WORLD OF RADIO #1170, produced February 19, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Nets To You back on WOR website, amateur radio voice nets and
 bulletins by time, extensively researched by John Norfolk:
*Also delighted to welcome all our new World of Radio listeners across
 Denmark, thanks to News Radio 24-7 network, now relaying World Radio
 Network overnight including WOR Sundays at 6:30 am = 0530 UT. See which also provides WRN/Europe on
 three different windows media streams, one at 96K
*V. of Ethiopia is new clandestine in English, Sundays 2000-2100 on
 7560; reportedly via Samara, Russia; first show was shakey; sponsored
 by Democracy Frontiers,
*V. of Democratic Eritrea, Sat 1500-1600 on 5925 moved site from
 Germany to Norway
*R. Lesutu`s comeback on 4800 January 1 lasted a month, but gone
*Site dedicated to Springbok Radio, first commercial statino in South
 America, formerly on SW,
*Still an Afrikaans apartheid-era station on the air, FM not SW,
 R. Pretoria, in trouble for not hiring non-whites; see,0,5906989.story 
*CBC Radio One`s The Current had a 13-minute feature on Radio Okapi,
 Congo DR. Audio via:
*V. of Biafra International, clandestine for Nigeria, changing time
 and frequency Feb 22, to Sat 2100-2200 on 7380
*Contrary to last week, Mali is active on 9633.35 at 0800
*Hard to catch English news from Libya, but now has website in
 English, also streaming LJBC TV English news at 1000:
*IRRS Italy heard testing 5780 with Pacifica program; daily 2000-2135;
 alternative 6295 or 6290; no doubt location is Trezzo Dadda east of
 Milano; still on 13840 in mornings
*British Forces Broadcasting Service expanded new SW service, as
 found by monitors, no help from BFBS. Contrary to last week 5945
 at 1500-1800 is not from Austria; believed Popovka, near St.
 Petersburg, Russia; many other sites may be involved. BFBS Radio 1
 and 2 relaying different BBC networks including R. 4 news at 1700
 on 12040. Also 0200-0300 6025, 0300-0500 6135; 15530 best here
 at 1500-1700; 9820 at 0400-0500 blocked here by Cuba; look around
 for more and let us know
*Operation Telic: guess what it stands for: ``Tell everyone leave is
 cancelled``; ``Tinpot evangelist leads Islamic crusade``??
*Major security break at Bush House, BBC World Serivce; during anti-
 war demo 40-50 intruders entered, mounted anarchist flag on roof;
 security procedures to be reviewed
*New on BBCWS in late February: I Love TV, 4 weeks from Feb 24; Made
 for Life, Earth, from Feb 26; times on Americas and European streams
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1170,
 P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; or woradio at for our audio files, DX Listening
 Digest, Nets to You, and much more
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Harry Helms
*Mixup last week at Latvia causing Media Sound to be heard at 1600
 on 5935 instead of 1500 before Russian co-channel; is Russia
 trying to spoil Latvia`s only SW frequency? Sunday 23rd at 1500,
 European Music Radio
*Ireland`s longwave 252 to be used by RTE, with a compilation of
 its services
*R. Austria International`s time may be running out; European
 listeners appeal to board members for continuation; their reponses
 and poll to be at
*Deutsche Welle`s new season schedule showing greatly reduced services
 via pdf at
*Time to protest if you care about DW in English
*DW not only cancelling English to North America, but reducing German
 in the mornings; and finally moving out of its asbestos-ridden
 building to the Bonn building intended for parliament, March 4
*Already time for DW`s English DX program, last Sat of month, Feb. 22
 to Asia only at 0935, 2335, UT Sun 0235; also via webcast
*What will become of R. Yugosavia? Now phasing in ID as
 ``International Radio of Serbia & Montenegro``
*Website of Iraq satellite TV channel hacked, replaced by Christian
 fundamentalist message from Florida; still hacked more than 24 hours
 later: -- don`t you believe it`s in Western
*Iraqi Army Corps ordered not to have radio sets in brigade, so
 personnel cannot hear US broadcasts, possibly causing defection
*US expelled one Iraqi journalist from New York, but Iraq is
 expelling 69 foreign journalists
*Defense & Foreign Affairs Daily military website details stations
 run by CIA from VOA transmitter in Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.
 Commando Solo aircraft also broadcast Iraqi opposiiton stations 
*R. Sultanate of Oman FM in English heard very well at 1400-1500 on
 15140; recorded in Denmark by Erik Koie
*Radio Sedaye Kashmir, new clandestine, moved to 6135 at 0230-0330,
 clashing with BFBS, and added repeat at 1500-1600
*All India Radio has been official government monitor of foreign
 broadcasts, but from April 1, moved to Indian intelligence control
*R. Australia dumped Feedback from its most convenient time, UT
 Saturday 0005; still Fri 2105, Sat 0605, Sun 0305
*HCJB keeping Ecuador transmitter going to S. Asia, perhaps till end
 of Feb, 0200-0400 on 12040 due to continuing problems with
 transmitter in Australia, also running for 5 nights in a row, 1230-
 1730 on 15480, at 25 instead of 100 kW
*Transmitter sites for Sydney MW stations may have to move due to
 new housing devleopment; see
*R. Melodia, Colombia, back again, on 6139.82 since Feburary 15;
 best here after 0600 when adjacent interference on both sides goes
 off; but as reviewed in DXLD, not too impressed with programming
*Strife in Bolivia difficult to monitor on SW; see --- paste into the Open Location
 area of your Real Player
*R. Nacional Amazonia, Brasil has moved back to 6180 from 9665
*Roy Millar, accomplished MW DXer, died last year; see eulogies in
 DX Listening Digests 3-024 and 3-027
*Winter SWL Fest near Philadelphia coming March 7-8; see  Planning to attend are Victor Goonetilleke,
 Arnie Coro and Adrian Peterson [NOT Coro, if we had checked the
 website before quoting this]
*First updater to WRTH 2003:
 [as publicized, but not yet available]
*WWCR makes frequency changes from March 1, including our first
 broadcast Thursdays at 2130 back on 15825 from 9475
*New Continent of Media shortly from RFPI, downloadable from
 our website and/or from
*Sunspots way down to only 16 on Monday; better for MW DX, lowering
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Feb 18: flux range 105-150-115
*Hoping you`ve enjoyed World of Radio 1170, with a standrd disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser here, hoping you`ll join me again next week  ###