts earlier about 1:22 into two-hour broadcasts, e.g. 0522
 on 7285; then news and press in Spanish; but not at the beginning of
 the bihour, just news in English and Spanish after 0600
*Kamchatka Rybatskaya, weekly hour for fisherman from Petropavlovsk,
 well heard in Colorado, Sun 0000 on 11975
*VOA English now relayed on MW 981 from Ulan Bator, Mongolia, on 140
 degree beam, i.e. right across Beijing, Tientsin, Shanghai; may not
 be jammed unless Chinese language added; shift from usual UB channel
 990 may be to avoid interference
*New Peruvian in Cusco, Radio Santa Monica, around 0100 on 4964.27,
 drift to 4964.97; could be new SW from MW 1370 station listed
*unID religious on 4890 mixes Catholics and evangelists, mentions
 Guatemala; runs soundtracks of TV shows; recording from Samuel
 Cassio clearly mentions Juliaca, a town in Peru
*V. of Guyana reactivated on 3291 variable, heard in evening and all
 night with usual multicultural programming
*R. Cultural, Guatemala, reactivated on 3300 around 1000
*V. of Ethiopia, Sunday 2000-2100 in English, moved from 7560 to 7520
 for its second broadcast; site might be Norway or Samara, Russia;
 recording of mission statement via Erik Koie; read it all on their
 website given last week
*R. Congo, Brazzaville, reactivated on 4765 around 1800
*R. Lesotho gone last week, back Feb 23 on 4800 at 0400
*Correxion to last week: Arnie Coro will not be attending Winter SWL
 Fest; not enough time for paperwork; accused of being in Fidel
 Castro`s inner circle
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Feb 25; flux range 110-135-105
*That`s World of Radio 1171; I`m Glenn Hauser   ###