WORLD OF RADIO #1167, produced January 29, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Big welcome to our new listeners in the Memphis, Tennessee, area
 on 50 kW WMQM, 1600, Saturdays at 10:30 am CST
*Times on this program u.o.s. are Universal, 6 hours ahead of Central
 and in 24 hour system; frequencies in kHz, between AM and FM bands
*Introduction to shortwave is at
*R. Bayrak International, Turkish Cyprus, heard varying to 6153
*WOR is heard all over the world by SW, satellite and internet, so
 some of the material involves other parts of the world:
*Israel Radio testing new frequencies to Australia, New Zealand
 at 1100-1130, 15655, 15640, 17525, the latter through Jan. 30
*Israel Radio no longer plans to start broadcasts in Kurdish
*Lots of clandestines for Kurdistan, including Voice of Komala, and
 Voice of Komalah, after a split; the latter on 7560, Sundays 1659-
 1757 via Norway; recording mentions Communist, in Farsi
*Iraq`s shortwave broadcasts are very unreliable, but scheduled on
 11787 in English, German, French, Turkish, Arabic at 1900-2000 and
*V. of Southern Azerbaijan, clandestine to Iran, heard on 9375 at
 1627-1700* See SANAM site:
*If you miss any URL, see summary for WORs at
*Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, English to North America at
 0030-0230 on 9580, 6120, mixing pop tunes with religious talk
*Iran is jamming politically incorrect satellite TV channels from
 seven ground locations in Tehran; health hazard from microwave RF?
*Mystery on 4050, `Hit Shortwave` seems targeted at Afghanistan,
 since language identified as Dari
*Afghan president Karzai replaces Interior Minister with ex-head
 of VOA Pashtu and Persian service
*DXLD 3-014 has lengthy report from RFE/RL, Struggling for News in
 Turkmenistan: only two radio stations; no criticism allowed
*RFE/RL applies to broadcast within Tajikistan, on MW and FM, a
 good prospect with its anti-terrorist cooperation
*R. Liberty wants to expand domestic relays in Russia, but Russians
 ask for parity in exchange, their broadcasts on US domestic media:
 but there is no such thing as domestic broadcasting by federal
 government. Why not let them use Greenville, Delano on SW?
*V. of Russia schedule in English to North America, DXLD 3-011,
 all frequencies at 0200-0600 UT
*The non communist, non corporate, non-capitalist, non-Christian,
 non-Cuban media program, World of Radio 1167, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK
 73702 USA; or woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Dan Srebnick
*DW sticking to plan to drop English to North America, Margot Forbes
 replies to complaints; blames German government budget cuts. Press
 release about DW `facelift`, downplaying SW cut; but don`t pretend
 you won`t lose listeners. Promises to send details of rebroadcasters
 but there can`t be many in North America. And why abandon HF at this
 time, when DRM is about to be introduced, a high-frequency service.
 Making the same mistake the BBC made
*Radio Netherlands plan to reduce its output including English has
 brought great protests; now the plan for reorganization is
 temporarily off the table; a new plan to be thought of. A letter-
 writing campaign to embassies and consulates might be
 counterproductive since RN very much values its independence from
 political control
*Maintenance at Bonaire Feb 3-7 means 6165 from Flevo instead, at
*BBC to axe 60 jobs in news department, cost cutting; more to come
*Three special MW DX tests, two overlapping February 2, full
 details in DXLD. CHWO 740 Toronto, with DX test announcements
 including code, 0530-0630 UT Sun Feb 2; -.-. .... .-- ---
*CFAN, 790, New Brunswick, running code IDs between 0400 and 1000
 this week before it abandons AM for FM:  -.-. ..-. .- -.
*VOA adds more broadcasts in Korean, like R. Free Asia has
*VOA begins special broadcast for Zimbabwe, where government
 represses media, M-F 1730-1800, Studio 7, to expand to every day,
 also in Shona, Ndebele; heard on 17895, 13600, 909
*More reasons for FEBA closing down Seychelles site: antennas worn
 out and too expensive to replace; housing encroaching on site; power
 and licence costs extremely high; more economical to buy time on
 other broadcasters. Most transfers to be completed by June
*BBC also finding it too expensive in Seychelles, and also may close 
*LRA36, Antarctica, heard again after summer break, to 2106* on
*McMurdo on 7995, 9032 USB working aircraft and ground around
 Antarctica; callsigns like Skier and Skater
*Not much SW from Venezuela, but text and audio via the web, in
 DXLD 3-013
*New webcasts from St. Lucia and Turks & Caicos in 3-016
*More DX tests, Sun Feb 2 0400-0600 from Puerto Rico, WBMJ-1190
 and WIVV 1370 in parallel, also CW IDs: .-- -... -- .--- and
 .-- .. ...- ...-
*Buffalo 1520 has resumed music format, like old WKBW, from WWKB
*Half of Fiji without service from national broadcaster following
 cyclone; all of Fiji could be covered with one tropical band SW
 transmitter, but SW deemed obsolete there sesquidecades ago
*RNZI has been running all night with cyclone warnings, on 6095,
 1300-1650, excellent in Europe after 1500
*More delays until Feb. 2 in HCJB Australia`s service to Asia, 
 1230-1730; but already heard testing 15480 as early as Jan. 27; 
 Pacific service set to escape Finland clash at 0700-1200 by moving 
 Feb. 2 to 11770; why wait any longer?
*Additional frequency for R. Free Asia in Korean 1400-1700 is 13625
 via Tinian
*New R. Seda-ye Kashmir, 9890 at 0230-0330, very strong in India
*Lot of news this week about SW and other receivers, at the end of
 DX Listening Digest 3-013, 3-014, 3-016
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Jan. 28; flux range 130-170-115
*Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1167 ###