WORLD OF RADIO #1166, produced January 22, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

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 now available on RFPI, Fri 1900, Sat 1730, Tue 2000 plus 6, 12, 18
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*HCJB Australia delayed another week to Jan 26, due to that willy
 willy (tornado) which damaged Asian antennas; other service to
 Pacific DXed in North America, 11755, buzz from Cuba after 1055
*HCJB Australia not so sugar-coated as Ecuador, may lose listeners
*R. Free Asia doubling output in Korean, 14-17 and 22-23 UT;
 frequency schedule
*`Ying Lian` of English section at China Radio International is
 admitted to be a collective name, not an individual
*All India Radio to allow BBC and VOA to broadcast via AIR; swap fee
 or time exchange. Should put AIR on Greenville, Delano SW,
 finally allowing us to hear it loud and clear in the US like the
 Voice of Greece, but don`t expect it
*Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam start legal FM station in Jaffna,
 Sri Lanka, 98 MHz, 4 hours a day, instead of SW clandestine; but
 blocked in Colombo; Indians relieved it won`t reach Tamil Nadu
*Iran`s new frequency 6120 for English to North America 0030-0227
*V. of Southern Azerbaijan, clandestine for Iran, still unheard
 perhaps because Israeli antennas windamaged; unless it`s the unID
 at 1630-1700 on 9375; further monitoring needed
*Commando Solo until 1957* on 9715, had music like R. Sawa; two
 different IDs in Arabic, one calling it Station Radio... the
 other Radio Radio...
*Free Patriotic Movement of Lebanon still not reported again on
 11515 at 1600-1700; about to officially start, one hour in morning,
 another in evening; received at least 300
 E-mails, but how many were from DXers with no real stake in
 Lebanese politics?
*BBCM analyzes Saut al-Islah, V. of Reform for Sa`udi Arabia; based
 in London, 24h on satellite Hotbird 6; 3 hours 1830-2130 on 9925
 contrary to its own announcements; long talks and discussions, e.g.
 criticizing Sa`udi regime performance during Hajj season; very
 little music; 10-12 minute news and press review. Names in Arabic
 and English do not correspond
*Two Eritrean clandestines: V. of Democratic Eritrea, via Juelich,
 Germany, schedules on 5925, 15670
*V. of the Eritrean People, via Norway, schedules on 9990, 7530,
 7490, 9480
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*Media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1166,
 P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; or woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Tim Hendel
*QSL letter from V. of Ethiopian unity, Box 88675, Los Angeles, CA
 with SASE
*Mali varies 9636.36 to 9634.46
*Two new 50 kW SW transmitters going up in Bata, Equatorial Guinea,
 as Chinese team ask for the necessary logistical support; one
 external antenna, one internal
*Guinea getting new FM station, also on SW, R. Guinee Internationale
 in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese; could it be on 7125?
*R. UNAMSIL, Sierra Leone, best heard on 6139.1 at 0307-0358 before
 BBC Delano comes on 6135, but avoid DW on 6145
*RDP International, Portugal made many frequency changes, most of
 them for the worse, co-channel interference with Liberty, AWR, VOA,
 Farda, SLBC, Kuwait, Tashkent
*1467 from Monaco, actually France, back on air with children`s
 format, Superloustic, in French and some Italian
*Staff at R. Nederland upset about upcoming cuts from Oct 24; unions
 find plan `unacceptable`; biggest losses in Dutch language
 department, cut to 3 hours a day except holiday-time; English cut
 from 12 to 8 hours a day; Spanish to only 3 hours, 1 in morning 2 in
 afternoon before primetime in Latin America! From Oct. 24; up to 100
 of the 400 RN employees may lose their jobs
*BBC reported to be broadcasting DRM to North America on 6010 at 00-01
 and 04-05; via Sackville? Has anyone heard this? Just a test?
*More confirmation from Margot Forbes that DW will be dropping English
 on SW to North America from end of March: claims to have lots of
 rebroadcasters, also satellite, internet
*Belarus` new schedule of 150 kW BR-1 homeservice relays to Europe
*Greenland`s SW broadcasts on 3815-USB confirmed, 100 watts to
 fishermen between Greenland and Iceland, 1505-1605, 2125-2225 UT
*R. Tachira is not only active SW in Venezuela; R. Amazonas is too,
 tho also irregular, 4939.8v to 4939.6, goes off air several times
 during transmission; plus timesignal YVTO 5000, without much of a
 news department
*Several Brazilian DX news items in DXLD 3-012, including R. Gazeta
 with 3 hours per weekday of non-religious student programs
*Schedules of Peruvians 5384.3 R. Huarmaca; 6479.7 R. Altura; 6782.6
 R. Ondas del Pacifico; 6956.8 R. La Voz del Campesino; inactive
 for 2 years: 7141.6, R. Real
*VOA doubles output in Kurdish, new hour at 1800 on 6115, 11805, 12030
*KHPY, 1670, Moreno Valley, California started regular service Jan 16,
 9 kW at night, directional toward Hawaii
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Jan 21; flux range 120-195-130
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1166   ###