WORLD OF RADIO #1165, produced January 15, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*LRA36, Antarctica, inactive recently on 15476v; usual summer break?
*Argentina feeders still going to Antarctica, notably 15820-LSB,
 including a new relay of FM Vivir, unlicensed religious on 87.5
*See DXLD 3-009 for report from Don Moman on recent SWL weekend with
 his log periodic and beverage antenna farm, e.g.:
*R. La Cruz del Sur, Bolivia, 4876.8 unbelievably strong
*R. Nacional da Amazonia, Brasil, booming in on new 9665 \\ 11780,
 ex-6180, displacing Marumby on 9665; rapid-paced announcer UT Sun at
*R. Gazeta, Sao Paulo, has half an hour a day of student programming,
 Gazeta AM Universitaria, at 0930 on 5955, 9685, 15325; otherwise
 relaying religious Cancao Nova
*R. Victoria, Lima, Peru on third harmonic 18060.66
*R. Tacna, Peru, 200 watts on 9505, at 1000-2400
*On 4530, La Voz del ... until 0100*, HKJ93 in Colombia, apparently
 parroquial station in Mutiscua
*Yira Paola Bolanyos, alias Laura, recsponsible for FARC clandestine
 La Voz de la Resistencia, arrested in Cali; transmitter site in
 mountains still unfound
*Pres. Chavez of Venezuela threatens to withdraw licenses of private
 radio and TV networks which oppose him
*On SW from Venezuela, nothing but R. Tachira, 4830, not on every
 night; don`t confuse with Honduran which alternates 4830 and 4832
*R. Nacional de Venezuela still relayed by Habana Sunday mornings for
 Alo Presidente, 15570; sounds more like a clandestine than official
*R. Tachira, 4830 heard until signoff at 0130
*R. Nacional de Venezuela: replies that
 will soon be on SW, presumably 9540, and already running SW programs
 on MW 1050 at 0500
*Arnie Coro`s wife Olguita rushed to hospital, but now back home with
 daily housecalls, Arnie playing nurse
*R. Litoral, Honduras, sometimes on 4830.1, sometimes on 4832; ID at
 0300; on three dates did not clash with Tachira, one or the other off
*KNR, Greenland: Kalaalit is pronounced galaashlit; 1985 recording by
 Erik Koie of interval signal, ID, timecheck and weather
*Mark Koernke`s wife Nancy says guns were in home in preparation for
 cleaning and appraisal to be sold so husband could return if paroled
* has news of worldwide satellite
 broadcast, Voices of Solidarity, Jan 18 1600-2000 UT, for anti-war
 march on Washington; RFPI may be interested
*Amarillo off-frequency station on 1009.8 is in Spanish
*VOA Cantonese service converted to all-news format, 1300-1500;
 suspect same on agenda for many other VOA language services
*R. Netherlands announces reorganization, cuts in staff of 60 or
 more, mainly affecting Dutch language services [but also cuts in
 English and Spanish broadcast time]; consolidating SW radio
 distribution, whatever that means, by October
*Thanks this week for financial support to Jilly Dybka, one of the
 first to use PayPal to make contributions to us; link at our
*We`re in the middle of #1165; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA;
 or woradio at
*2003 the year of MusicMann 279, LW station off Isle of Man planning
 summer launch after overcoming many obstacles
*Laser Radio via Lativa, 5935, moved earlier in evening 1600-2100
 with Media Show moved to 2000; clashes with V. of Russia 1500-2000
*Broadcasting company Alex, Ukraine uses names Dniprovska Hvylya, or
 in Russian Dneprovskaya Volna, meaning Dnieper`s Wave, Sat and Sun
 1000-1300 on 11980v, 100 watts, N/S dipole, mainly relaying UR-1
 national channel; heard by one Ukrainian DXer as early at 0640 with
 carriers, from 1011 parallel to LW [not MW] 207
*Reduced schedule of lowpower relays of Belarusian radio re-expanded,
 program 1 at 0400-2300 on 6010 6040 6070 6190 7110 7145; program 2 on
 7265 at 0500-2200
*R. Finland, not in English, adds weekly one-hour broadcast to NAm,
 Thu 2000 on 9805
*R. Sweden English to Asia changes: 2030 9400 ex-9445; 1330 adding
 17505 to 9430
*Due to lack of electricity in Norway, both SW transmitter sites on
 half power of 200 kW from Jan 15 to March 15
*BBCWS in English via Norway SW also allows us to hear better 128K mp3
 stream at
 not only in local afternoons but continuously overnight: Mon-Thu
 2100-0500 UT Tue-Fri; [Fri 2003-0800 Sat]; Sat 1847-0800 Sun; Sun
 1847 0500 Mon
*ELWA gets nationalized, that is run by Liberian nationals instead of
*Libya pulls out of Central African Republic after setting up radio
 station called Peace & Liberty, for Patasse to address the nation
*R. Lesotho/Lesutu reactivation widely heard on 4800, good in
 Melbourne 1800-2000* and sometimes later, with strong interference
 from China; before 1745 4800 also used by AIR Hyderabad; heard in
 Alberta as late as 2240
*V. or Eritrean People now located, via Norway: Sunday 1630 on 9990;
 Sunday 1700-1727 on 7530; perfect reception in Bulgaria
*V. of the People of Kurdistan, al-Sulaymaniyah, varies 4402.3 to
 4415.2, \\ 4025
*Iraq shut down all internet access Jan. 12 after blanket E-mail
 campaign by US military; customers paid 45 cents per hour
*Afghanistan to join global Internet, with US and Belgian investments
*Special Haj broadcasts from AIR in Urdu for pilgrims visiting Mecca,
 Jan 14-Mar 14, 0530-0600 on Bangalore 13620, Aligarh 15770
*Maldive Islands webcast in English is 1200-1400 including news at
 1300; WRTH 2003 says SW occasionally on 5998.5, tho not reported in
 years; and F.Pl. for regular SW on 11 MHz band
*Ray Moore on west coast of Florida keeps logging VOA Thailand relay
 on MW 1575, transpolar; also monitoring 1475 Sabah, and 1098 Majuro,
 Marshall Islands
*HCJB Australia`s service to Asia delayed another week until Jan 19,
 1230-1730 on 15480
*Major receiver news: Grundig no longer in Germany, sold to Sampo in
 Taiwan; details in DXLD 3-006; maybe little effect on Lextronix
 distribution from California
*Universal returns backorder for Sony ICF-2010 because production has
 been discontinued earlier than planned March 31
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Jan 13: flux range 160-115-185
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1165          ###