WORLD OF RADIO #1169, produced February 12, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Time for a new monthly edition of my Spanish DX program Mundo Radial,
 from Feb 14 on 9475, Fridays 2215v, Wednesdays 2200; also in segments
 on RN Radio Enlace, Fris and Suns, and via plus text
*New clandestine for Iraq on 1584 kHz, R. Tikrit (recording), 1900-
 2100 UT only, named for Saddam Hussein`s hometown; announces 1557
 incorrectly; seems to be out of US-run Kuwait facility also on 1556
 before this, but some content is pro-Iraq government. Therefore we
 think it is a `black` clandestine, pretending to be on the other
 side. See DXLD 3-023 for detailed content of one broadcast
*V. of Iraqi People, clandestine, reconfirmed on 9750 ex-9570 at 1822
*8122 and 11300 among frequencies for Gulf military communications
*List of English broadcasts from Middle East at
*Including UAE Radio Dubai, back on 21605.27 ex 21598v, including
 English at 1030, 1330, 1600
*Adding to uncertainty of what we hear on 9715, besides PsyOps
 Information Radio for Iraq is Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, at 0300-0600 at
 least, ex-11820 or 15435. Iraq`s Mother of Battles of Radio also used
 it several years ago
*V. of Reform, clandestine to Saudi Arabia via Norway, back on 7590
*V. of Homeland, clandestine to Syria heard on 2nd harmonic 14940
*Israel Radio has repaired damage curtain and resumed 6280 in English
 at 2000; still waiting on funds to replace two other destroyed
 curtains, replaced temporarily by log-periodics only for Europe
*Afghanistan minister asks for aid; France and Italy agree to help
 Radio Afghanistan
*Kyrgyzstan on 4050 with Hit Music on Shortwave, and Christian
 programming heard in Farsi, not Dari, tho intended for Afghanistan;
 missionaries use Farsi for Afghanistan too
*R. Sedaye Kashmir, 9890, at 0230-0330, clandestine, but from whom?
 Some think CIS site, others not; are all Pakistani transmitters
 accounted for? Not anti-India either, so is it from there?
*British Forces Broadcasting Service starts SW broadcasts to Mideast,
 0200-0500 13720, 1500-1800 5945, but no info on sites. One monitor
 concludes 5945 is Austria [but rebutted by others too late to
 include on this show -- maybe Cyprus, Oman or UAE?]
*Standard disclaimer
*In the midst of World of Radio 1169, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702
 USA; woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support to contributors via PayPal,
 Johnathan Grant and Bradley A. Bellaver
*Iraq, the World Speaks, BBCWS/NPR co-production, call-in Sat Feb 15,
 1800-2000 UT.
*R. Caroline heard on SW again via unknown transmitter on 7150
*Laser Radio, via Latvia Sundays on 5935, rents out part of time to
 other parties. MediaSound, Feb 16 1500-1600 including National
 Talking Express; Radio Marabu, ex-German pirate, 1600-1700
*Iraq crisis inspires recreation of V. of Peace, to broadcast on SW
 from somewhere in Europe; fundraising. See
 [beware: automatically launches jingle ID killing your present audio]
*Croatian Radio`s HS-1 SW schedule direct, not German relays
*5796 has not only the 7th harmonic of Bulgaria 828, but also
 difference product of V. of Russia, 7290 minus 1494, so be careful
*Rai heard on 4875 at 0530; this one is 11985 Somali minus 7110
*`Bullring` at US naval station Rota, Spain, being dismantled; really
 a Wullenweber antenna array, for precise direction finding
*V. of Nigeria no longer testing on 11770, good luck for HCJB
 Australia; nor 9690 which was tried for a few days. Back on original
 7255 and 15120 for three days, but never know what they will do next
*Chris Greenway`s monitoring notes from Ghana: Nigeria: Kaduna, Ibadan
 and Lagos services heard; Benin regular; Burkina Faso gone again;
 Ghana on 4915, 3366, 6130, still with many spurs; no MW contrary to
 current WRTH. Mali consistent on two frequencies daytime, three at
 night, so what is third transmitter doing in daytime? Niger not
 confirmed [tho recently reported by others]; Togo on 5047 but audio
 so low it`s pointless
*Updated African listings at and check articles
*R. Melodia, Colombia, vanished from 6140v after just a few days
*R. Itatiaia, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, had awful program about tree-
 frogs, and sounds of toads croaking
*Big Latin American mystery on 4890, 0725-0900 religion with no IDs;
 also clear after Chota, Peru closed 4890.26 at 0136; speculation
 ranges from Bolivia to Peru to Honduras
*Special MW DX test from WRCR, 1300, Spring Valley NY, Sunday 0500-
 0600 UT including Morse code IDs
*Transmitters atop Mount Washington, NH, destroyed by fire; weather
 observatory [not destroyed]; see
*Planet World News on WBCQ M-F at 2050 on 7415 plus 9335-CUSB and Sats
 on 7415 only; from Feb 13, Thursdays 2200-2230, Planet World News
*Interesting info on languages, Arabic, Czech, Inuktitut at the end of
 DXLDs 3-022 and 3-023
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Feb 11; flux range 135-115-150
*And that`s WOR 1169; Glenn Hauser hoping you`ll join me again,
 next week                 ###